How Popular is POLi Payment in NZ Casinos?

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by Noah Adams
How Popular is POLi Payment in NZ Casinos
Published: 15/03/2022
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POLi is a popular online payment method in New Zealand. Its popularity is growing since it is suitable for both customers and merchants, and the costs (if any) are minimal. POLi does not require registration. POLi's features are available to everyone who lives in Australia or New Zealand. Banks such as Bank of Melbourne, Citibank, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ME Bank, Bankwest, ANZ, Bank Direct, Bank of New Zealand, and others accept it.

POLi payments are well-known for their security features and quick payouts, which is why so many Kiwis use them for all of their gambling transactions at NZ casinos. ?

What are the Perks of using POLi Payments?

When you read this review, you'll find that POLi Payments has a long list of beneficial features. In case you missed any of them, this service provider's list of perks includes the following:

  • POLi is a free service that allows Kiwis to deposit monies to a fully registered casino without incurring any fees. There are no costs because there is no membership with the service.
  • The most convenient casino payment method has been by credit card because of its convenience of use. Using POLi to make payments is both faster and safer than using a credit card.
  • POLi is not an account-based service, so it does not require your personal information. Logging into your bank account is sufficient evidence that you are who you claim to be.
  • POLi will provide you with an instant receipt once you make a payment to confirm that they have released the funds. If a casino does not register the money, you will have proof.
  • POLi has taken all of the necessary precautions to ensure that your data is protected by multi-encryption.

The benefits listed above should be more than enough to persuade Kiwis to use POLi whenever they want to make a casino deposit.

What is the Reason for POLi's Huge Popularity in Online Gambling?

Players from New Zealand value their privacy, and as online gambling is primarily a recreational activity for them, they prefer to make a quick $5 casino deposit, play a few games, and move on with their life.

New Zealand casinos are diversified because there are no taxes on gains unless you are a professional player with no other source of income.

When everyone from university students to grandmothers wants to waste some time with pokies and other casino games, ease of use is key.

POLi is one of the few internet banking platforms that provides the level of efficiency and security that it does. All of this comes at no additional cost.

Do Kiwis only use POLi at Online Casinos?

According to a JP Morgan report, New Zealand as a nation prefers to pay with plastic which has captured about 56 per cent of all transactions in a year. However, with the popularity of POLi payments, direct bank transfers are experiencing a steady growth contributing upto a 17 per cent share in the payments space.

Kiwis want security while playing in any online casino and POLi provides safety and security. POLi is one of the safest online payment solutions available. Because all payments go through their usual online banking account, Kiwis are secured by their financial institution's high levels of security. POLi system never sees personal banking login credentials and never stores or caches any personal information.

New Zealander's information is not saved on any system because users do not need to register an account with POLi to utilize the account service. POLi transactions are also safeguarded by digital SSL security encryption, ensuring user security at all times.

POLi payments are accepted by some well-known firms, including Meta, Skype, Qantas, Jetstar, Air New Zealand, Victoria's Secret, BetEasy, Bet365, and many others, demonstrating their safety and reliability.

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