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Combat sports have long been a staple in the makeup of the sports industry in New Zealand, with the country producing some iconic fighters both in boxing and other forms of combat sports, such as the UFC. Of course, this means that boxing betting and the entire industry surrounding it are essentially part and parcel of the presence of the sport in New Zealand.

Due to its popularity throughout the nation, boxing betting is available at many online bookies, who will often run promotions and special deals when there is a card full of big-name upcoming fights.

This is great news as a Kiwi boxing spectator and punter, as there won’t be a lack of possibilities available to you while placing a wager on professional boxing fights with competitors such as Mauricio Lara and Chris Kongo.

In fact, we’ve got a comprehensive list of the best places where you can try your luck at betting on upcoming fights in the boxing universe.

Let’s take a look at the current state of this legendary sport today.

The Sport of Boxing Today

There are a few things about boxing betting that separate it from other popular sports at a bookmaker, such as boxing not having firmly set dates and timelines for the season as team sports you’ll find like basketball and rugby.

Nevertheless, it does possess a rough timeline of when bouts will take place, with the majority of bouts taking place between spring and the early autumn (however it is possible for many bouts to take place outside of the usual months)

Professional boxers will usually all take a different amount of matches for the year.

It’s not uncommon to see the younger generation of fighters who are trying to establish themselves in the sport will fight around six to seven bouts in a calendar year, while the older, more established fighters might fight only once or twice within a year to preserve their strength and give themselves more time to prepare for a fight.

So, what are the typical types of bets you’ll be able to wager on this exciting sport?

Let’s take a look.

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Types of Boxing Betting

Compared to the betting markets of sports (especially team sports) that have an incredible wealth of statistics and variables that can come out of each game, boxing betting is limited in comparison, due to the nature of the sport.

For upcoming fights, boxing will generally have a small collection of markets that you can bet on, in comparison to the enormous amount that sports like basketball or football will have.

Overall Rounds

The majority of boxing matches go 12 rounds, so with this method of boxing betting, you’re speculating on how long the fight will last.

You can place a wager on whether you think the fight will last longer or shorter than the bookmakers’ standard mark of 8.5.

If you think that one of the two boxers has a distinct advantage over the other boxer, and is likely to wrap up the fight in less than 8.5 rounds, you can place a bet on the specifics of when you think the fight will finish, whether that is a knockout or a TKO.

On the other hand, if you think that the fight is more evenly balanced but still have a strong belief that one of the fighters will ultimately emerge victorious, you’ll be in a good spot placing a bet for the fight to go over 8.5 rounds, or even the whole 12 rounds if you have a good gut feeling that it will be a points victory.

The Manner of Victory

With this boxing betting method, the name explains it all really.

In the sport of boxing, there are four ways that a fight will typically reach its conclusion, and you’re placing on bet on how exactly you think that’s going to happen.

The first method is the classic and most famous method of beating your opponent, which is knocking them out (KO). This is when a fighter knocks their opponent to the mat and renders them in a condition where it is obvious they can’t physically continue the fight.

The second method is the decision, where the fighters have gone the whole twelve rounds and the judges make a decision based on the final score of the fight, which is made as a unanimous decision.

Coming in at third is the TKO, where a fighter has been deemed to be unable to continue the fight but hasn’t been knocked out in the typical fashion.

And last, but certainly, not least (maybe in terms of frequency), is the DQ. This is when a fighter has committed an offence that is against the rules of boxing, such as consistently punching below the belt.

Collections of Rounds

In this method of boxing betting, if you’re inclined to believe that a fighter will win a series of rounds, then you may want to try your hand at this betting style.

Bookmakers will generally set this type of boxing betting in rounds of three.

Let’s say you have a fighter who comes out of the gates swinging hard and starts the fight with a bang, perhaps you’ll lay down some cash on rounds 1-3, or if you’ve got someone who’s known to turn it up at the tail end of the fight you may want to place a cheeky wager on rounds 8-10.

Boxing Betting Tips

Whether you’re betting on a boxer with a 22 00 fight record, a 20 00 fight record, or with a record like Mauricio Lara (25-2-1), you’ll want to have the best boxing betting tips at your disposal to make sure that you’ve got the best chances of coming out on top (and improve your bet record of, let’s say 04 00)

As it stands, while there are some large differences between the sport of boxing and other popular branches of sport you’ll find at an online bookie, the prerequisites of what it takes to wager your money more effectively remain essentially the same.

Here at CasinoCrawlers, we’ve decided to put together the best tips that you can take the bookmaker in one of the many upcoming fights and level up your boxing betting game.

Research, Research, Research

Did I say research? That’s because when it comes down to betting on anything sports related, the more you know about what’s happening and who’s competing, the better your chances of making an informed, logical and calculated decision about the outcome will be.

In boxing, this can even play to your advantage.

When you compare a team sport like soccer or rugby, there are a ton of variables due to there being more people involved in the team, weather conditions, home ground advantages, and the list goes on.

Boxing is at its core a matchup between two individuals who have trained in the art of fighting in this style, and have studied their opponent meticulously in the lead-up to the fight.

So in reality, you’re betting between two individuals who will come out on top. The more you research their fighting history, habits, style and behaviour against their opponents, the likelihood can only increase of you making informed decisions.

Does boxer A typically perform well when competing abroad? Has boxer B just suffered an unfortunate loss or two? Has the boxer trained under a new coach or engaged in new partner sparring? Does this person compete at or below his normal weight class?

Knowing the solutions will put you in a better position to make a wise wager.

Find the Best Deal

These days, there are more online boxing betting sites than you could throw a left hook at.

Therefore, this means that there are a lot of sub-par quality websites among the sea of options that an individual looking to bet on boxing will have.

Always be on the lookout for bookies that are offering great promotions or deals surrounding a fight, and see which ones suit your gambling preferences best.

Fortunately, we’ve already done the hard yards at CasinoCrawlers and found all the best sports betting sites where you can get some serious top-quality boxing betting in.

The sites we’ve found are legitimate, certified and safe platforms to spend your hard-earned cash and hopefully garner some fantastic returns for yourself, with appealing promotions and deals such as boosted odds and world-class advice and tips.

How To Get Started On Boxing Betting

Boxing betting is one of the most fun pastimes that you can do in the gambling scene in New Zealand. However, you might be wondering how to get started. Here's a how-to that will have you betting on the next fight in no time.
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: Mobile, Laptop, ComputerInternet Connection Supply needed: MoneyTime
step one sports betting
Find The Right Bookies Go through one of the trusted Sports Betting Sites listed above and pick the one that best suits your needs (this can be odds, promotions, options, the choice is yours!) Step 1
Sign Up Once you've found the right bookmaker, complete the sign-up process. All the sports betting sites listed on CasinoCrawlers are made for the customer, first and foremost, so the signup process will be a breeze. Make sure you have any relevant information you may need on hand. Step 2
Choose Your Fighter Now that you're all signed up, have a browse through the latest fights, promotions and information available. When you're ready, get started and have fun! Step 3

Have A Strategy

Boxing betting will always be easier if you’ve got a watertight strategy in place to dictate and evolve your betting behaviour and skills.

The old cliche fail to plan, plan to fail is hammered to the death, however, it really does apply very neatly to this situation.

Try and note down as much data as you can about your betting decisions, the fights on which you are betting, and any other relevant information.

Essentially create a dossier that you can constantly expand to give you a good idea of the right decisions to make for any upcoming fights that you’re looking to have a go at.

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Pros and Cons of Boxing Betting

The ancient and beloved art, science and sport of boxing has long been enjoyed all over the world for years. Therefore, when placing a bet on boxing, what are some of the pros and cons that you'll encounter as a punter? Let's find out.


  • Chance To Win Good Money
  • Many Events To Choose From
  • Makes The Fight More Exciting
  • Odds Are Competitive


  • Can Be Unpredictable
  • Chance to Lose Money
  • Often Quite Addictive

Frequently Asked Questions

Still curious about how to best approach the upcoming fights on the agenda? Don’t stress, here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we get at CasinoCrawlers about how to gamble most effectively on boxing in New Zealand.

Can I Bet On Boxing Everywhere?

Most, if not all, bookmakers will offer the option to bet on boxing, especially in New Zealand.

This is in part due to the immense popularity of the sport, and also the colossal amount of money that comes with boxing and prize fighting in general.

How do Boxing Betting Odds Operate?

The record of the fighter, their health, the nature of the contest, and the boxer’s reach, power, and speed are just a few of the variables that a bookmaker will consider when setting odds for particular betting markets.

What transpires if a match ends up as a draw?

Any wagers on either boxer to win the bout will be considered a losing wager if the draw is included as an offer in the list of selections by the bookmaker.

Different bookies will have different regulations for this. In boxing, draws are extremely uncommon, and odds will stand as a reflection of this.

As a result, while betting, you should essentially just disregard this possibility.

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