Advertising Disclosure

The Advertising Disclosure is the information-sharing page that we use to inform you about how we get fees and commissions on the website. Our advertising policy and how we get fees or commissions on our website is open, transparent, based on facts, unbiased and true. This replicates how we deal with users and put up information about online gaming platforms.

When you read this, you will understand this topic better as this disclosure document explains the topic in detail.

The website accepts third-party advertising, but we also ensure that featured adverts do not affect our user’s experience on the website. We regulate the number of adverts the user is presented with when reading an article, and the adverts do not affect our page designs. This shows that we have separated the way adverts are run and our editorial content so users can fully enjoy their visit to our website.

How CasinoCrawlers Earns Money

We engage and partner with advertisers who want to reach out and share their products with our vast network of users. This payment we receive from these partnerships helps us keep our website running and accessible for free to our users, it also helps us to be able to continue creating amazing content on the website.

Our partnerships with third parties are carried out in different ways depending on our agreement with them and we will explain the ways in detail as you read further down in this article. Most importantly, our users are our priority, and we always strive to engage them and ensure they are pleased with the services and content we put up on our website.

The advertorials and sponsorship we get from third parties do not, in any way or means, affect the content we share with our users. It is imperative that we have editorial independence and be open by not giving out untrue information on our website, especially on the reviews we carry out, the recommendations we make, the lists we share, and our articles. To further inform you of the type of partnerships and advertising we carry out, we have described them below:

We have affiliate partnerships with several online gaming organizations. When a user accesses our website to read an article, there is usually a list of them in the articles. When a user clicks the link to these affiliate online gaming pages from our website, they are then forwarded to the gaming site and we earn money and receive payments. Our agreements with our affiliate partners vary based on our agreed terms and conditions, but ultimately, we receive commissions from them.

Comparison Lists Showing Partners

As stated in this Advertising Disclosure, we usually present a list of online gaming organizations that are our affiliate partners to our users when they visit our website. The list we provide to each user depends on the relevancy to that user; the user’s search history determines the relevancy on our website.

An example is when the user searches for gaming sites with specific payment services like PayPal, we will only provide lists of gaming platforms that support the use of PayPal for their services. However, the order in which these affiliates will be listed will be based on our advertising agreement with them. This in no way means we will present to our audience with affiliate links that have been rated badly, but we are simply saying that the affiliates that pay more in commission will be higher in our comparison lists if they meet the user’s search criteria. Do note that the lists DO NOT influence our articles or the contents of the information we place on our website.

Slot Positions Sales

When we present our lists to users on the website, sometimes we sell certain slot positions to a particular affiliate partner. However, such slots are marked and tagged “sponsored” to inform and ensure that our users know that those slots are sponsored. We get a fixed amount on these slots whether users click the links or choose not to.

Conclusion of Disclosure

You must know that WE EARN COMMISSIONS ON THE WEBSITE and generate income. We have explained how we get these above in the Advertising Disclosure. We do this to continue providing free services in the form of articles and provide necessary information to you. Although we earn commissions, we remain independent and unbiased in what we do while providing our services to users. The affiliate gaming sites we partner with do not influence our comparisons, and we always remain transparent while giving users the best experience on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the website make money?

We make money by getting commissions from the affiliate gaming links we feature on our website. When a user visits this link by clicking on them from our website, the gaming organization visited pays us. It is important to state that the user does not lose money or make any payment to us. We use the money we earn to keep the website running, upgrade the website and pay our employees.

Do you make money from the comparison lists?

Yes, we do. As previously stated, we get commissions from partner affiliate links, and we have different agreements with each. We determine the affiliate links we place higher on the list we present to users and how frequently we feature their adverts based on how much they can pay as fees and commissions.

Are your gaming site comparisons unbiased?

Our gaming site comparisons are 100% unbiased. Although we feature them by placing their adverts on our website, they do not have any influence whatsoever on our articles. Our users can be certain that our comparisons, including individual reviews of these online gaming sites, are honest in our opinion and totally unbiased. » Advertising Disclosure
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