NZ Sports Betting Sites: New Zealand’s Best Betting Sites

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If you’re looking for top NZ sports betting sites, you’re in the right place. For starters, we bring you a list of the best online betting sites in New Zealand.

We also detail how to find the top betting sites, sports betting bonuses for Kiwis (including free bets) and all the types of sports bets you make online. So, regardless of whether you’re into cricket, rugby, football, UFC or something else, you’ll find plenty of sports betting markets in New Zealand.

Let’s kick things off with a look at the best online betting sites for Kiwi players.

Best Sports Betting Sites in New Zealand

How We Rate the Best Betting Sites in New Zealand

Our evaluation process is the most thorough and extensive in all of the international sports betting markets. When we review sports betting sites, we create an account and deposit money into it. Then, we test every product on offer at that online sports betting site. This ensures the best possible experience for a New Zealand audience is available from the start.

Every online bookmaker has its areas of strength. Some online bookmakers will perform well when it comes to making transactions, while others have superb bonus offers and promotions.

Our objective is to find online bookmakers in New Zealand that possess all these incredible factors while having excellent security and customer service – and much more besides!

Below are the characteristics we look for when rating the best NZ betting sites…

Simple Sign-up Process

To ensure players enjoy free fun and entertainment without any delays whatsoever, we have made it a top priority to only recommend betting sites with a simple sign-up process. In this way, players never have to spend hours or even days trying to create and verify their accounts. After all, no one wants to miss out on an online sportsbook deal because they can't get verified.

Bonus Deals, Welcome Offers and Free Bets

We know how much players care about welcome offers. So, we ensure that our choice of New Zealand betting sites offers plenty of welcome bonuses and free bets for top NZ sports action. The best online sports betting sites in New Zealand have fantastic deals when it comes to bonuses and promotions. Signing up with one of these sites will instantly earn you a welcome bonus, and your continued loyalty will ensure you continue to receive occasional bonuses.

Fair Betting Odds

To ensure players have the potential to win big on all their wagers, we have only selected betting sites with the best sports betting odds. In fact, finding the best odds is one of our specialities. Therefore, you can find some of the best sports betting odds in the market at the betting sites we recommend. That's because we know that the best odds should always be competitive. And they should pave the way for bigger wins when your bets come through.

Security and Support

The need for a safe and secure betting platform cannot be overemphasised. Thankfully, our recommended NZ betting sites are secure platforms for all your gambling activities. These sites employ various security measures to prevent hackers and keyloggers from gaining unauthorised access to players’ accounts. Additionally, the customer support at the sports betting site should be highly responsive when dealing with customer complaints and problems.

Live Streaming Options

Live streaming is another feature of top sports betting sites that we take very seriously. Therefore, we only recommend NZ betting sites where there are plenty of live-streaming options. That way, you can easily watch your favourite games as they play in real-time. This can assist you during in-play betting and ensure you make informed betting decisions.

Betting App & Experience

It has become essential for online sports betting sites to offer an app that works flawlessly on a range of iOS and Android mobile devices. For this reason, we test each betting app on different smartphones and tablets to ensure that our recommendations have mobile-optimised websites or dedicated sports betting apps. We're particularly looking for a flawless user interface and the ability to place sports bets with a single click whenever you want.

Deposit / Withdrawal Times and Payment Methods

The available deposit and withdrawal methods are significant aspects of all New Zealand betting sites. We take special care not to include platforms with sub-par payment options on our list. New Zealanders will enjoy many speedy banking options from traditional credit/debit cards to more advanced solutions like casinos with Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and many more.

Overall User Experience

The top sports betting sites in New Zealand are built with players in mind. You will find these online sports betting sites are well-designed and easier to navigate than their competitors. Therefore, whenever you need assistance, the support team is ready to give you a helping hand. All the betting sites on our list ensure players get the best user experience possible.

Range of Sports

Last but by no means least, there has a range of betting markets available around the clock. So, we want to see more than the biggest sporting events featured. Betting markets from around the world should be included. In this way, you can switch from betting on the All Blacks to wagering on the English Premier League or a range of American sports like the NBA and NHL.

Rugby Betting

Whether you only bet on the New Zealand All Blacks or you prefer betting on the Blues, Chiefs, Crusaders, Highlanders or Hurricanes, you’ll find plenty of rugby betting action at our recommended rugby betting sites. International betting sites in new zealand will also enable you to wager on rugby games from around the world. Plus, you can get into the fine details of every match by betting on things like the number of tries, conversions, cards and much more.

Football Betting

You’ll find thousands of football matches and markets to wager on at NZ football betting sites every week. Bookmakers provide odds on the probability of outcomes during the match, such as the corners won, individual goal scorers, red and yellow cards shown, and the number of goals scored. And it’s not just the best of New Zealand football betting either – you can bet online and in-play whenever there are soccer games in Asia, Africa, Europe or the Americas, too.

Cricket Betting

Whether you’re into international Test cricket when the Black Caps are playing or you prefer the Twenty20 Super Smash games on home soil, you’ll find a wealth of top cricket betting sites in New Zealand. Betting on the outcome of the match is the most common form of cricket wager. This bet is straightforward, and the player must choose between three different outcomes – win, lose, or draw. But there’s sports betting action for every element of the game.


Many people enjoy placing bets on a fighter they believe will win a UFC fight. UFC betting sites offer different kinds of bets like, victory, the number of rounds, or when the fight will end. MMA fighter Israel Adesanya is currently one of New Zealand’s most celebrated athletes and is a popular ‘go-to’ bet for punters of the UFC bouts.

eSports Betting

eSports have become a global phenomenon in recent years, with the likes of CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite and Rocket League being the most popular. In fact, CS:GO is among the top eSports in the world. It is a first-person shooter game where there are two teams of five. One group is usually on the offence, while the other team is on the defence or counter-terrorist side. Visit our dedicated page to find the best eSports betting sites in New Zealand.

Horse Racing Betting

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter if you can get to the Otaki Racecourse, New Plymouth Raceway or Ellerslie Racecourse, you can find horse racing betting at any time of the day online. However, there is currently only one place to make wagers on any form of racing in NZ,

Other Sports Betting

Of course, many other sports deserve a shoutout: basketball, golf, boxing, tennis and more. Then, there are all the niche sports upon which you can bet online. In fact, New Zealanders can place bets on many, many other types of sports. These include the Olympics, track and field, skateboarding, archery, colour guard, bat-and-ball, baton twirling, and many others. So, be sure to scroll through the sports betting markets at each of our recommended NZ sports betting sites. You’re bound to find that perfect sport at which you can beat the bookies!

Why Play at the Best NZ Betting Sites?

With online betting sites, players can enjoy plenty of betting features without leaving the comfort of their own homes. Many sportsbook operators have started to make their betting sites available on mobile apps, with smartphone compatibility becoming increasingly more common.

With the arrival of top-rated online betting sites, the advantages are enormous. However, there are also cons you may experience when using betting websites. We have listed the main advantages and disadvantages below.

Pros & Cons: Online Betting Sites NZ


  • Increased safety with straightforward features
  • Lots of bonuses for both new and regular bettors
  • Multiple payment methods at international betting sites
  • Access to betting in both local and international leagues and competitions


  • Increased risk of addiction to sports betting
  • Terms and conditions attached to the bonuses and promotions

Sports Betting NZ Offers & Promotions

One of the crucial differences between retail and online betting is the enormous bonuses players receive. Sportsbook operators try to outdo one another by offering enticing bonuses to old and new customers.

These come in various forms and with different terms and conditions attached.

Sign Up Bonuses

This offer is exclusively for new players at betting sites and comes in different formats. Operators may provide players with a specific bonus code they need to enter or award them a welcome package.

To receive the welcome package, you have to sign up, make a real money deposit, and your bonus will then be credited to your account.

Our experts recommend reviewing the bonus terms and conditions before you claim an offer. Many online sportsbooks attach stringent requirements which may be unrealistic and impossible to complete.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are usually part of a welcome package. Here, bettors need to deposit, and they will be awarded a percentage amount back, which they can then use to make bets. This type of package differs from one betting site to another. Some sportsbooks may offer up to NZ$1,000, but others could increase the deposit offer to NZ$2000 or more.

Here’s how a deposit offer works: the sportsbook may require you to deposit a minimum amount, of NZ$10. If the bonus is 100%, you receive an extra $10 in your bonus account.

All offers are limited to a certain amount but the higher your deposit is, the more likely you will earn a higher bonus. Also, look out for “match offers” – sign-up bonuses specifically offered around some great odds for a big match. This can be a great way to get started at betting sites.

Free Bets

Free bets are available for both new and existing bettors. For new customers, the terms differ from one sportsbook to another. You may need to deposit an amount to be eligible to get free bets at some bookmakers. At other betting sites, you can simply register and receive your free sports bet.

Free bets are offered either as a promotion or as a reward program for regular bettors. You can also get free bets as a birthday gift from your casino!

Regardless of how you earn free bets, terms and conditions will be attached, such as odd limits and time validity.

Loyalty Bonus

As the name implies, this package is only available for regular bettors. Casinos show appreciation to customers who have made many bets over time by offering free bets or other rewards.

The longer you deposit and wager, the more points are awarded, which can be used to claim prizes.

Players who receive a loyalty bonus can also withdraw larger sums of money and will have early entry to specific competitions.


sports betting nz

Different Types of Online Bets & Markets

Sports bets can come in a number of forms, and there are a number of different types of bets. Understanding how each bet works and the language attached to these bets is essential so that you can understand how to wager properly at online betting sites.

Single Bet

Commonly referred to as a straight bet, single bets refer to a wager on just one outcome for any sports event. Suppose you researched statistics for an upcoming match and are confident of the outcome; you’d make a single bet.

For instance, you could bet that a…

Double Bet

For those who want to make things a bit more interesting without being too complex, the double bet is the way to go. Essentially, a double bet is the simplest way to create a multiple. It consists of two single bets with combined odds. Both outcomes need to come off for you to win money from the double bet. However, doing so is more lucrative than a single bet.


An accumulator (sometimes simply called an “acca”) combines more than one bet to increase the odds you are given. For example, you could bet on the outcomes of all 10 Premier League games one weekend. Calling all 10 matches is a tall order, of course.

However, when an accumulator like this comes off, you’ll potentially be rolling around in a big pile of money!

In-Play Betting

All of the bets discussed so far have to be placed before the match starts. However, if you see that the All Blacks are crushing the Wallabies and you reckon New Zealand will definitely score the next try, that’s where in-play betting comes in. That’s right, in-play betting does exactly what it says on the tin – you bet on a certain outcome happening within a live game. For example, in the world of football betting, you could wager on who will get the next goal.


You will come across diverse markets on NZ betting apps and websites; a market bet is a category of bets for a specific sports event, and these bets are only available at the best online sportsbooks that offer many options for their customers.

With markets, there could be as many as 100 different options that you can place a wager on for an event. For example, if you decide to wager on a tournament, top bookmaker sites will offer options within that competition, with odds for specific outcomes from the same game.

With this bet type, you have access to diverse choices within a sports event, which allows you to make a bet that best suits you.

Match Results

Betting on match results is a variation on the single bet. So, it’s popular amongst beginners mainly. In short, it is betting on which team/player will win, or in some cases, if the game will result in a draw. There are also some variations on this theme, too. One is called Double Chance. In that one, you bet on a team/player to either win or draw. The other variation is called Match Result and Both Teams to Score. Popular in football betting, you need both teams to score and for the overall result to go your way. This has better odds than a single bet.


A total bet online is related to over/under-betting. To win this one you need to predict the combined scores of both teams, then ensure that you get over or under the online bookmaker’s prediction. Or if the prediction of the online bookmaker is exactly what happens, it’s a push and your bet is refunded. Now, it must be pointed out that this is a very American-centric style of betting, alongside money line and points spread betting. However, it’s becoming more and more popular in other countries too – including multiple New Zealand betting sites.

Match Specials

Whenever there is a big game coming up – such as the FIFA World Cup Final – online bookmakers will fall over themselves offering several specials that are specifically linked to that game. You will see match specials advertised on TV and at all your favourite online betting sites in New Zealand.

For example, this could include Argentina to beat France and Messi to score the first goal. Or it could be something that combines the number of corners and yellow cards, as another example. Just be sure to consider the odds of each match special!

Outright Betting

This one is dead simple. Instead of betting on individual matches or games, you bet on the winner of a competition. So, this could involve betting on one team, such as New Zealand to beat the Aussies in a Test Series. Or it could be an individual award, such as betting on an athlete to get the most gold medals at the Olympics, for example. Often, betting at the start of a competition will give you the best odds – because anything can and often does happen in the world of sports betting. But for fans of certain teams, a small bet can go a long way.

Betting Odds Explained

The odds bet type represents a bookmaker’s choice on what they think is the likelihood of an outcome happening in a sports event. Odds are usually presented as either a fraction or decimal – with decimal odds seen on most New Zealand betting sites and online bookmakers across Europe. There’s also the American style, with a minus or plus sign in front of the odds.

Knowing how to read the odds bet gives you a firm idea of what an online bookmaker thinks the probability of an event happening will be. It’s up to you to decide if they’ve got that prediction correct or if there’s profit to be made. Below, we will cover how to calculate your sports betting winnings based on the odds and give you an overview of the different odds…

Fractional odds

You’ll see fractional odds (also referred to as British odds) used at the majority of New Zealand betting sites. The best way to explain fractional odds is with an example. So, let’s say the odds are 2/1. The first number (2) is the numerator and this is what you’ll win if the bet comes off. The second number (1) is the denominator and tells you how much you need to bet in order to win the amount given by the numerator. So, in this example, if you bet NZ$1, you can win NZ$2. Whereas if you bet NZ$10, you’ll win NZ$20, or NZ$100 will win you NZ$200.

So, what about more complicated fractional odds? Well, let’s use another example. The odds you see this time are written as 2/3. In this case, if you bet NZ$3, you can win NZ$2, or bet NZ$30 to win NZ$20 or bet NZ$300 to win NZ$200.

It should be noted that you also get your stake back when you win a bet, so while the odds aren’t great in this case, it’s still a win. But let’s say you wanted to only bet NZ$1 this time. Well, in that case, your potential winnings will follow the same pattern as above. I.e., you could win NZ$0.66 when betting NZ$1.

Decimal odds

Decimal odds are popular across Europe, so you might find some NZ sports betting sites using the decimal format. In fact, we would argue that decimal odds are by far the easiest for New Zealand punters to understand. To calculate your returns (meaning what you win plus your original stake) from decimal odds, you simply multiply your stake by the decimal given. So, if the odds are 2.5, let’s work out what we’ll win with a NZ$1 stake. In that case, 1 x 2.5 is 2.5. So, your potential returns are NZ$2.50 – NZ$1.50 winnings plus your original stake of NZ$1 back.

If you decided to bet NZ$100 at odds of 2.5, then your potential returns are NZ$250 – i.e., 100 x 2.5. So, in that case, you would win NZ$150 plus get your original NZ$100 stake back. Or, if the stake is the same but the odds are 3.5, then your potential returns go up to NZ$350. So, you would win NZ$250 and get your original stake of NZ$100 back. And so on and so forth. Easy!

Moneyline odds

Last but not least, we have moneyline odds. These are almost exclusively used in America – though there are many NZ sports betting sites that allow you to convert the odds to moneyline if you find it easier to grasp. The moneyline system is fairly simple to understand. The first thing to observe is whether the odds are written as positive or negative (with plus and minus symbols respectively). Positive numbers tell you how much you’ll win from a NZ$100 bet. Whereas negative numbers tell you how much you need to bet to win NZ$100.

American odds always tell you what your net profit will be – i.e., what you win, as opposed to combining your winnings with getting your original stake back. Let’s look at a couple of examples. If you bet NZ$100 on moneyline odds of +130, you will win NZ$130 and get your original NZ$100 stake back, giving you net returns of NZ$230. On the flip side, if you bet NZ$100 on moneyline odds of -130, you could win NZ$76.92 (and get your stake back).

How to Calculate Your Winnings from a Bet

So, while it’s useful to be able to calculate the best odds in your head, there’s largely no need nowadays. All virtual betting slips will do all the number crunching for you. And whenever you go to place a bet at an online bookmaker, you will be told the amount you can win. Still, it’s nice to know what the numbers mean so you can tell a good bet from a bad one. That’s why we explained all of the different ways in which odds are calculated above. You’re welcome!

Payment Methods at NZ Betting Sites

Most NZ betting sites offer reliable, secure, and popular payment methods so that you can enjoy the smoothest transactions possible. The best online sports betting sites also provide a variety of diverse payment options.

You can make a deposit or withdrawal using traditional banking methods, cryptocurrency, e-wallets, and more.

Depositing at an NZ Online Betting Site

Kiwis have heaps of options when it comes to making deposits at their favourite websites that support sports betting. Some reliable options include credit/debit bank cards, e-wallets (PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, etc.), and bank transfers (Trustly, POLi, etc.).

To deposit, scroll to the account section on any NZ betting platform and click on deposit. Next, choose your banking option and enter the amount you want to deposit. Once done, click on deposit. Note that most betting platforms require you to complete your verification processes, including KYC (Know Your Customer) checks, before making a deposit.

Your deposit request could be approved instantly or take 2-5 business days, depending on the online sportsbook and banking options. Reputable NZ betting sites should process all deposit requests immediately.

The minimum deposit amount also differs from one bookmaker to another.

It is necessary to look out for the terms and conditions to know the least amount you can deposit at a betting platform.

Withdrawing at an NZ Online Betting Site

The withdrawal procedure for online sportsbooks in New Zealand is similar to the deposit process. Usually, all bookmakers will require you to process your withdrawal via the same method used to deposit.

However, not all deposit methods work for withdrawals.

Before requesting a withdrawal, you must upload certain documents, including a government-issued identification. This is required in a bid to curb fraud and discourage underage betting. Regulatory laws have made this rule important for all customers before withdrawing.

Scroll to the account section and click on withdraw to process a withdrawal. Select a transaction option; you may find that you can only use the method that you deposited with (this differs from one betting platform to another).

Enter the amount to withdraw and supply your personal account details.

Most withdrawal methods may require a transaction fee. Our experts recommend studying the terms and conditions page, so you know how much will be deducted if you claim a payout.

Mobile Sports Betting Sites & Apps

Many of the best sports betting sites in New Zealand are fully optimised for mobile users. So long as you’re using iOS or Android, you’ll find that you can simply fire up your favourite sports betting site on your mobile phone or tablet to place bets on the go. All you need to do is access the site from your mobile browser to get started. Everything you expect to see on the desktop betting sites NZ will be available – just rearranged to fit smaller touchscreens.

Then, some of the absolute best betting sites will have a dedicated sports betting app available to download. This cuts out the need to access top sports betting sites via a mobile browser. Instead, you fire up your betting app from your phone and log in via Touch ID or Face ID (or the Android equivalents) to start betting. As well as being specifically tailored for your mobile device, you can sometimes find exclusive sports betting bonuses available via the official app.

Sports Betting Laws in NZ & TAB

While the best betting sites in New Zealand are based abroad, there is one official sports betting site in the country. Formerly known as the New Zealand Racing Board and the Racing Industry Transition Agency, TAB NZ has a state license and a monopoly on sports betting in New Zealand. Through TAB NZ, Kiwi players can access local betting markets for horse racing and greyhound racing. However, in more recent years, overseas betting sites have dominated and TAB NZ has partnered with the UK betting company Entain to improve its offering.

However, even though TAB NZ has a state-sanctioned monopoly, we would argue that it’s better to go with online bookmakers based in other countries – so long as they’re licensed! First and foremost, offshore sports betting is legal for New Zealanders. Plus, you likely won’t get a generous welcome bonus through TAB NZ and the range of sports betting markets covered by the competition is phenomenal. Plus, to find the best odds, betting apps and we recommend shopping around. See our lists above for the top NZ betting site offers!

Tips for Online Betting in NZ

Most New Zealand players make the mistake of signing up for the first betting site they come across and making bets without having a good feel of exactly what the online bookie offers, and critical factors such as competitive odds.

Here are some essential tips to ensure you enjoy the best experience possible at both NZ betting sites and online gambling sites internationally.

Shop Around for the Best Betting Sites NZ

Before you begin to wager, it is recommended that you research the best NZ betting sites properly. As stated, there are many sports betting platforms out there, and bonus offers designed especially for new customers can be tempting.

Check out the terms and conditions attached to these bonuses before signing up for one that may be too good to be true.

Moreover, ensure that a relevant regulatory body licenses the site you choose. Unlicensed sportsbooks are usually scams and can rip you off. Licensed sites will follow specific regulations, implement their own security procedures, and accept secure payment methods.

Make Bets Early

Once you’ve selected a betting site, it’s time to create an account. As soon as you’re ready, start placing bets early. The betting market is highly volatile, and the odds are constantly changing.

Professional NZ bettors know it is wise to look out for future sports events and place bets on them in advance.

The advantage of creating an early bet is enormous because the odds are elevated since the sports event is not yet close. Your wager might be small, but the potential cash prize is considerable.

If you’re confident in your bet, don’t wait to wager until the event is close by. By waiting, the odds could lower, requiring you to bet more money.

Stick to Your Budget

An instrumental part of betting is knowing how to budget. Gambling addiction is a big problem, so before you make a bet, it is essential to create a budget for the day, week, or month. This gives you more control over your gambling habit, so it does not change from being recreational to addictive.

When you create a budget, you need to master the art of sticking to it. One way to do this is not to chase losses. If your bet is unsuccessful, it is better not to keep making bets to try and regain the money you’ve lost.

Once you’ve met your daily budget, log out of the sportsbook, and take a deep breath. Depending on the betting site you use, you can create built-in win and stop limits if this feature is available.

Making wagers on different sports without a definite budget and the discipline to stick to it is a recipe for failure. Make sure you control your betting habit and that it doesn’t control you.

Conclusion – Betting Sites NZ

There you go. You should now know all the best betting sites in New Zealand, as well as the different kinds of sporting events, welcome bonus deals and available bets for Kiwis. All of the online gambling sites featured here are fully licensed to operate legally in NZ. Not only have we listed the user-friendly online sports betting sites for Kiwis who like to bet online, but we’ve ensured you can make payments using the top NZ dollar payment methods too. Find your perfect online bookmaker and start wagering on the world’s top sporting action today.


Sports Betting Sites NZ FAQ

What is the best online betting site in NZ?

The best online betting site in NZ will vary depending on your needs. However, our list of top-rated NZ online betting sites offers you a chance to find one that provides high-quality services.

Are there wagering requirements in online betting?

Yes, there are. Any bonus offered by an online betting site, whether it is a free bet bonus, deposit bonus or otherwise, comes with a set of wagering requirements.

Do all betting sites offer a bonus deal on registration or first deposit?

Yes, they do. To increase the customer base, betting sites use bonus offers. Bonuses are offered immediately after registration or the first deposit and periodically, as long as you remain a loyal customer of the sportsbook.

Is online betting legal in NZ?

Yes, online betting is legal in New Zealand as long as the betting site you use is located outside the country. To choose the best site for your sports betting, check out our list of licensed offshore betting sites.

Are there different formats of betting odds?

Yes, there are different betting odds available. The fractional and decimal style odds are mostly seen for NZ online sportsbooks and across Europe. You can also find American-style odds which come with a calculation format.

What are the best online football betting sites?

The best online football betting sites should tick essential boxes like having a valid license, excellent security features, and multiple payment methods. The best football bet platforms should also display national and international leagues and competitions.

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