Golf Betting in New Zealand 2023

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One practice that has long been a favourite with punters over the globe is without a doubt golf betting.

Golf has always been an internationally enjoyed and widespread sport for placing bets, having enjoyed success within the UK and various countries in Europe. However, the North American betting markets are also experiencing some of the fastest spread in the world as of late, with New Zealand also seeing a surge in popularity.

The PGA Tour welcomed golf betting and is working in conjuction with bookies to broaden and improve the experience for gamblers worldwide.

As a result, you can now see odds shown in the broadcast on television channels, and with golf betting markets available on virtually all online bookmakers or websites.

Due to millions tuning in every year to tournaments such as the Masters and the Solheim Cup, you can bet that there are millions more taking advantage of the numerous stops on the PGA tour and getting involved in some golf betting.

If you’re looking for pointers on how to golf wager like a pro, whether you’re a newbie and looking to hone your skills, we’ve got everything you need about golf betting right here.

Golf betting has been a popular pastime around the globe for essentially as long as competitive golf has been, providing enthusiasts around the world looking for a winning margin while seeing the best players in the world play on an open championship.

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Golf Betting Tips

You may place bets on golf tournaments in a variety of ways, including on the winner of this week’s golf tournament, futures bets on a major, and a plethora of player props.

However, before the first hole is hit off the tee, there are many things that you can do as a punter to ensure that you’re on the right course to increase your chances of coming out on top in the next golf event.

Golf betting is understandably difficult, as there are so many variables that can affect gameplay throughout the day, however, these are some golf betting tips that can apply to your golf picks, regardless of whether it’s the Solheim cup or the Ryder cup.

What Does the Form Look Like?

If you’re analysing your golf betting, start your handicapping with the the form they have currently because this is commonly the part where oddsmakers form the basis for their golf event odds for the week. At the end of the day, Golfers are people too, and often have fire streaks and streaks that aren’t too hot, just like regular sports teams (we all have off days right?)

Streaks like this may include emerging victorious in tournaments, placing at the top of the rankings, or exceeding the expectations that one might have, and of course, the average of how well they usually perform. Take note of what is making these things happen and recall them for the future when required.

There are times when their performance has seen an uptake and improved, but there are also times when the field just isn’t as high quality, which sometimes explains heightend results.

Streaks that you’d call cold can appear too, and often down periods like this occur as a result of the particular traits of a player’s performance, like poor putting performance or inaccurate driving.

Recovering from injuries, experimenting with swing mechanics and approaches, and working with new or unfamiliar clubs, are also factors that can impact how much a golfer shows up on a certain day.

Is The Course A Good Fit?

One factor that you must consider in your pre-betting analysis is if the course fits your player pick.

Certain golf courses will serve the golfers who’s distance per drive is impressive and can rapidly find where the green is as the fairways are generally on the wider side and their length per hole is longer on average. Looking on the other side of the field, those players that tend to drive more accurately than other golfers will excel when there are constrained fairways and hazards off the tee.

Due to the amount of sand bunkers and water, also considering the location of the hard pins, it is essential to find players that are precise in their approach and who have metrics that indicate great scrambling. Undulating greens that are unpredictable have to chance to rapidly hand those who are outstanding putters the advantage on the scoreboard.

“Horse for courses” is a very common phrase in the golfing world that refers to aligning the strong points and weak points of a certain golfer in relation to the makeup of the course, and it is very commonly seen in golf betting.

Check That Weather Forecast!

Ah yes, the weather. Don’t get started on golf betting without that forecast app on your phone open.

Just two examples of how the weather may significantly influence how a course plays are strong winds that compel golfers to shorten whatever drives they are thinking of doing, and try and be as accurate as possible or analyse the downpour wetting the green, fairways and other surfaces, slowing down play.

Before placing a bet on the golf, always have a look at the comprehensive daily forecasts as well as the extended prognosis for the entire competition.

At this point, you may evaluate how much a player’s level of skill and the conditions can help or hurt them, or you can identify which players, based on where they are from, are used to playing in conditions that are less than ideal.

Golfers have to chance to experience a myriad of weather conditions as the day progresses depending on when the action starts.

Players who start their day early in the morning have the possibility to come across a slower and softer course than competitors in the later afternoon, when a visceral combination of sunshine and hot conditions have caused both fairways, green and other surfaces to dry out, making them play at a more rapid speed.

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Types of Golf Bets

Golf picks can offer sports fans a wealth of options throughout the golf season to land a serious winner year-round.

While usual favourites like Tiger Woods and Tom Kim can provide returns if a bettor picks the right golf odds to accompany the game, there are also opportunities to bet on underdogs coming out on top and providing some life-changing returns, especially in one of the golf majors.

The four majors and many a European tour will offer a potential punter a myriad of options for golf betting, week in and week out on different golf events.

After reading this section, you should have a good grasp of the types of golf betting we will have covered.

Betting On Who Will Lead the First Round

The first-round leader betting process is rather simple. Basically, this mode of betting is determining which golfer will end the first day with the overall lead, therefore the golf odds will be generated based on that.

Charley Hoffman is known as a player that gets out of the gates quickly, so opportunities like this might be the best way for you to earn some money.

At the end of each day’s play, odds will normally be put on the leaders of the second, third, and final rounds.

Match Play Betting Mode

This form of golf betting is generally less common than the others that we’ve listed here, with tournaments such as the Presidents Cup, the Ryder Cup, and the annual Dell Technologies Match Play is the only competitions that use the match play betting format.

In each of these competitions, an American team faces off against a team from another country every other year. You can bet on golfers going head-to-head all the way to the tournament’s end in the Dell Match Play.

There are frequent USA versus. Europe and USA vs. the World team matchups in the competitive Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup, with betting choices to boot. Ryder cup odds and presidents cup odds are generally quite appealing.

You can wager on which team will win a match or which golfers will win particular competitions, like the Dell Match Play.

Top 5/10/20 Odds

Do you admire a certain golfer but doubt their ability to succeed? Do you think Jordan Spieth has a good chance at the next golf majors but won’t come out on top? Or maybe Rory Mcilroy will finish in the top 5 maximum in the European tour?

The good news is, that you can very easily place a wager with lower chances of whether they’ll place in the top 20, top 10, and even the top 5 highest players!

Feeling really secure? If you wager all of them, you will win three times over if your selected player places in the highest 5 positions! Because finishing in the top 20 is simpler than coming out victorious in a competition, the golf odds are of a smaller amount for that wager.

Betting On The Tournament Winner

The most popular and simple sort of golf wager is one that predicts who’s going to take home the win in a specific tournament or event.

For example, let’s say Jordan Spieth will be the likely winner of the Masters or one of the Golf Majors this year. His odds are given by bookmakers as +1000.

Accordingly, you would need to stake $50 in addition to receiving your stake back for a total of $550 in order to win $500.

If Henrik Stenson had a betting line of +5000, a $10 wager would additionally win $500 in addition to the original bet.

Sports odds can seem overwhelming and look like number salad to the inexperienced eye, and if you’re new to reading golf odds and making betting decisions based on odds, here’s a helpful article that breaks it down well.

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Pros and Cons of Golf Betting in NZ

Having firmly established itself as a popular pastime around the world, golf has welcomed bookmakers with open arms. Now integrated into the tapestry of the sport, one must ask what the pros and cons are. Let's check it out.


  • Wide Variety of Betting Types
  • Widely Available at Most Bookmakers
  • Many Competitions Each Year
  • Good Prize Money Available


  • Quite A Lot of Variables
  • Requires A Lot of Research
  • Odds Can Vary Wildly

Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous golf betting tips out there due to the complex nature of the game and the wildly various conditions that you’ll see on the European tour or the Ryder Cup.

Regardless of how the game is played out, golf picks and betting always seem to have questions circling around them, as it’s just such an unpredictable beast.

Anyway, here are some of the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions that you may still need answers to.

How Do I Start Golf Betting?

Golf betting tips and golf betting are widely found due to the popularity of the sport.

Whether it’s the Ryder Cup, Tom Kim getting a hole-in-one, or the winning margin of the victor of the Solheim Cup, there are tons of bookmakers and options that will have golf betting options and odds ready to go.

Check out the best golf betting sites we’ve listed at CasinoCrawlers to get started.

Is Golf Betting Popular?

Yes, golf betting has been consistently popular in the UK and Europe for decades, and has seen a surge in popularity in North America and Oceania.

Are there Golf Tournaments year-round?

Golf is played year-round, and there is always a tournament to place bets on and take advantage of the best golf picks. Follow golf publications, articles, and bookies to make sure that you’re in the know about where to place your next bet.

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