Boxing Betting Sites: The Best Betting Sites with Highest Odds on Boxing 2024

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Boxing is popular around the globe, with many New Zealand online bookies offering boxing betting. So, you have plenty of options to place a wager on a wide range of fights.

We’ve put together some recommendations to help you find the best online sports betting sites. We’ll also explain the different types of boxing bets and some of the bonuses you can find online. Plus, we’ll let you know how to get started and offer some tips and strategies to help boost your chances of winning.

But first, let’s take a look at the best-rated boxing betting sites…

Best Rated Boxing Betting Sites

How We Rate the Best Boxing Betting Sites

When reviewing and compiling our list of the best boxing betting sites, our expert team assess each site using strict criteria. Here are some of the elements we look at to ensure we only recommend the best sites for our readers.


Our experts ensure that our readers get access to some of the best boxing betting odds available. We recommend sites regularly offering competitive pricing and fair odds for all players. We recommend opening up an account at a couple of different betting sites so you can see in real-time what odds are available and find the best ones for your bet.


Most top online sportsbooks will offer bonuses or promotions that you can use for upcoming fights or other sports. These are usually welcome offers when you sign up for a new site or make a deposit. We look for sites that offer fair terms and conditions, low wagering requirements and aren’t too restrictive. However, most bonuses come with some terms and conditions, so we encourage you to check all the T&Cs before activating.

Selection of Markets

The sites on our recommended list cover the most fights and the largest number of markets available in boxing. You should be able to make a wager on every mainstream boxing event available, along with a range of other smaller or more niche events. Access to a wide range of fights and markets can help improve your chances of securing a winning bet in upcoming fights.

Cash Out Option

We look for bookmakers who offer fair and flexible cash-out options for players. Cashing out allows you to opt out of a bet while the event is still in progress and take whatever winnings you’ve accrued. It can be a great way to keep your money if you’re concerned that the fight’s momentum is shifting to the opposing fighter. Plus, it can help to reduce the chances of losing your initial wager, particularly if you change your mind after you’ve made the bet.

Mobile Compatibility

In New Zealand, mobile betting is gaining popularity. Many players want sites they can access on the go, no matter where they are. Our recommended sites allow for mobile betting and work on various devices and platforms, including Android, IOS and Windows. Many of the sites have been fully optimised for mobile, so you’ll get the same experience whether you bet on a desktop or phone.

Live Streaming

The best betting sites provide live streaming so punters can watch the boxing match live wherever they are in the country. To access live streaming, many sportsbooks require you to place a bet within the last 24 hours or ensure you’ve deposited into your account. Because live streaming enhances your experience and means you don’t need to visit a busy pub or pay for a TV subscription, we look out for it on the sites we recommend. Plus, watching the game live allows you to make a live bet during a fight, whether it’s the first or last round.

Banking Options

We check the payment options for the sites on our recommended list to ensure a wide variety of options are available to New Zealand punters. While e-wallets are extremely popular with many New Zealanders (including Skrill and PayPal), we also look for more traditional options like bank transfers. So you can make deposits and withdrawals and access your winnings.

How we review the best boxing betting sites

Types of Boxing Bets

Compared to the betting markets of sports (especially team sports) that have an incredible wealth of statistics and variables that can come out of each game, boxing betting is limited in comparison, due to the nature of the sport.

For upcoming fights, boxing will generally have a small collection of markets that you can bet on, in comparison to the enormous amount that sports like basketball or football will have.

Overall Rounds

The majority of boxing matches go 12 rounds, so with this method of boxing betting, you’re speculating on how long the fight will last.

You can place a wager on whether you think the fight will last longer or shorter than the bookmakers’ standard mark of 8.5.

If you think that one of the two boxers has a distinct advantage over the other boxer, and is likely to wrap up the fight in less than 8.5 rounds, you can place a bet on the specifics of when you think the fight will finish, whether that is a knockout or a TKO.

On the other hand, if you think that the fight is more evenly balanced but still have a strong belief that one of the fighters will ultimately emerge victorious, you’ll be in a good spot placing a bet for the fight to go over 8.5 rounds, or even the whole 12 rounds if you have a good gut feeling that it will be a points victory.

The Manner of Victory

With this boxing betting method, the name explains it all really.

In the sport of boxing, there are four ways that a fight will typically reach its conclusion, and you’re placing a bet on how exactly you think that’s going to happen.

Collections of Rounds

In this method of boxing betting, if you’re inclined to believe that a fighter will win a series of rounds, then you may want to try your hand at this betting style.

Bookmakers will generally set this type of boxing betting in rounds of three.

Let’s say you have a fighter who comes out of the gates swinging hard and starts the fight with a bang. Perhaps you’ll lay down some cash on rounds 1-3, or if you’ve got someone who’s known to turn it up at the tail end of the fight, you may want to place a cheeky wager on rounds 8-10.

Over/Under Rounds

This bet relates to the length of the fight. You can place a bet on whether you believe the fight will be shorter or longer than the over/under rounds line that the bookmaker sets. For example, if the bookmaker offers a line set at 5.5 rounds, you bet over, and the fight lasts for six rounds, then you win.


Accumulators, or accas, are a very popular form of online betting you can find in various sports. In boxing, you can combine several bets with a single stake, giving you the potential to win big. . Boxing accas are used during big fights when there are several lead-up fights on the one day before the main bout. You can also combine boxing bets with other sports at some online bookies. You could also bet across weight classes, backing Daniel Dubois, Lopez and Alanis to all win their individual fights. To win, you need all your picks to win

Boxing Free Bets

NZ players can access free bets from various online bookmakers. To claim, you typically have to open an account with the site and make an initial deposit. The sportsbook will then add free bets to your account to use on various sporting events, including upcoming fights. Free bet bonuses typically come with various terms and conditions that you should check before activating, such as minimum price thresholds. But they can be a good way to win some real cash.

Types of boxing bets

Other Boxing Bonuses & Promotions

There are various boxing bonuses and promotions available at online bookmakers. Here are some of the most common that you’ll find at various sites.

Matched Deposits

A matched deposit bonus is when the bookmaker will match your first deposit. For example, if you make a deposit into your account of $50, the bookmaker will also put in $50, so you’ll have $100 in your account to make a wager on upcoming fights. The bookmaker won’t just be giving this to you for nothing, though. There are terms and conditions with any bonus, so make sure you check before you activate. For example, there may be minimum odds, so you can’t use your bonus to back a favourite that’s more likely to secure a win.

Enhanced Odds

Enhanced odds are usually applied for some of the biggest bouts. It’s when a bookmaker artificially boosts the odds to help them stay ahead of their competition. It’s attractive to punters, who have a bigger chance to win more money than from an ordinary bet. Usually, they’re only available on certain markets, so keep an eye out and take advantage of enhanced odds when you see them.

How To Get Started On Boxing Betting

Boxing betting is one of the most fun pastimes that you can do in the gambling scene in New Zealand.

However, you might be wondering how to get started. Here's a how-to that will have you betting on the next fight in no time.

Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: Mobile, Laptop, ComputerInternet Connection Supply needed: MoneyTime
Find a sports bookmaker
Find The Right Bookies Go through one of the trusted Sports Betting Sites listed above and pick the one that best suits your needs (this can be odds, promotions, options, the choice is yours!) Step 1
sign up
Sign Up Once you've found the right bookmaker, complete the sign-up process. All the sports betting sites listed on CasinoCrawlers are made for the customer, first and foremost, so the signup process will be a breeze. Make sure you have any relevant information you may need on hand. Step 2
claim any free bets
Choose Your Fighter Now that you're all signed up, have a browse through the latest fights, promotions and information available. When you're ready, get started and have fun! Step 3

Pros and Cons of Boxing Betting

The ancient and beloved art, science and sport of boxing has long been enjoyed all over the world for years.

Therefore, when placing a bet on boxing, what are some of the pros and cons that you'll encounter as a punter? Let's find out.


  • Oppurtunity To win good money
  • There are many events you can choose from
  • Betting can make the fight more exciting to watch
  • The odds offered are usually very competitive


  • Boxing can be unpredictable, making it challenging to pick the winner
  • Like with any wager, there is a chance you'll lose money
  • Boxing betting can be addictive

Online Boxing Betting vs. Live Boxing Betting

If you go to a live bout you may see a few totes or people taking bets. While this is a lot of fun, betting online can sometimes be better. However, there are advantages to both types.

Advantages of Live Boxing Betting

One of the benefits of using an online betting site is you can bet live, which offers lots of advantages, including:

Advantages of Online Boxing Betting

Using online bookmakers to bet on a boxing match offers lots of advantages. Here are the main ones to consider before placing your bets:

Better Odds

Due to the high competition of online bookmakers, punters can take advantage of higher odds online. You can check between different sites, which typically offer better odds than land-based bookies.

Higher odds mean you can access higher returns, even on big matches featuring well-known fighters like Oleksandr Usyk. Over the long term, a minor boost in your odds can make a big difference to your winnings. Especially if you’re a regular punter.

Promotions and Bonuses

Because competition between online bookmakers in New Zealand and around the world is high, different sites offer promotions and bonuses to attract customers. That means accessing various bonuses that you can take advantage of to boost your chances of winning real money. Most sites will offer new customers a welcome bonus. There are also reload bonuses to look out for, improved odds for some of the biggest fights and a range of other promotions that you can keep an eye out for to suit all types of customers.

Range of Events and Markets

Naturally, betting online opens up a wider range of events and markets. The best sites offer more bouts than a regular bookmaker, giving you more options to make a wager. This can be particularly attractive if you’re a big boxing fan and want to bet on smaller events. Plus, the more markets available for you to bet, the better your chances of finding a good bet. Some of the top sites also allow you to place a bet during a live game. For example, one fighter makes an error mid-fight, allowing you to take advantage of better odds.


Because online sites have lower operational costs, they can offer minimum bets much lower than if you’re making a wager with a physical bookmaker. For many sites, minimum bets can start as low as $0.50, which is also great if you’re starting out and want to make a bet without the risk of losing a lot of money. Betting low if you’re on a budget is also a great option. In contrast, many of the big sites also allow big bets, which is perfect for high rollers who may have their bet limits restricted at sports betting shops.

Access Any Time

The top betting sites will have access to boxing fights 24/7 worldwide. So you can place a wager at any time of the time from any location and find the best odds. You won’t need to visit a betting shop to make a bet, making it super convenient for most customers.

Betting on Boxing on Your Mobile

Many sports betting sites are now fully optimised for various devices so that you can place a bet directly from your mobile. Some also offer apps to download so you can place a bet with the touch of a finger.

To make a wager on a boxing match from a mobile site or from an app, you’ll need to have an account with the sports betting site. Once you’ve opened and verified an account, deposit funds into it. Then, search for the boxing match you want to bet on and place your bet!

Betting on your mobile

Best Payment Methods for Boxing Betting Sites

Here are our top recommendations for the best payment methods for placing a boxing bet at an online betting site.

Debit & Credit Cards

Like many other online vendors, the best sports betting sites allow you to make deposits and withdrawals using your debit or credit card. Most sites are well set up for this payment method, so it’s a quick and seamless way to pay.


E-wallets are a popular form of payment in New Zealand casinos and online betting sites. PayPal, Skrill and Neteller are some of the most popular e-wallets, but casinos accept many providers, and you can make deposits and withdrawals. Most offer low fees, and you don’t have to provide personal banking information to the betting site. Be mindful that some welcome bonuses are unavailable if you deposit with an e-wallet.


Cryptocurrency is gaining more traction in the online betting world. It’s popular because it offers players anonymity and is a secure online transaction method. It also offers fast transactions and is relatively easy to use. Not every site will offer cryptocurrency as a payment option. When visiting a new site, we recommend you check out which sites offer cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Professional vs. Amateur Boxing Betting

There are some clear differences when you’re betting on a professional bout vs. an amateur fight, including the length, weight glasses and rules. Let’s take a look at some of the key differences.

Length of Fights

Professional boxing fights are usually significantly longer than amateur fights. Professional title fights usually last 12 rounds for men and 10 rounds for women. In comparison, an amateur fight for a male typically lasts for three rounds for three minutes each, while women fight over four rounds lasting two minutes each round.

Weight Classes and Events

Professional boxing is made up of 17 different weight classes, with four main belts for each division, including:

Amateur boxing is featured at some of the world’s most well-known events, including the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and European Championships. During an amateur fight, points are rewarded for each strike that lands cleanly and with power, on either the head or upper body.

Headgear and Rules

In professional boxing, boxers are not allowed to wear any protective headgear, and they typically endure more damage before a fight is called off. A referee can stop a fight at any point if they believe one fighter can’t protect themselves or has an injury preventing them from finishing the fight. This is referred to as a technical knockout or TKO.

Amateur fighters wear shielding headgear and full vests that are typically blue or red. Some male boxers also compete bare-chested, like in a professional fight. An amateur fight a referee stops is a referee-stopped contest or RSC.

Boxing Betting Strategies & Tips

Here at CasinoCrawlers, we’ve decided to put together the best tips that you can take the bookmaker in one of the many upcoming fights and level up your boxing betting game.

Research, Research, Research 💡

Did I say research? That’s because when it comes down to betting on anything sports-related, the more you know about what’s happening and who’s competing, the better your chances of making an informed, logical and calculated decision about the outcome will be.

In boxing, this can even play to your advantage.

When you compare a team sport like soccer or rugby, there are a ton of variables due to there being more people involved in the team, weather conditions, home ground advantages, and the list goes on.

Boxing is at its core a matchup between two individuals who have trained in the art of fighting in this style and have studied their opponent meticulously in the lead-up to the fight.

So in reality, you’re betting between two individuals who will come out on top. The more you research their fighting history, habits, style and behaviour against their opponents, the likelihood can only increase of you making informed decisions.

Does boxer A typically perform well when competing abroad? Has Boxer B just suffered an unfortunate loss or two? Has the boxer trained under a new coach or engaged in new partner sparring? Does this person compete at or below his normal weight class?

Knowing the solutions will put you in a better position to make a wise wager.

Find the Best Deal 💡

These days, there are more online boxing betting sites than you could throw a left hook at.

Therefore, this means that there are a lot of sub-par quality websites among the sea of options that an individual looking to bet on boxing will have.

Always be on the lookout for bookies that are offering great promotions or deals surrounding a fight, and see which ones suit your gambling preferences best.

Fortunately, we’ve already done the hard yards at CasinoCrawlers and found all the best sports betting sites where you can get some serious top-quality boxing betting.

The sites we’ve found are legitimate, certified and safe platforms to spend your hard-earned cash and hopefully garner some fantastic returns for yourself, with appealing promotions and deals such as boosted odds and world-class advice and tips.

Have A Strategy 💡

Boxing betting will always be easier if you’ve got a watertight strategy in place to dictate and evolve your betting behaviour and skills.

The old cliche ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ is hammered to the death, however, it really does apply very neatly to this situation.

Try and note down as much data as you can about your betting decisions, the fights on which you are betting, and any other relevant information.

Essentially create a dossier that you can constantly expand to give you a good idea of the right decisions to make for any upcoming fights that you’re looking to have a go at.

Conclusion – Boxing Betting

Betting on a boxing match can be a lot of fun and give you the chance to win real money. If you’re a fan of the sport, there are many strategies you can use to help improve your chances of winning a bet, which should be relatively easy if you’re already familiar with the sport’s nuances.

Like all sports betting, we recommend doing your research first and studying the form of boxers to help make an informed bet. Consider registering with a few different online sports betting sites and searching for the best odds available. Check out our list of recommended sites to get started!


Boxing betting FAQ

Do all sports betting websites offer boxing?

Most, if not all, bookmakers will offer the option to bet on boxing, especially in New Zealand. This is in part due to the immense popularity of the sport, and also the colossal amount of money that comes with boxing and prize fighting in general.

How do the odds for boxing work?

The record of the fighter, their health, the nature of the contest, and the boxer's reach, power, and speed are just a few of the variables that a bookmaker will consider when setting odds for particular betting markets.

What transpires if a boxing match ends up as a draw?

Any wagers on either boxer to win the bout will be considered a losing wager if the draw is included as an offer in the list of selections by the bookmaker. Different bookies will have different regulations for this. In boxing, draws are extremely uncommon, and odds will stand as a reflection of this. As a result, while betting, you should essentially just disregard this possibility.

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