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At CasinoCrawlers, we feature numerous sports betting and online casino partners on our platform. So, if you run a sportsbook or online casino aimed at New Zealand customers, you may want to reach out to us. We are already in partnership with some of the leading brands in the industry, and we want you to leverage the benefits, too.

Now, you may be wondering what you stand to gain if you partner with CasinoCrawlers – and this is what this page will show you.

We will also share how you can list your sportsbook and online casino with us and how you can begin the process by reaching out to our Partnership Team.

Why Become Partners with CasinoCrawlers?

When Kiwis search for sports betting platforms, online casinos, and welcome offers, they will come across numerous affiliate marketing platforms. CasinoCrawlers is an example of an affiliate platform as it specialises in reviewing online casino sites, sports betting platforms, and bonus offers. Therefore, if you decide to partner with us, your site will get highly-targeted traffic, which already has an interest in the products you offer.

It is a smart move to sign up for our affiliate program since we bring you numerous prospective clients, most of whom will end up signing up on your platform. In return, we only request that you pay a little commission for doing the heavy lifting.

What Services Can We Offer for Your Brand?

Aside from channelling traffic your way, you enjoy a range of other benefits when you collaborate with CasinoCrawlers. The major benefit you will enjoy is our detailed and extensive casino reviews. Our experts dedicate a ton of effort to extensively reviewing all the sites we feature.

This way, you can advertise all your top features and players get to understand all your site’s offerings before they visit. Some of the things they will find out about include your welcome bonus offer, free bets, and free spins offer. In addition, they’ll learn about your banking options, game selections and customer support options, among others.

Another benefit is that we have a section named toplists where we feature the best casino bonuses. You’ll find these no less than once on each of our major pages around the platform. This means when you partner with us, your brand will pop up on our top lists, which will most likely get more traffic to your site. All our links will go straight to your registration page, which makes it extremely easy for new clients to sign up and make the initial deposit. What’s more, since prospective players come from these links, there is a huge chance that you’ll convert them faster as opposed to using Google.

Finally, we will bring more links to your platform from numerous pages. This is ideal for the SEO of your platform. And that comes alongside the better exposure your brand will get all through search engines like Google. As we stated earlier, this situation is a win-win for your site and ours.

How To Get Listed at CasinoCrawlers

The process of collaborating with CasinoCrawlers is painless and easy. We will cover this process more extensively below. However, we must first point out some of the things we need for each of our affiliate listings.

Requirements For Getting Listed

When we collaborate with a platform, we will send you a detailed list of everything we need. These consist of graphical assets we can feature in addition to your site review and other listings on our platform. What’s more, we will need all the details of the bonus offers you want to be featured on the platform alongside the complete terms and conditions. We may also need information pertaining to your seasonal promotions to enable us to feature them on our platform in news articles.

Completely Unbiased Casino Reviews

We at CasinoCrawlers take pride in being an honest and unbiased information source pertaining to the New Zealand gambling industry. For this reason, we must maintain that partners have no input in the way we review and rate online sportsbooks and online casino platforms. This does not mean you can’t suggest suggestions if one of the facts on our listings is not correct. It only means that partners will be unable to sway our opinions.

Only Licensed Gambling Sites Make Our List

This is very important. We want all our readers to know that they are secure and safe when they make a choice after they read about the sites at CasinoCrawlers. For this reason, we make it mandatory for every sportsbook and online casino site to be licensed. We do this by carrying out a check at the start of the collaboration and numerous times all through. If we find out that a license has been rescinded or expired, we will take out the affected platform and probably blacklist it.

How To Become Partners With Us

The first thing you need to do is contact us using the information below. Once you do this, a partnership manager will contact you with more details. Overall, it won’t require too long from the first call before you are featured.

How To Get in Touch With Us

If you have any inquiries about partnerships with us, contact us at [email protected]. Or, if you prefer, you can reach out using the online form on our Contact Us page.

Partners of CasinoCrawlers FAQs

What are the core benefits of collaborating with CasinoCrawlers?

In addition to getting more links and exposure to your platform, the core benefit of becoming a partner with CasinoCrawlers is highly targeted traffic. The readers who locate our platform are searching for gambling content. This means they have a higher likelihood of converting on your platform than if they had located your site using other methods. Every link from CasinoCrawlers has to do with claiming bonus offers, so they have a higher chance of signing up and claiming the bonus offer. The situation is a win-win for all parties involved.

What do you require for partners?

First, you need to have the appropriate gambling license to carry out operations in New Zealand. Next, you'll need to give us adequate details and graphical assets to enable us to feature your site correctly. What's more, if any of these details should change, we need to be told about it quickly so that we can alter the information on our platform. Once you speak to an individual in our Partnership Team, any other questions you have will be cleared up.

Is it possible to alter your review of my online casino?

This is dependent on the situation. If there is something we have stated that is not factually correct, then we will instantly change the information. But, if it has to do with an opinion regarding your platform and not something that is factually incorrect, then there is a high chance that we won't change the review. For instance, if we critically point out an aspect of your site that needs improvement, our review will remain the same until the improvement is made. We are particular about fairness and aim for honesty in our reviews.

Why are only licensed casinos featured?

We believe that a gambling license signifies that a platform treats players properly. An online gambling platform must follow extremely high standards when getting a license. If it fails to do so, it may lose its license. This is why gambling platforms without licenses don't make our recommended list. Numerous shady platforms are operating today, and we aim to ensure our users are protected from terrible experiences. However, when you play on a licensed casino site, you are sure of a specific level of security and safety.

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