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The use of CasinoCrawlers, as a website, is subject to the acceptance of the following terms and conditions. To use the website or access our other services, you must first read, understand, and expressly agree to our terms and conditions. Authorization will not be given to access the website if you refuse to consent to abide by the terms and conditions. Finally, you are expected to exit the website for failure to consent to our terms & conditions.


To ensure strict adherence to the Gambling Act 2003, gambling on this website by users physically present in New Zealand is prohibited. The website has no information on betting platforms that have a physical presence in New Zealand, and this website is meant for users based in other countries.

Eligibility Requirements for Users

The website and our other services are meant for adults aged 18 years and above. You must also not be geographically located in New Zealand while using the website. The website has the power to block and stop you from using our website or other services using your IP address immediately after we discover that you fail to meet our eligibility requirements.

User Information

We ensure the protection of whatever data and information users upload on our website. We do this because you are the owner of the information, and such information is your intellectual property. You also must ensure that whatever data and information you submit to us through the website is correct and legal. By supplying the information to us, you give us consent to access and process the information as we deem fit for our use.

We do not endorse, affiliate ourselves with, sponsor or approve any external link on our website, although we may receive a commission from them when you click on the links or sign up for their products and services. We expressly state any affiliate relationship we have with other links on the website where necessary. However, we are not responsible or liable for the actions or services rendered by these external links and you access these external sites at your own risk.

Intellectual Property rights

The website’s graphics, logos, and designs are the trademarked properties of CasinoCrawlers or its permitted licensors. Some third parties may also have their trademarked graphics, designs, and logos on our website. We do not permit you to use either the registered third-party trademarks or trademarks registered by CasinoCrawlers in any form by reproduction or otherwise.

Scope of Liability

CasinoCrawlers, including our agents, associates, partners, affiliates, employees, officers, suppliers, directors, investors, or licensors, shall not be liable in any way to a user or person for damages to the entire scope covered by any regulatory and applicable law. We also expressly state that we are not liable for losses a user encounters while using any other website, product, App, or service.

Modification and Amendments

The website has the exclusive right to amend and modify these terms and conditions as it pleases at any time. The modification to these terms and conditions becomes operative when we publish the updated version on our website. Once an update is published and you continue using our services, it is then established that you have agreed to the changes we made.

User Acceptance

When you use this website or any of our services, you acknowledge that you studied and understood these terms and conditions. You must also consent to them. You do not have permission to continue using our website or services when you have not agreed to these terms and conditions.

Contact Service

For questions and inquiries regarding these terms and conditions, feel free to reach out to us by sending an email to [email protected], or you can fill out our online contact form through our Contact Us page.

We last updated these terms and conditions on the 1st of August, 2022.

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