Instant Bank Transfer Casinos: How It Works, and the Best Instant Bank Casinos

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Instant Bank Transfer Casinos are one of the safest options you have for funding an account with an online casino in New Zealand. You can transfer money from bank accounts to your online casino account in a matter of seconds.

This guide will help you find instant bank transfer casinos in NZ…

Best Instant Bank Transfer Casinos

What is an Instant Bank Transfer and what are Instant Bank Transfer Casinos?

When doing an instant bank transfer, the bank will make sure that the money is transferred at once. Usually, when doing instant bank transfers there are no extra fees.

Depending on the bank, that you are a customer of, you’ll possibly be charged a small extra cost for the transfer if it’s a bank wire transfer.

Therefore you should always check with your bank if there are any additional fees with these transfers.

An instant bank transfer casino is an online casino that lets you use bank transfers as a deposit or withdrawal method.

How to make a deposit at casinos with a Bank Transfer

The process of transferring money from your NZ bank account to an NZ online casino is easy to follow. You don’t have to be present at your preferred bank facility to complete the transaction either, as everything can work online.

You can use these steps after choosing from the online gambling sites on our casino list:

  1. Register an account with the instant banking casino that you chose rom our listing.
  2. Select the instant bank transfer option for your casino deposit.
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to deposit. Be sure to add any promo codes or select whatever bonuses are applicable here.
  4. Check all the terms surrounding how the bank transfer will work. Transfers should be free, although some venues may charge a small percentage of the deposit as a fee for facilitating the bank transfer. You’re more likely to pay a fee if the deposit value is too small. Review if a charge is necessary first; any applicable charges should be visible on the deposit screen.
  5. You will then provide the necessary bank account details. Your bank account number and routing number will be required.
  6. Some casinos will require you to verify your identity before completing the transaction. You might have to provide a one-time password or code you receive from a text message or email. You might also have to send a physical scan of a document or other item proving your identity, although not all casinos will require this measure.
  7. Your bank will transfer your funds to the online casino.

You’ll be able to start playing games right away after you complete your transaction. But it takes an extra bit of time for your bank account to be officially debited, as banks take a few business days to process transfers. The money in your casino account will be ready for play even as you wait for the transaction to be processed all the way through.

You might have to wait a few business days to start in some situations. You’ll be more likely to wait if you have to provide a more thorough or comprehensive form of verification.

Check the terms with your casino and bank for details on how long it would take for you to complete the bank transfer method before you start.

Be sure to also check your casino account on occasion to see if your money is available for play. The account should be ready in a few minutes unless you require further verification. You can consult the casino’s customer service team if you have issues with where your money is.

How to withdraw money from casinos with a Bank Transfer

You can also withdraw money from your casino account and put it back into your bank account. Many online casinos that serve NZ players recommend using this measure if you have already deposited your funds through an earlier bank transfer.

The casino will recognize you are using the same method you used for funding your account at the start, so you won’t have to provide proof of identity or any other means of verification.

Here are some steps for withdrawing money from your casino account:

  1. Go to the casino’s cashier page and request a withdrawal.
  2. Enter the amount of money you will withdraw from your account. Make sure whatever you request is higher than the minimum withdrawal amount.
  3. The withdrawal process should be free to manage, but the casino will again display any applicable fee for processing your money back to your bank account. Review the fee beforehand to ensure you’re sending the desired amount of money to your account. Again, you’re more likely to pay a fee if the withdrawal amount is too small.
  4. Provide the necessary banking information surrounding the account where the money will go.
  5. Confirm the transaction and the online casino will then process the payment.
  6. You may still have to verify your account and identity with your bank before you can collect your money. Whether this is necessary will vary by bank and transaction.

There may be limits to how much money you can withdraw at a time. Check the terms at your casino to see how much you can transfer at once. Some casinos allow exceptions in cases where you win a major jackpot on a game.

The timing for when your funds will go back to your bank account will also vary by bank. In most situations, it can take about three to five business days for your funds to appear in your bank account.

Is it safe to use Instant Bank Transfers at online casinos?

Bank transfer deposits as well as withdrawals are safe to use at New Zealand online casinos. All of the online casino sites that are on our list have been checked and they all live up to the security measures.

All of them are licensed by international gambling authorities and when you initiate a deposit or withdrawal then your personal and financial data is secure and encrypted.

Why Use Bank Transfers at Online Casinos?

Bank transfers are very easy and are the most preferred payment option among Kiwis by 71%. It has one of the conveniences that many if not almost 99% of the online casino sites out there support bank transfers.

Unfortunately, not all of them accept instant bank transfers, so you would have to choose one from our list to be certain of this.

You would want your bank transfer to be instant because then your casino funds will be available at once.

Likewise, when you have made winnings and wish to withdraw the money to your bank account, then that will as well be instant unless the casino has some processing time, which would be individual for each casino.

Pros & Cons of Instant Bank Transfer Casinos

As with all other payment methods, instant bank transfers also come with their advantages and disadvantages. Here we have listed the main ones.


  • You don't have to charge anything to your credit card.
  • Most of the major banks in NZ support this deposit method.
  • You can qualify for various casino bonuses.
  • You can select only the funds you want to transfer at any time.
  • Your funds will be available right after you complete your deposit.
  • There's no need to worry about currency exchanges, as your funds will still appear on your casino account as New Zealand dollars.


  • It takes a few business days for your transfer to go through in some cases, mainly if verification is necessary.
  • Most online casinos will require further verification details to confirm you're the person completing the transfer.
  • Transfer fees may apply for some transactions, but that varies by bank and how much you're trying to deposit.
  • You won't be able to get your money back after completing a transaction.

Limits, fees and costs associated with Bank Transfers

Deposit and withdrawal limits can vary from each online casino. The same goes for payment methods in this case depending on which bank the user has.

You are also asked by many online casinos to input a monthly deposit limit, so they live up to responsible gambling policies.

Fees and costs related to the deposit and withdrawal depend on the policies of the bank. It can vary from bank to bank since there can processing fees especially when doing wire transfers.

Is there a deposit limit and what are the fees?

You may be limited to casino deposits at a bank transfer online casino. First, you’ll have to review how much money you’ll deposit at the start.

You may have to deposit at least $10 to $20 when you open your casino account. You can check the terms of whatever casino bonuses are available to see what’s open.

The average deposit limit for a wire transfer is $20,000. The limit will vary by casino site, but the rule is necessary for ensuring the security of the transaction.

Deposit limits are critical for preventing money laundering. Money laundering occurs when money gathered through dirty or illegal means is placed into a financial system and is transferred to another place where the funds can be stored, allowing it to work for things like online gambling.

NZ wire transfer casinos are working hard to keep money laundering from being a threat. Many of these venues limit how much someone can deposit at a time is one part of what these venues are doing to keep it in check.

NZ banks can also review how your funds entered your account and confirm that what you are sending is legitimate. The NZ banking system always works to ensure all transactions are valid.

Is there a withdrawal limit and what are the fees?

Withdrawal limits will also apply when you take out your funds. You’ll have to withdraw at least $20 from your account in most places, but some casinos may have minimums as high as $100.

Many New Zealand online casinos have unlimited cashout totals where you can take as much money from your online account as you wish. But some banks may limit how much you can transfer in one day, so check with your banking provider to see what limits may work here.

Some online casinos like VegaDream also have a maximum withdrawal amount per week of 5,000 EUR and a monthly limit of 20,000 EUR, so you would have to read the terms and conditions for the casino that you decide to play at.

Other Limits and Fees

There are no other limits and fees but it’s worth mentioning that the limits and fees can vary depending on if the online casino accepts bank transfers, wire transfers, instant transfers, or direct transfers. It’s recommended that you make sure to pick the right payment method and that you know what limits and fees can occur depending on your bank.

instant bank transfer casinos

Features and Apps

When choosing to deposit and withdraw with bank transfers you can enjoy a lot of features. By having a bank account in one of the supported New Zealand banks you’ll probably also have an app for that bank. If you then find an online casino on our list that also has an app, then you’ll be able to do everything through apps.


One of the very good features of instant banking is that the deposits and withdrawals are instant. You should on the other hand be aware of some online casino sites that have processing time so that you would wait for them to be finished with the processing before seeing the amount on your bank account.

Mobile App

As mentioned above then all of the supported NZ banks have a mobile app that you can either download from the App Store or Google Play.

Some of the NZ online casino sites displayed on our list also have mobile apps. You would also be able to download those apps from either the App Store or Google Play.

When doing deposits and withdrawals you would then be able to do everything between apps.

How to Sign Up for Instant Bank Transfers

Luckily for you, there is no need for signing up before you can benefit from instant bank transfers. It all depends on if you are a customer of one of the supported New Zealand banks, that supports instant bank transfer options. You simply have to choose your NZ bank when initiating a deposit or withdrawal at your chosen casino.


You can’t really get around the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy presented to you when trying to register at an online casino. Therefore, it’s a good idea to give all the information that the online casino may need since it would be very unfortunate if you would have to get this process checked through before being able to withdraw your winnings.

You’ll need a photo ID, which could be your passport or driver’s license, and proof of address. It’s very simple and shouldn’t take long.

How do we rate the Best Bank Transfer Casinos

When creating our lists we look at which of the best online casinos in New Zealand, that supports this bank transfer casino method.

In addition to this, we compare them by their casino bonuses, selection of casino games, fast payouts, minimum deposit, and wagering requirements.

Then the fast bank transfer casino will be given a review rating that our list is sorted by.

Bank Transfer Casino Bonus Promotions

The usual welcome bonuses and other rewards are available at bank transfer online casinos.

These bonuses include offers like these:

Some instant bank transfer casinos also offer no deposit bonuses you can use before completing your first deposit. You don’t have to provide a bank account number or other personal details when collecting one of these bonuses.

There may be deposit limits and other rules for whatever bonuses are available through these websites. Check your casino website of interest for details on what’s open.

Some bonuses on a site may also be for specific deposit forms, including ones for people who use cryptocurrencies to fund their accounts. Be sure whatever bonus you use can work with your preferred payment method before depositing your funds.

Yes, absolutely! A lot of NZ banks offer money transfers to be instant. Likewise, a lot of the casinos support it, so players have more to choose from and not just bank wire transfers and eWallets. Since there are a lot of casinos out there that are not licensed we highly advise you to pick one of the bank transfer casino sites on our list.

Do banks disclose information to the tax authorities?

Banks in New Zealand have no reason to disclose online banking information to the tax authorities since winnings are not taxed. You can read everything you need to know about gambling taxes in New Zealand in our guide.

Responsible Gambling

No matter what you choose as your online banking when doing bank transfer deposits it’s important to always gamble responsibly and only gamble money that you can afford to lose. You can read all about responsible gambling and gambling addiction in our guide.

NZ Banks That Support Instant Bank Transfers

Be sure when looking for New Zealand casinos that you find one that accepts bank transfers. The casinos on our listing are great options to explore.

These online casinos will accept bank transfers from many of New Zealand’s most prominent banks. These banks provide support for moving funds to entities in various countries. Since many of these instant banking casinos are based well outside of New Zealand, a bank that can handle international fund transfers is necessary.

You can complete an online gambling transfer with any of these banks in New Zealand:

Check the terms for how bank transfers can work through these providers before going forward with a transaction.

Don’t worry about whether these banks will handle the currency exchange process. Your funds will still be visible on your casino account in New Zealand dollars. This point works regardless of where the casino you use operates.

Alternative Payment Methods

There are a lot of alternatives to bank transfer casino payments. For deposit methods, there are quite a few you can consider before you deposit money at the casino such as:

When choosing a payment service for receiving your withdrawals it doesn’t necessarily need to be the same that you did the deposit with but can also be an electronic funds transfer with eWallets such as:

When comparing eWallets to bank transfer payments, then there are some differences when you transfer funds. The eWallet you can fill with a chosen amount so that you more easily can determine the amount you decide to play for at an online gambling site. You’ll get a better overview of the amount you have played for so your casino transactions won’t get mixed with all of your other expenses.


Our team finds that instant bank transfer casinos in New Zealand are convenient for making it easier for people to handle their casino payments. You can get your money out to your account in a little time through an instant bank transfer, plus you can withdraw your funds back to your bank account at any moment.

It’s also free to complete a bank transfer if you have enough money.

Be sure when looking at these casinos that you find a place that fits your interests. Look at whatever games are available and what bonuses are open to players who use a wire bank transfer.

Don’t forget about the terms surrounding your deposit process and how much it might cost to complete a transaction in some situations. Any place that makes withdrawing your funds easy to handle is also worthwhile.

Our team can help you find the best gambling site where you can complete a wire bank transfer. Look at our list of casinos that support this payment method today. The odds are you’ll find a spot that is interesting to you.


Instant Bank Transfers FAQ

How do I pay with a bank transfer?

To pay with a bank transfer, select that option from the cashier station at your online casino. Provide the necessary banking information and the amount you want to send to your account.

Is it safe to pay with an instant bank transfer?

You can fund your account with an instant bank transfer without worrying about losing your details. Banks in New Zealand have strict security standards for sending funds to other parties.
A bank will check the money you're transferring and send it to the bank, which will verify it is clean money and not funds acquired through laundering.

Is a live casino available with a bank transfer deposit?

You can use the funds from your money transfer on any game available at an online casino, including live casino games.

How long does it take for the casino to receive the money?

Your money should be made available to your account instantly, although it may take a bit of time if you have to verify your information first.

Are there any fees and limits on your transfer?

You will not be subject to transfer fees, but check the terms of the casino you contact and your bank for details on any possible rules. You're more likely to pay a fee if the total is small enough. There are also limits to how much you can transfer to a casino at a time, plus you might be restricted in how much you can send to a bank account at a moment when withdrawing funds. Each casino and bank should provide details on what limits work, so check their terms first.

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