Golf Cricket Sites: The Best Cricket Betting Sites in New Zealand 2024

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If you’re a cricket fan, betting on cricket can make a match even more exciting. But knowing where to place a bet and get the best cricket odds can be challenging! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top cricket betting sites available for New Zealand cricket fans.

This article explains how we rank the best cricket betting sites and how to place a cricket bet. We’ll outline some of the most popular cricket bets and the different matches and tournaments you can bet on. And we’ll also give you some top cricket betting tips to help make the most of your betting strategy.

First, let’s take a look at some of the top cricket betting sites…

Best Cricket Betting Sites in NZ

How We Assess the Best Cricket Betting Sites NZ

At CasinoCrawlers, we assess various criteria to find the best cricket betting sites for our readers. Here are some of the criteria we use to rate online casino sites:

Range of Betting Options and Markets

While many sportsbooks offer NZ players the chance to bet on cricket, not all allow you to bet on a wide range of matches and tournaments. We look for cricket betting sites that offer plenty of betting options and markets.

We also look for a cricket betting site that offers more than just the traditional match-winner wager. Being gamblers ourselves, it is important we look out for each other! That’s why we want you to be able to make the most of your cricket knowledge and place strategic bets on individual players, the first wicket-taker, smaller tournaments and more.

Reputation and Safety

All of the cricket betting sites on our list have a solid reputation and are highly regarded in the gambling industry. We only recommend sites that are fully licensed and regulated. For example, holding a licence from the Malta Gambling Authority or the UK Gambling Commission.

Using regulated sites helps to keep your personal information safe and secure. They also offer fair betting conditions for customers.

Bonuses and Promotions

The cricket betting sites that make our recommendations list offer a good range of bonuses and promotions for NZ customers. These typically include free bets or bet credits that you can use to place your wager. We look at the different types of welcome bonuses online cricket betting sites offer when you sign up for an account. And assess the terms and conditions to ensure they’re fair for all players.

We also check that bonuses and promotions are available to returning customers. Many cricket betting sites also offer promotions for major events and tournaments, like the IPL (Indian Premier League) or international cricket games. We also look for cricket betting sites offering various promotions throughout the year.

Mobile Betting

Because so many Kiwis use their phones to place bets, the best online cricket betting sites are optimised for mobiles. Some offer a cricket betting app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS. So you can access your betting account and discover your cricket betting options no matter where you are.

The recommended cricket betting sites on our list offer excellent mobile capabilities, so you can access live cricket betting and search for competitive cricket odds on the go.


Not all sportsbooks offer the same cricket betting odds. We seek out sites that offer decent odds for various cricket betting markets. So you can access competitive odds, place a range of bets, and bet on a variety of matches and tournaments.

Finding the best cricket odds is one of the main factors we use to determine the best cricket betting sites for our readers.

Live streaming

Many of the best cricket betting sites offer live streaming of matches. Not only does this allow you to watch the matches live for free, but it also usually gives you access to live betting.

We rate sportsbooks highly for offering live streaming and live betting. After analysing the match and player performance, these sites let you maximise your cricket knowledge and place strategic bets.

How we rate the best cricket sites

How to Make a Cricket Bet Online

It's easy to place an online cricket bet. Follow these steps to get started:

Estimated time needed: 00:01 Tools needed: CasinoCrawlers list Supply needed: One spare minute
Sign up with a cricket betting site
Sign up with a cricket betting site Explore our list of recommended sites, look at a few options and find one that's right for you. When signing up, you'll need to provide some basic personal information and verify your identity. Step 1
make a deposit at cricket betting
Make a deposit Once you've activated your account, you can make your first deposit. Visit the cashier's page and look for your preferred payment option. While you're there, look at any welcome bonuses you can claim, but make sure you look at the terms and conditions before activating. Step 2
find the cricket market and place your bet
Find your cricket betting market & place your bet Plenty of cricket markets are available to bet on, including different cricket leagues around the world, international matches and New Zealand cricket. Find the match you want to bet on and examine the betting odds available. Then, you can choose from a simple win, loss or draw bet, or even which you think will win the toss. Once you've found the best cricket odds for your type of bet, place your wager! Step 3

You can make many different types of cricket bets online, and there is a large range of betting markets available for cricket enthusiasts.

Here are some of the different types of bets you can consider placing on a cricket match:

Match Betting

Match betting is typically the most common cricket bet you'll find at an online sports betting site. You can choose from three potential outcomes: a win, a loss or a draw.

For example, if New Zealand plays Australia in an international test match, you may find good odds for New Zealand winning, given they're currently ranked lower than Australia.

Completed Match

Cricket bettors can place this type of bet on whether or not they believe there will be an official result. For example, sometimes a match is abandoned and known as a 'No Result'. This can be impacted by the weather or other external conditions that affect the team's ability to complete their overs.

For example, during a one-day match affected by rain, both sides still need to bat for at least 20 overs each to get an official result.

Tied Match

This bet type relates to betting on whether you think the match will end in a draw. It can be a popular bet during a test match series, particularly if the weather conditions will likely impact play. You'll win your wager if you select yes and the match finishes in a draw.


This bet refers to how many runs you believe will be made in the first innings of a cricket match. It's similar to an under/over wager in rugby or football.

The cricket betting site will offer odds on different runs, and you'll need to choose if you think the runs will go above or below the runs displayed by the bookmaker.

Top Bowler

This type of bet involves placing a bet on which player you think will take the most wickets when bowling during a match, series or tournament.

1st Ball

Different markets are available for first-ball bets depending on the online sports betting site you choose. For example, a simple first-ball bet might be whether you think runs will be scored.

You can also bet on how many runs will be scored, for example, hitting a boundary for a four or a six. Other options include a wide, no ball or a golden duck.

Top Batsman

A top batsman bet lets you choose which batsmen will score the most runs during a match. To place your bet, studying the recent form of the top batsmen from each side is a good idea. Usually, the top batter is from the winning team, so consider which team you think is more likely to win the game.

It's simple to place this type of bet. Choose which batsman you believe will score the most runs in a match, innings or during a series. If they make the most runs, you'll win the bet.

Top Wicket Taker

Like a top bowler bet, you can bet on which player you think will take the most wickets during a match or even an innings. If you're correct, you'll win the bet.

Method of Dismissal

Most betting sites will also let you bet on how a certain player will get out during a match. For example, whether they'll be caught, LBW, run out, stumped or bowled.

This is a great option for in-play betting to identify the batsman's weaknesses, the bowler's strengths and the fielders' placement in real time. Studying the game and using your knowledge to take advantage of live cricket betting can help boost your chances of winning your wager.

Total Runs

In cricket betting, you can also wager how many runs you believe a team will reach in an innings or a series. Typically, a cricket betting site will set a line. For example, 150 runs. You'll then either bet over or under this line. If you choose right, you'll win your bet.

Different Types of Cricket Matches

Cricket matches come in many different forms to suit a wide variety of audiences. Here are the different types of cricket matches available to bet on with online cricket betting.

Test Matches

Test Matches are the most traditional form of cricket. They’re popular in international matches, where some world-class teams like England, Australia, India, New Zealand, the West Indies and Sri Lanka play each other over five days.

These games are known as ‘Test’ matches because they’re a test of physical and mental strength to ensure over a long period of time. They use a red ball, and players typically play in all-white cricket uniforms.

During a test match, each team bats for two innings, and there is no limit on the number of overs bowled during an innings. The first batting team will bat until all the batsmen are out or they reach a score they feel puts them in a strong enough position to send the other team into bat. Then, the other team starts their innings.

One-Day Games

One-day cricket uses a white ball and involves two teams competing one inning each for a total of 50 overs. Each over consists of six balls from the same bowler.

The winning team is the team that scores the highest score after both teams play their innings. One of the most popular tournaments in one-day game cricket betting is the Cricket World Cup, held every four years.

Twenty20 (T20)

T20 is the newest and fastest form of cricket available for sports betting. Each team is only given 20 overs to score as many runs as possible. Due to the limited-overs, it offers plenty of excitement and is popular worldwide.

Some interesting rules, such as power plays, make it an exciting form of cricket betting for many spectators.

types of matches to bet on in cricket

Different Cricket Tournaments to Wager on

If you’re a cricket lover, plenty of tournaments and matches available worldwide offer you the chance to win big with cricket betting. Here are some of the most popular tournaments.

ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC)

Held every four years, the Cricket World Cup gives you plenty of betting markets to choose from. The top 10 teams from around the world participate in this event, which is hosted in a different country each tournament.

The last World Cup was in 2019 in England, with the host nation winning. Teams play qualifying round-robin matches before advancing to the finals.

ICC Champions Trophy

This event is known as the mini Cricket World Cup. Several betting markets are available, and you can secure good cricket odds by checking out some of the top online cricket betting sites.

T20 World Cup

The T20 Cup is a relatively new tournament in the world of cricket. It’s a fast-paced tournament that offers plenty of surprises and is fun to watch, with lots of boundaries.

Studying the recent form of the top teams, including the big hitters from each team, is a good idea before placing your bets.

Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League, known as the IPL, is the most famous tournament in India. It’s also watched worldwide and features some of the world’s best players from top cricket countries. The league features 10 teams, all playing seven home and seven away games throughout the season.

The Asia Cup

The Asia Cup is made up of different Asian cricket countries to determine the champion of Asia. Countries including Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and UAE compete to win the cup. It’s held every two years and switches between one-day cricket and T20 each tournament.

The Ashes

The Ashes began in 1882 and is a biennially played tournament between Australia and England. It’s one of the most anticipated cricket tournaments worldwide. It consists of a five-game test series, with the winning team taking home the Ashes urn.

The Hundred

The Hundred is a tournament based on 100-ball cricket. It features world-class players and some of the biggest cricketing names worldwide. Held each year in the UK, it comprises eight city-based women’s and men’s teams competing over five weeks every summer.

The tournament features a round-robin and playoff format and is becoming increasingly popular in cricket betting markets.

Cricket Betting Bonuses

If you’re interested in accessing free bets and other betting bonuses and promotions, the best cricket betting sites have plenty on offer for New Zealand punters.

Cricket Free Bets NZ

The most common bonus bets you can find at cricket betting sites in New Zealand are free bets. This is when a sportsbook rewards you with a free bet you can use on specific cricket betting markets.

Free bets are usually offered as a welcome bonus for new customers, encouraging punters to register and make their first deposit. They usually have strict terms and conditions, such as betting market restrictions, wagering requirements or minimum odds. Until you fulfil these requirements, you often can’t access the winnings from your bonus.

Free bets are a great way to test new betting strategies without investing any of your cash. You can also try out riskier bets or new cricket betting markets without any risk of losing your own money. The best cricket betting sites rank highly in our recommended list and offer fair wagering requirements for all New Zealand players.

Live Cricket Betting

Typically, most punters place their bets before the first ball has been bowled in a match. However, the top betting sites also give you access to in-play live betting. These are usually available for select betting markets, and you can bet while a game is in progress.

This type of betting makes watching the game even more exciting. You can capitalise on following the game and place your bets accordingly. Betting sites typically allow you to place live bets on various formats, from test matches to T20.

TAB Cricket Betting

TAB NZ is the state-backed sportsbook in New Zealand. It gives you access to plenty of cricket betting markets and places bets on sports from around the world.

While TAB NZ is licensed in New Zealand, it’s not the only sportsbook available for Kiwis. If you’re looking for competitive odds and a range of cricket betting markets, check out our list of betting sites that are all legal and safe for Kiwi customers.

Mobile Cricket Betting

Mobile cricket betting has become increasingly popular with Kiwi players due to its convenience and the ability to bet from anywhere. With so many international and national cricket games to bet on, accessing your sportsbook no matter where you are is essential for many punters.

Each cricket betting site on our recommended list offers good functionality from mobiles. Each online mobile betting site is responsive and optimised to work across a range of devices. So, you won’t notice any major differences when placing your bets with a mobile versus a desktop.

Cricket Betting Apps

Many of the best online cricket betting sites have also developed their own cricket betting apps to download. These apps offer unique features, enhanced mobile usability and better connectivity. You can typically download the app from the sportsbook’s website or the app store.

Many apps notify you of important events during a cricket match, such as when a wicket is taken, or a batsman makes 100 runs. The best cricket apps also notify you when a special cricket betting offer is available with good odds.

Best Cricket Betting Apps in NZ

Casino Sports Bet Bonus Minimum Deposit
Casumo 100% back on your first bet – up to $50 $10
Ivibet 100% up to $250 on first deposit $15
Treasure Spins 100% up to $100 on first deposit $25
Bit Dreams Freebet Booster – enhance bets up to 50% $20
21 Bets Welcome Sports Freebet of $25 $25

Strategies & Tips for Betting on Cricket

Research Player and Team form

Like any form of sports betting, researching players and teams is useful. Look at previous match outcomes to understand a team's overall recent performance. Study their recent form to place cricket bets on a specific player.

For bowlers, look at their average wickets, and for batsmen, analyse their recent innings performance and run rate to help you place your bets.

Study the Conditions

Cricket is an outdoor sport. So, the conditions of the pitch and the weather can impact the game's outcome regardless of how well a team or individual player plays.

Flat pitches can make the batsmen look good by getting good edges and hitting some boundaries. In contrast, a green pitch is better for bowlers and can result in more wickets. If the weather is overcast, the bowler can swing the ball better, while clear skies can be better for the team batting.

Considering all these conditions can help you make a more strategic bet when placing your wager.

Compare Odds

At CasinoCrawlers, we recommend searching for competitive odds before placing your cricket bets.

The online cricket betting sites on our recommended list provide good odds. But taking time to compare cricket odds at different sites means you can access the best cricket odds. Consider signing up at different betting sites to compare the odds available.

Don't Go Over Budget

When you open up a betting account, it's important to gamble responsibly and stick to a budget. You can use various techniques and tactics to help you gamble responsibly. For example, only bet what you can afford to lose and don't play with credit.

Try not to see online cricket betting as a way to make money but a fun experience. If you feel your gambling is getting out of control, always seek help.

Cricket Betting in New Zealand

Betting on cricket in New Zealand is big business for various reasons. Let’s take a look.

Is Cricket Popular to Bet on in NZ?

Behind rugby, cricket is one of the most popular sports in New Zealand. Large crowds attend home events, and cricket betting gives cricket fans the chance to have a stake in the game.

Here are some of the reasons cricket betting is so popular in NZ:

Year-round betting

Although cricket is a summer sport in New Zealand, matches are held worldwide throughout the year. So, there are plenty of games year-round to place your bets on.

Various types of bets

A wide range of betting markets are available. You don't need to just place a bet on who you think will win a match or tournament; you can bet on individual players and performances, making watching a game even more exciting.

Different formats

There are plenty of different cricket formats to choose from, such as one-day cricket, test matches and T20.

Live betting available

Cricket is great for live betting, which also works for a range of formats. You can study form, watch a game and then make an informed bet.

Betting on the Black Caps

The Black Caps are New Zealand’s national cricket team and are competitive in the international cricketing world.

They finished runners-up at the ICC T20 World Cup 2021, losing the final to Australia. They also narrowly lost to England in the 2019 World Cup final.

Remember to study the form when betting on your team to stay impartial. Check out the competing sides and look at individual players and recent performances. Bet with your head instead of your heart to help secure a win!

Conclusion – Cricket Betting in New Zealand

Whether you’re placing a bet on the World Cup, the Ashes or who you think will take the most wickets in a one-day international, plenty of betting options are available. The Black Cups always have a strong chance against the world’s top cricketing teams. And making a wager while watching some of the biggest matchups makes it even more exciting to watch.

At CasinoCrawlers, we’re here to help you find the best cricket betting sites. We recommend sites that offer excellent bonuses and promotions and let you make a wide range of cricket bets. Check out our recommendations list, read up or watch some of the latest matches and place your next cricket wager today!


Cricket Betting FAQ

Is it legal to bet on cricket in NZ?

Yes, it is legal and safe to bet on cricket in New Zealand provided you are placing your bets at a trustworthy site. All the sites on our list above are reliable and trustworthy so you are sure to by safe at all of these sportsbooks.

What is the best cricket betting site in NZ?

Any of the sites from our list above are considered top cricket betting sites, but our favourite sportsbook is Casumo. It's UX design is easy to navigate, it hosts all the cricket betting markets from One Day internationals to the County Championship Division 1, and it has very competitive odds.

What is virtual cricket betting?

Virtual cricket is a new virtual sports game. Like other virtual sports games, virtual cricket is a computerised game in which the outcome of the match is decided by random number generators. Some online sportsbooks and casinos may have this type of game, but there is no real skill or strategy involved, as virtual sports games are a game of chance.

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