Cashback Bonus: The Best Cashback Bonuses and Casinos in NZ 2024

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Cashback casino bonuses are a great way to help make your money go further if you’re gambling online. You can access cashback bonuses at many New Zealand casinos, and we’ve compiled a list of the best cashback offers available!

We’ll explain how these casino bonuses work and how to activate a cashback bonus. We’ll outline the different types of bonuses available and describe some benefits. Plus, we’ll give you some tips to help you choose the best bonuses.

But first, let’s take a look at the best casinos that offer casino cashback bonuses.

Best Casinos with Cashback

What is a Cashback Casino Bonus?

A casino cashback bonus represents reimbursements to players if they lose within a specific time frame while playing certain titles at a casino.

For example, if your balance falls to $10 or less for two days, a casino can refund you 10% of your cash. They do this by adding an additional 10 cents to your account for each dollar you lose.

Although some casino cashback bonuses offer real money, they are usually given as bonus credit. Funds will be added to your casino account to encourage you to continue gambling with that casino. They’re attractive for many players who don’t want to risk losing it all when gambling at an online casino.

How We Rate the Best Cashback Casino Bonuses

We only recommend the best casinos at CasinoCrawlers using strict criteria. We want to ensure our readers take advantage of the best cashback bonuses available at top online casinos.

Here are some of the factors we look at when rating each of the sites we recommend:

Licensing and Safety

We check each cashback casino site to ensure it’s fully licensed. We also ensure it’s regulated by a reputable gaming authority, such as the UK Gambling Commission.

Wide Range of Cashback Bonuses

When assessing cashback bonus casino sites, we check that a wide range of bonuses are available for readers. This helps ensure there are bonuses to suit all types of players.

Fast Payouts

We know how important accessing fast payouts is to many Kiwi players, so we check for payout speeds when reviewing each site. We ensure you can use various payment methods and won’t be restricted by harsh withdrawal limits.

Customer Service

Access to knowledgeable and friendly customer service can positively impact your gaming experience, so we assess the quality of customer service at each site.

We want to ensure you can get your questions answered when you need help and can use a variety of communication channels. Whether you have a question about casino losses, the maximum amount of a cashback offer, wagering requirements or any cashback bonus query.

How To Get a Cashback Bonus

Here is all you need to know about taking advantage of a cashback casino and getting a cashback bonus!

Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: CasinoCrawlers Casino List Supply needed: Time
sign up casino
Sign Up At A Cashback Casino Go to one of the casinos listed on this page above and complete the sign up process. Step 1
casino games
Play Eligible Games Every casino will have the eligible cashback bonus titles listed such as pokies. Simply play one of these games. Step 2
compare bonus
Receive Cashback Bonus After you've played for a bit, you should have received a welcome bonus and a cashback bonus for either having played for the day, or a weekly one if you've played for longer. Step 3

Types of Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses offer many benefits, so casino sites will offer various percentages and types to entice more players to come and try their luck.

The following are some of the most common types in NZ online casinos.

Daily Cashback Bonus

Daily cashback casino bonuses are standalone bonuses offered to players when they play a certain game for a day. Depending on each casino, these can occasionally be up to 75%.

Weekly Cashback Bonus

These bonuses work similar to a daily cashback bonus but are offered as a weekly cashback. For example, if you play certain games over a weekly period, you may be offered a cashback bonus as a percentage of the deposit initially made. These offers typically range anywhere from 5-20%.

Monthly Cashback Bonus

This bonus is offered monthly and transferred to your account, usually at the beginning of each month. The percentage varies depending on each casino, with the lowest bonuses starting at a few percent.

Time-Limited Cashback Offers

Some casinos offer promotions and cashback offers that are time-limited. These can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Usually, stricter terms and conditions are attached to these types of promotions compared to other bonuses.

Cashback on Losses

This type of bonus is a great way to recoup your losses. When you activate this casino cashback, you’ll get a percentage of all your losses returned to you. Usually, specific games are attached to these bonuses, though you can find some without any game restrictions.

Specific Games

This type of bonus applies to specific games, a single game or game genres. For instance, a casino may offer you a cashback for specific themes, such as jungle or animal-themed slots.

Cashback on Deposits

A cashback on deposit offer works differently from other types of cashback bonuses. The casino will return a percentage of your initial deposit, regardless of your losses. For example, if you activate a 20% cashback bonus and deposit $100, you’ll get $20 cashback.

Specific Software Providers

These casino cashback offers work for specific game providers, such as Microgaming or NetEnt. You’ll access different rebates by spinning the slot reels on specific software provider games. These casino cashback offers typically are only offered for a limited time.

Progressive Cashback Bonuses

Some online casino sites offer progressive cashback bonuses that increase depending on each casino’s specific terms and conditions. For example, a casino may offer you a 2% cashback when you first sign up, but when you play regularly, the cashback percentage increases to up to 20%.

Live Cashback Bonuses

Some online casino sites offer cashback offers when playing live casino games. For example, a casino may offer you a live dealer bonus when playing live roulette, blackjack, or certain game shows.

deposit bonuses at the casino

Difference between Welcome Bonuses and Cashback Offers

There are some key differences between a casino cashback bonus and a welcome bonus that are useful to understand before you activate either of these bonuses.

A welcome bonus is given when you sign up for a new online casino account. They are typically activated when you make your initial deposit, although you can receive some welcome bonuses without depositing any funds.

Most welcome bonuses come with wagering requirements, which means you’ll need to wager a set amount of our own money to access any winnings using your bonus.

In contrast, a casino cashback bonus is the opposite of a welcome bonus. These types of bonuses help you to make money from your losses. Unlike a welcome bonus where you may be offered a percentage matched against your initial deposit, you’ll receive insurance from the casino that you’ll get some of your losses back.

Both also come with different terms and conditions. For example, a cashback bonus may impose a high minimum deposit amount, whereas a welcome bonus is typically available after making a minimal deposit, or even no deposit.

Comparison Overview of the Best Cashback Casino Bonuses

The comparison table below can help you determine which casinos offer the best cashback bonuses. You can compare wagering requirements and determine if the cashback offer is available daily, weekly or monthly. We’ll also show you when you can expect to receive your cashback, to find the right bonus for you.

Rank Casino Cashback Percentage Daily, Weekly or Monthly Wagering Requirements Claim or Automatic Day of Receiving
1 Amok Casino 10% Weekly 0x Claim Friday
2 Katsubet 10% Daily 15x Automatic Day after Playing
3 Happy Spins 10% Daily 0x Automatic Day after Playing
4 JungliWin 15% Daily 0x Automatic Day after Playing
5 Booi 4-7% Weekly 0x Automatic Thursday
6 Richpalms 50-100% 1st, 2nd and 3rd deposit 40-60x Automatic After Wagering Requirements
7 Jackpot Island 20% Weekly 0x Claim Monday

Pros and Cons of Cashback Casino Bonuses

While they remain one of the most popular casino bonuses out there, it still helps to do as much research as possible and find out all there is to know about cashback bonuses.


  • Get cash back on losses
  • Minimal risk
  • Available to all types of players
  • Can be used with other bonuses


  • Percentage of cashback varies a lot
  • Sometimes payback is not in real money
  • Terms usually attached
  • Maximum limit

Benefits of Cashback Casino Bonuses

There are many opportunities to both save and make actual cash with casino cashback offers, such as no wagering requirements and deposit bonuses.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience at the best cashback casinos.

Minimised Risk

A cashback casino bonus helps to minimise the risk that you’ll experience a large loss. When you can play safe at a casino, without worrying about huge net losses, you can continue playing and trying out the cashback casino.

Hassle-Free Process

Usually, a cashback bonus comes quite easily, and while there are terms and conditions that do frequently come with these bonus offers, they tend to be a breeze to deal with.

For example, quite a lot of cashback bonus offers will be automatically given back to a player who has played for a specified period and has lost some money.

Great for Both New and Loyal Players

A cashback bonus is quite flexible in that it can easily adapt to cater to all players who may benefit from a cashback offer.

You’ll often find that most casinos offer cashback bonuses in the form of a welcome or first deposit bonus, or bonus terms for VIP players (high rollers) in the form of weekly cashback or even daily cashback in some cases.

Tips for Choosing the Best Cashback Casino Bonus

To maximise potential cashback offers, here are our top tips to help you choose the best casino cashback bonuses.

man using mobile casino app

Cashback Bonus Terms and Conditions

Learning about cashback bonuses’ various terms and conditions can help you claim the best ones. Here are some common T&Cs to consider when considering cashback bonuses.

Maximum Cashback

The maximum cashback refers to how much you can get from your cashback bonus. It’s a cap that limits the money you can access from the promotion to help ensure the casino doesn’t give away too much to customers but still entices you to play.

Minimum Payout

The majority of cashback bonuses come with minimum payout requirements. So, you’ll need to commit to playing to win a certain amount before you can withdraw any of your funds.

Minimum Deposit

Most casinos offer different minimum deposit amounts you’ll need to deposit before claiming your cashback bonus. A $10 minimum is pretty standard for many online casino sites.

Expiration Date

Like other bonuses, most cashback casino bonuses come with expiry dates. Depending on each casino, these can range from 24 hours to a month. Ensure you check expiry dates to use your bonus within the time period.

Game Restrictions

Many casino cashback bonus offers are valid to use on specific games or genres of games. When checking the terms and conditions, each online casino will typically list the games available for the offer. Usually, cashback bonuses are available on a wide range of pokies/slots but are not as commonly found on table games.

No Wagering Requirements

Usually, cashback bonuses come without wagering requirements. But like with any promotion, we encourage you to check each site’s terms and conditions before activating any bonus. Different casinos will have varying criteria for activating cashback bonus offers.

Our Verdict on Casino Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses work by helping you recoup your losses and are a standalone bonus. They let you access a wide range of slot games and some live dealer and table games, subject to each casino site.

No matter what type of player you are, choosing the right casino cashback offer can help you minimise your losses and let you play for longer. They’re a great option if you gamble online regularly but also offer many benefits if you’re just starting out. They can be a great promotion if you’re looking to get comfortable playing a range of slot games – while helping reduce your net losses.

At CasinoCrawler’s, our list of recommended sites has all been vetted to give you a list of the very best casino cashback offers. Used wisely, they can be a great way to reduce the risk of online gambling and help give you a better chance of winning big online!

Cashback Casino FAQ

Are there wagering requirements to claim a cashback bonus?

Cashback bonuses are different from other promotional offers because there are no wagering limitations. However, casinos that set cashback bonuses can have terms and conditions that vary quite a lot, so it's always a good idea to do some research before you take advantage of an offer.

How to find the best cashback bonus casino?

You can find the best cashback casinos listed above on this page. However, we recommend reading the guide on the page so that you have a good idea of navigating the casino sites and finding yourself the best deal.

What's the difference between cashback bonuses and deposit bonuses?

Deposit bonuses can come in the form of a cashback bonus and are a reimbursement of a percentage after you've incurred a gambling loss. In contrast, deposit bonuses can often give you credits or real cash once you've deposited to one casino and placed your first bet.

Are cashback casinos legal in New Zealand?

As dictated by local laws (Gambling Act 2003) in NZ, it is illegal to run an online casino or gambling institution. However, Kiwis are more than welcome to play at online casinos that are based and licensed in other nations.

Do most casinos have a cashback bonus?

You'll find that all the best casinos will have a few different types of cashback bonuses up their sleeve, which will usually be adapted depending on your gambling habits (if you play more pokies, bet on horses etc).

Can I win real cash with a cashback bonus?

Yes, it's possible to win some real cash with a cashback bonus. However, most of the time, there are terms and conditions attached. Make sure you check the terms and conditions before activating any type of bonus or promotion to make sure it's a good option for you.

Are casino cashback bonuses legal?

Yes, casino cashback bonuses and promotions are legal in New Zealand. Casinos use them to attract players by giving them bonus money that helps recoup their losses. Be sure only to use a licensed casino when gambling online, and check out our list of recommended sites for some of the best casino cashback offers available in New Zealand.

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