Football Betting Sites: The Best Football Betting Sites in New Zealand 2024

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If you’re looking for the best online football betting sites this guide is for you. We’ve put together a list of the top sites to make choosing the right one easy. We’ve looked at sports betting platforms that offer the most competitive odds. And gives you access to the biggest matches, from premier league bets to the Champions League and more.

Not only do we recommend the best NZ football betting sites, but we also give you tips on how to sign up at a site and claim football betting offers. So let’s start by looking at the best sites.

Best Rated Football Betting Sites

Football Betting in New Zealand

In New Zealand, like Australia, football is often referred to as soccer. The NZ football organisation changed its name in 2007, replacing soccer with football. This was done in an effort for the country to align itself with the terminology used in many other parts of the world. But regardless what you call it, if you’re looking for the best football betting odds, we’re here to help. We’ll help you find the best football betting sites for NZ customers, so you can place your bets with confidence.

How Do We Rate the Best Online Football Betting Sites?

At CasinoCrawlers, a lot of research goes into choosing the top football betting sites. We look at the areas listed below to ensure we only recommend the best sportsbooks to customers.


All bookmakers we recommend must have valid licenses and meet the NZ Gambling Act regulations. This ensures that the betting site is safe to use and make bets at.

Platform usability

We ensure that the football betting platforms on our list are user-friendly and easy to use. Not only should the betting site be simple to navigate on a desktop, but it should also be mobile-compatible. If the football betting site has an app, we check that this is well-designed and lets you make bets easily.


The football sportsbooks we look at should have good odds for customers. This ensures you will receive a good amount of money if you have a winning bet.

In-play Betting

In-play betting refers to placing your bet after kick-off. We check every online bookmaker site we recommend to ensure in-play betting is offered as standard. It’s a useful strategy for NZ customers, to help you place a more effective bet. For example, if one team is tiring or if a player has been given a yellow, it can affect which team you back.

Live Streaming

Each of the sites we recommend is assessed for their live streaming capabilities. The best online gambling sites will offer live streaming online. So you can watch any given match in real-time from your device once you place your bet.


Cashing out is an important feature that we look for in a quality online bookmaker. It features some key elements when it comes to betting on football, along with some other sports. We look for sites that allow you to put your money back into your account before your bet is finalised (e.g. before the outcome of the match is decided). For example, in a football game, if your team is up 2-nil with only 15 minutes to go, you can cash out. Although you’ll get slightly less money than waiting until the game is over, you avoid the risk of losing your bet.

A handy feature we also look for is sites that offer auto cash-out options. This allows you to create rules around the cash-out. For example, if the value of your bet hits a certain value then it will automatically cash out the bet.

Reliable Bonuses

With online sports betting sites, we look for the best and most reliable bonuses and promotions. Some offer exclusive football promotions at different times of the year, for example, World Cup betting. The best soccer betting sites should offer a range of bonuses for new and longtime members. We look for bonus promotions like free bets and check that they have fair terms and conditions.

Specific promotions we look for include:

Price boosts: offering better odds than a competitor site

Enhanced odds: offering boosted odds for a specific event

We check all the terms and conditions of each offer, to ensure they are fair to all players.

Betting tips

Great bookmakers should offer football betting tips to assist customers in understanding and making the best bets possible. We recommend platforms that aren’t just interested in making a profit but actively try to educate bettors so that they can make smart bets.

Customer support

No betting site is perfect, and football bookmakers are no exception. We ensure that there is customer service available so that you can receive help if you run into any issues when betting.

Payment methods

A good football betting site should offer various payment options so you can make deposits and easily cash out winnings. We look for payment methods available in NZ, like Visa and Mastercard, as well as e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. We also look for alternative methods like POLi and cryptocurrency payments.

What do the Soccer Betting Sites offer to Kiwis?

When assessing our recommended sites, we look at offers specifically for NZ customers. Here are some of the offers you can expect to access at the online sports betting sites listed on our page:

How to Sign Up at Football Betting Sites?

Signing up at an online sportsbook can be daunting if you’ve never used one before. Fortunately, getting started at football betting sites is easy, and we’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the process.

Find the best football betting site

Before being able to sign up at a football betting site, you need to find one that meets your needs. We recommend reading this guide to know what you should look for in a betting site.

We also advise that you browse our list of the top betting sites and choose from one of these. We only recommend the very best platforms so that you can enjoy the best soccer betting experience.

Create an account

After finding the best football betting site on our list, you can sign up. To do so, tap the ‘Play’ button next to the casino site. Then, once you arrive at the platform, click on the ‘Register’ button.

You’ll then need to fill in some fields with your information. The online betting site will most likely request your name and email address and ask you to set up a username and password. You may also need to provide a form of ID to verify your age.

Once you’ve done all the above, submit your details and accept the betting site’s terms and conditions.

Claim a bonus

With your account now active, you can claim any relevant bonuses. Most top football betting sites have welcome offers for new members like free bets or odds boosts. You may need to make an initial deposit to claim these promotional offers, or you may receive them simply for signing up.

Start betting on football games

After claiming any relevant bonuses, you can now start making bets. Browse the site’s sports betting markets to find football matches and leagues that you want to make bets on. Keep your fingers crossed that you end up winning big!

How to Bet on Football Matches?

If you’ve never participated in online betting, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s easy to make football bets. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Before exploring football betting markets and wagering your money, you need to understand how to bet on football matches.

Here are some football betting tips to help you find the best odds and make strategic bets.

Find the best football odds

The first thing you need to do when exploring the football betting markets is to find the best odds. Better odds increase your chances of winning money. At football betting sites in New Zealand, you’ll often find the odds displayed as a fraction, but decimals are also used.

Before you can find the best football odds, you need to understand how they work. For example, if Manchester United had 2/1 odds of winning the Premier League, if they did,  you’d earn $2 for every $1 bet you made. With fraction odds, the latter figure is the bet amount, and the former figure is how much you’d earn if you won.

Decide what type of bet you’re going to make

Once you understand and have found the most competitive football odds, you can make a bet. There are various types of bets, such as the match score, over/under bets, individual player bets, and more. Take your time deciding what you want to bet on, and check the betting odds for each type.

Keep your budget in check

There are plenty of football betting options at online bookmakers, so it can be tempting to make a lot of bets. However, remember that you need to budget accordingly. Not every bet will result in a win.

Make a bet

Once you feel ready and want to bet, you can start to do so. Some football betting sites allow live betting, so you can bet more money during the game if you’re feeling lucky.

Some Extra Football Betting Tips

If you want to improve your chances of winning when placing a football bet, here are some of our top tips.

Try different football betting sites

Choose from our top recommended sites and try out a couple of different betting sites. All the sites offer slightly different experiences and features, so find one that’s right for you. For example, some offer better odds, while others are great for live betting. Set up an account at each, place a few bets, and decide which is the right site for your betting needs.

Read some football predictions

When it comes to betting on football, it pays to understand the game to make an educated wager. Read up before you start betting on the game if you’re not already a football fan. There are plenty of websites that can help by providing you with football predictions, or you can follow tipsters on social media. Try to do a bit of research to get a balanced view and not rely just on one site.

Decide on a football betting market

There are lots of ways you can place a bet on football. We’ve identified some of the most common options in this article, but you’ll need to determine which market suits you. Consider the match you’re betting on, what you’ve researched about the teams and the predicted outcome. Then choose the right type of bet for each game. For example, if a player has been in top form and is a leading goalscorer for their side, it may be worth betting on them to be the first player to score in a match.

Compare Football Betting Odds

This is the most important tip when it comes to football betting. Even if you have a preferred bookie it pays to compare betting odds. So you can access the best odds available to get a better outcome.

Odds for a given match can vary substantially between different bookmakers. Use our list to take a look at the different odds available on each site. Because even a small difference in odds can end up being the difference of a few hundred dollars, depending on how much you bet.

Top 3 Football Betting Sites

Here are the top three best football betting sites we recommend for NZ customers:

  1. Casumo: This award-winning site has been around since 2012. Based on Sweden, it not only offers sports betting but also has an extensive range of online games to enjoy.
  2. iviBet: This site offers a fast and exciting online experience with excellent bonus terms. In addition to sports betting, it also offers video slots, jackpots and live dealer titles to enjoy.
  3. Treasure Spins: Founded in 2022, this site uses enhanced encryption for player safety, offers plenty of payment options and is an excellent choice to place your bets.

The best football betting sites don’t just offer competitive odds and access to the best soccer betting markets. They also provide Kiwi punters with an array of bonuses so that they can enjoy enhanced odds. Here are some of the most common bonuses you’ll find at football betting sites.

Welcome bonus

New sports bettors at soccer betting sites will usually receive a welcome bonus. The welcome bonus could be free bets or an odd boost to improve your betting odds.

Odd boost promotion

Sports betting sites periodically offer odds boosts for enhanced odds on specific bets. An odd boost promotion is excellent if you have a good feeling about certain football games and want to increase your chances of winning more money on your bets.

Football free bets

Football betting sites also regularly offer free bets. These free bets come as bet credits, which are added to your account. You can then use these bet credits to make bets.

VIP program

The top football betting sites often add loyal existing customers to VIP programs. With these VIP clubs, members can receive regular promotional offers like free bets and odd boots.

Betting site bonus terms and conditions

Betting bonuses come with different terms and conditions. Learning about these terms can help you find the best bonus and maximise it to get the best outcome. Here are the most commonly used terms relating to bonuses on sports betting websites:

Types of Football Bets

There are many different types of football bets you can make, and these can be confusing to new players. Here’s an overview of the different kinds of bets to help you navigate betting sites.

Match Outcome

Betting on the outcome of the match is one of the most popular bets you can make. It’s often referred to as a Win/Draw/Win bet. As a punter, you simply back which team you think will win the match, or choose a draw if you think neither team will come out on top after 90 minutes.

Point spread bets

A point spread bet is a type of match outcome bet. With this bet, you don’t just predict who will win, but you’ll also bet on how many goals a team wins or loses.

Over/under Goals

An over/under goal bet refers to when you bet on predicting goals over or under what the bookmaker lists on their site. For example, a bookmaker may list different odds for there being more than three goals in a match, compared to the odds for the total goals to be under three.

Handicap bets

At football betting sites, you’ll often find handicap bets available. Handicap bets (also known as spread bets) give football teams a hypothetical advantage or disadvantage before the game starts.

For example, if you make a handicap bet on a premier league football match like Manchester United (1.0) – Arsenal (-1.0), you’ll win if Arsenal wins by at least two goals. This is because the hypothetical score is taken into account, so Arsenal needs at least 2 goals for it not to be considered a draw against Manchester United.

Halftime and full-time bets

Halftime and full-time bets are common at online bookies. With these bets, you must correctly predict the score at halftime and the end of the match.

Goalscorer bets

There is an array of goalscorer bets available at online bookmaker sites. For example, you can bet on who will score the first goal in a game or the last. You can also bet on players you think will score a hat trick during a game. You can even bet on who will be the top goalscorer in the Champions League or Premier League.

Scorecast bets

A scorecast bet is quite complex. This bet involves guessing who will make the match’s first goal, along with the correct score, when the game is over. Since this is difficult to predict, the betting odds for this bet are usually bigger. So, if you correctly guess the outcome, you could enjoy a sizeable return.


Accumulator bets (also known as accas) involve making bets on many different games and teams. The odds can vary between each soccer match, and all the bets must win for the gambler to win the accumulator.

Draw No Bet

This refers to when you pick either side to win the match, but if it ends in a draw, your stake will be refunded. If you choose this option you’ll be offered shorter win odds.

Both Teams to Score

This type of bet allows you to place a bet on whether or not you think both teams will score a goal throughout the match. This can be a good option to use across multiple games as it usually offers bigger odds.

Result + Both Teams to Score

This betting option is similar to above but you also need to predict who think will win the match (or if you think it will be a draw).

Double Chance

This option allows you to bet on two different outcomes at the end of the match. Effectively giving you a double chance at a win. For example, the home team winning and a draw, or the away team winning and a draw, or both teams winning.

Correct Score

This bet refers to guessing the exact score correctly for full-time. It’s more popular in football than other types of sports due to low scoring in soccer.

Line Bet

A line bet is more popular in sports like NFL (American football), super rugby and basketball, rather than football. It works by applying a handicap to the score so your odds are evened out. Punters will then choose the team they think will win with the handicap applied.

Team Offsides (over/under)

When you make a team offsides bet, it allows you to bet on whether a team will have more or less offsides than the bookmaker sets. If you regularly follow football and watch which teams usually have fewer offsides (or higher), this could be a good bet to make.

Player Tackles (over/under)

With some bookmakers, you can bet on how many tackles a player makes throughout a match. Typically in football, you’ll only be allowed to make a wager on defenders and defensive midfielders. The bookmaker will set a line for this bet, so you can bet on whether they’ll have more or less tackles than they predict.

First set piece

When you make a first set piece bet, it refers to a dead ball situation. You bet on what you believe will be the first dead ball of the match. For example, a goal kick, corner, throw in or penalty.

Depending on each bookmaker, there is also a wide range of other bets available in addition to the ones listed here.

Making Football Bets on Mobile

Mobile betting is more common than ever, especially due to in-play betting. Bettors can now make bets on the go using betting apps. Some of the best football betting sites in New Zealand even offer live streaming of soccer matches so that you can make real-time bets.

You can enjoy mobile betting regardless of your device. Whether you use Android, iOS, or Windows devices, you’ll be able to access sports betting platforms, browse football markets, and enjoy live betting.

All the best betting sites have mobile-compatible platforms you can access via your browser. This is excellent news if you don’t want to download an app onto your device and would prefer to save memory storage space.

However, if you download a sports betting app, you may receive some great benefits. Some online bookmaker platforms offer great bonuses like free bet credits that you can use on various markets, including football betting markets.

So, if you want to bet on the go, why not try online betting site platforms? They have all the same features you’ll find at desktop platforms and may offer additional perks.

Live Football Betting: How to Bet In-Play

Traditionally, all football bets must be made before a game starts. However, thanks to technological advancements, players can now make in-play bets. Live betting has become increasingly popular and created a new sports betting style.

The best football betting sites have responded positively to in-play betting and now offer options that enable customers to make bets while matches are going on. If you want to bet during a live soccer match, here’s how you can do so:

  1. You first need to set up an account with a sports betting site or download a football betting app. Doing this will ensure you’re well prepared for in-play betting on football matches.
  2. Once your account is set up, you must simultaneously focus on the game and live betting odds. This can be very hard, but it is imperative that you keep an eye on the game and the odds as they rise and fall, and also stay well aware of what is going on in the match.
  3. Finally, make your bets at the right time. In-game bets can change within seconds, so you must stay focused to ensure you take advantage of the best bets. If one player is performing extremely well and the sportsbook displays a high goalscorer bet, take advantage of it while you can.

Top Football Competitions You Can Bet on

There are so many football competitions and football leagues that you can bet on. The best football betting sites in New Zealand allow you to bet on local and international football competitions so that you aren’t limited in the bets you can make.

Some of the top football competitions that you can make bets on at soccer betting sites include:

Most football betting sites have outright markets linked to football competitions, such as the winner of the Champions League final and other popular leagues.

competitionsyou can bet on in football

How Does Cashing Out Work at a Betting Site?

Cashing Out at online sportsbooks allows you to withdraw money before settling your bet. For example, if you’re watching a football match where you bet on Manchester United to be ahead 2-0 at halftime, and they are down by 0-1 at 30 minutes in, you can Cash Out your bet early. In doing so, you’ll lose a little bit of your original bet, but you don’t forfeit your total bet.

You can enjoy this feature at most football online betting sites. To Cash Out your bet early, head to the section of the platform where you can see your current bets. Click on your chosen bet and select ‘Cash Out’. You will then receive a percentage of your wager back.

online football betting

Security and Legality at Football Betting Platforms

New Zealand permits online betting thanks to its Gambling Act which was passed in 2003. Only specific platforms within New Zealand can offer gambling and betting services, such as Lotto NZ and the TAB.

However, the act states that New Zealanders can legally gamble at offshore sportsbooks located in other jurisdictions. This means you can easily bet on foreign football competitions without worrying about legal implications.

When betting at a foreign football bookmaker, ensure the site is secure. We’ve created a quick checklist that you can refer to at any time to ensure you play at a safe site. The platform must have:

Assuming a football betting site has all the above, it should be safe to gamble at. To ensure you never place bets at rogue websites, refer to our list of recommended options in this guide.

Our Team Consists of Soccer Betting Industry Experts

At Casinocrawlers, we have a team of dedicated football experts who love finding the best sites for you almost as much as the game itself! Not only are they football fans, but they’re sports betting industry experts. So they know what to look for to find the best soccer betting sites.

Our team signs up with each online sportsbook we recommend and test out each platform. They check out all the odds, the different features and other strict criteria before making any recommendations. And they only subscribe to sites that are licensed and regulated, to help protect you against the risk of fraud.

Find a Betting Site Today!

If you’re ready to start making football bets, you can join one of the soccer betting platforms we recommend in this guide. At these sites can find excellent odds and great bonuses like free bets. Check out our list at the top of the page and read through the options to find your new favourite sportsbook!

Football Betting FAQ

What is the best online football betting site?

The best soccer betting sites are those listed in this guide! While other online betting sites have good features and decent odds, we only recommend the top sites with vast football markets, great odds, and an array of promotional offers.

Is betting on football legal in New Zealand?

Yes, sports betting is legal in New Zealand. This means you can enjoy football, rugby, and horse racing betting, among many other sports.

How do sports betting sites calculate football odds?

Many factors affect football odds. For example, previous player performance, player injuries, and expert opinions affect the overall odds.

How do I find the best football odds?

It is essential to research sites to find the best football odds. At CasinoCrawlers, we constantly update the sites we recommend, all of which have the best odds. Check back regularly to find updated odds.

How do I read football odds?

In New Zealand, football odds are generally displayed in factor form. So, if you have a betting odd of 2/1, you'll win $2 for every $1 you stake, assuming your bet is successful. You will also win your originally wager back.

Can I bet on my mobile?

Yes, you can make football bets on your mobile. Most football sportsbooks offer mobile apps and mobile-compatible platforms that you can access in your mobile browser.

What are the best soccer betting tips?

When making football bets, you should always choose bets with good odds. We also recommend only making bets you feel confident about, so try to research players and previous match statistics to make an informed bet. If you make live bets, ensure you watch the football match on live streaming so that you are on the ball concerning match developments.

Can I use a free bet on all bet types?

Yes, you can use free bets on most bet types, including over/under, accumulator, and goalscorer bets. Check the free bet terms and conditions to ensure you can use it on many types.

Which football league should I bet on?

You should bet on which league you want to! If you have a favourite league and you watch all the matches, why not make bets on that league? You'll know what is going on and be able to make informed decisions.

What is the difference between online betting sites, sportsbooks, and bookmakers?

Betting sites can also be referred to as sportsbooks or bookmakers. At these gambling platforms, you can make bets on most sports, including football and even horse racing betting. We use these three terms interchangeably in this guide, but they essentially all mean the same thing.

Is it football or soccer?

Technically, it's both depending on where you live. While the majority of the world usually uses football to describe the game of soccer, New Zealand uses both. Newer generations tend to use football, while older people still tend to call it soccer.

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