Football Betting Tips

Football Betting Tips
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If you’re looking for football betting tips, you’ve come to the right place! At CasinoCrawlers, our expert team has compiled top football betting tips for you!

Whether you’re a football fan or new to the world of soccer in New Zealand, we’re here to help. In this article, you’ll find the best football betting tips for betting like a pro in no time. We’ll outline some of the most popular football bets you can make, including wagers that can be easier to secure a win.

Let’s start by explaining what football betting is….

What is Football Betting?

Football betting refers to placing a wager on a football match. Because there are so many football markets available worldwide, such as the Premier League, European Leagues, Champions League, World Cup and more, there are plenty of opportunities to bet on the world’s most popular game. And there is a heap of different bet types available, from picking an outright win to predicting who will kick the first goal.

Although rugby is still the most dominant sport in New Zealand, football, otherwise known as soccer, is gaining popularity. The game is currently ranked fourth in nationality popularity, with the capacity to fill a stadium. Given the success of the recent Women’s World Cup, it’s fair to say that football fever took over New Zealand, which is likely to have a knock-on effect on the sport’s popularity.

How to Find Value When Placing Football Bets

Like any form of sports betting, football betting can be unpredictable. This is why it’s so important to understand the game before placing a bet. If you’re new to football, you might want to stick to simpler bets with less risk, such as match bets or goalscorer markets.

Placing a bet on a familiar market can also help to reduce the risks of losing money because you’re using your research and knowledge to make an informed bet.

There are also plenty of statistics available online for free to build your understanding of different markets. For example, if you’re a regular spectator of the Premier League, we recommend you stick to placing bets in this market.

Once you’re comfortable, branch out to other markets after you’ve had a chance to watch more matches and understand which teams will likely win.

Our Top Football Betting Tips

At CasinoCrawlers, our expert team have spent years reviewing and assessing the top sports sites and understands the ins and outs of football betting.

Here are some top football betting tips and strategies to improve your chances of winning when placing a football bet.

1️⃣ Learn from the Industry Experts

Professional punters and expert tipsters spend a lot of time researching the market, and plenty offer their insights and free football betting tips online.

By following their guidance and advice, you can not only learn a lot about football betting but also make more informed bets. Which will help to boost your chances of winning. Even better, you’ll save hours doing your own research. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the game!

2️⃣ Shop Around for the Best Deal

In our experience, it pays to shop around bookmakers to find the best football betting odds and deals. And it also pays to change bookmakers often. To save you time, our team of experts have compiled a list of some of the best football betting sites in New Zealand.

For example, Casumo is a well-established online casino that offers sports betting for New Zealand customers. It features generous welcome bonuses, which are well worth checking out.

Many top sites update their website frequently, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out and visit different bookmakers regularly to get the best value for your football bets. Some bookmakers offer different odds in the lead-up or during a football game. Sometimes, there can be big differences between the odds offered at sports betting sites, which is why it can pay to shop around.

For example, some sites might offer a price boost, which is when they boost the odds on certain games and are higher than you’ll get at another bookmaker. These are great options to get more value for your bet, giving you the chance to get a higher return from your wager.

3️⃣ Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions

While it can be easier to have a single account with one bookmaker, loyalty doesn’t win you any reward when it comes to online sports betting. Bookies will regularly offer new and exciting bonuses and promotions to new customers, such as free bets or enhanced odds when you open a new account.

For example, BitDreams is a relatively new casino that will give you a cash bonus when you sign up. They’ve also got an extensive gaming portfolio if you’re looking to play casino games as well as sports betting.

One strategy you can use if you’ve got yourself some free bets from a bookie is matched betting. This is when you place two opposing bets – one for a win and the other for a loss. So you’re covering all outcomes of a football match. You can use your free bet for one bet and place a bet with your own money to get a guaranteed win without risk.

Football is a great sport for placing matched bets because there are so many markets and opportunities to make a bet.

4️⃣ Study the Game

In our experience, there is no better way of making a smart bet than knowing football inside out. Learning about every detail of the team you’re betting on, their opponent, and even individual players’ statistics can make a difference in how you choose to bet.

For example, study the current form of the team, recent results, injuries and team selections. These can give you insights into how likely it is for one team to win over another and if any external factors are likely to impact the game’s outcome.

Based on our expertise, we encourage all our readers to watch as much of the sport they’re betting on. If you’re looking to make a profit with your football betting, one of the best football betting tips is to know everything you can about the sport.

As well as watching matches, ensure you’re keeping up with the latest football team news. For example, keeping an eye on transfers in the top leagues and other football predictions ahead of a new season.

5️⃣ Stay Impartial

Based on our years of experience, one of the best betting tips is to stay impartial. For example, if you’re a massive Coventry City fan and they’re playing West Bromwich Albion, but are out of form, don’t make a wager. You’re betting with your heart, not your head, and unlikely to end up with a win.

Avoid placing any bets based on your emotions. We recommend to try to avoid betting on a team you support unless your research suggests you should, so it doesn’t cloud your judgement.

6️⃣ Establish a Betting Record

Setting up a betting record helps you to analyse your bets in the future. Take a record of the bets you win and lose, how much you bet, your overall profit and loss, and which bookies you’re using for each bet.

By checking your record over time, you can get a good understanding of which bets are more successful and whether your football betting strategy is working for you.

7️⃣ Take the Small Wins

Even if you’re not winning big, remember that small wins are a sign your football strategy is working. While you may be tempted to chase the big wins, remember that higher stakes come with higher risk.

If you want to take some risks, consider shopping around for free bets and look for competitions that offer decent odds.

8️⃣ Gamble Responsibly

Whether you’re picking the correct score in an upcoming Champions League match or betting on the first goal scorer in a lesser-known league, gambling should be fun. You should only ever bet within your means and spend money you have (not money that’s set aside for essentials like rent or food shopping).

If you think your gambling is getting out of control, make sure you get help. There are plenty of resources in New Zealand that support punters and promote responsible gambling, including the Problem Gambling Foundation.

There are plenty of sites available that host popular football tips for upcoming games. The most common tips you’ll find from the experts are for the big league games, such as the Premier League, European Leagues or Champions League matches.

These sites will give you their football predictions to help you make a decision about which teams you’ll bet on, the type of bet and how much to wager.

Many sites specialise in weekend or Saturday football tips, including football accumulator tips which let you place a bet on many different games and teams. Also known as accas, the odds for these types of bets will vary between each football match and sports betting site.

To win, you’ll need all your bets to come off.

Easiest Football Bets to Win

Based on our experience, there are no guarantees in betting. But there are some bets that make it slightly easier to win than other types of bets when it comes to football. They carry lower odds, so your wins won’t be huge, but they can be more likely to win.

  • Over/Under: This type of bet is when you predict goals over or under what the bookmaker lists. For example, a bookmaker lists different odds for more than two goals in a match compared to the odds for the total goals to be under two.
  • Double chance: This allows you to bet on two different outcomes, giving you a double chance of winning. For example, predicting both teams will win, the home team winning and a draw, or the away team winning and a draw.
  • Draw no bet: This is when you pick either side to win. But if the game ends in a draw, your bet is refunded.
  • Both teams to score: This allows you to bet on whether or not you think both teams will score during the match.

How to Bet on Football

Each week, there are countless professional football matches taking place around the world, giving Kiwi punters a huge range of odds and opportunities to place a bet. Here are the basic steps for placing a bet on a football match at a sports betting site.

Study the odds

In any type of sports betting, you must first learn how odds work. Anything that you can place a wager on comes with odds attached to it.

Minus odds have a higher probability of winning. For example, -100, -400, and -1000 indicate how much you need to wager to earn $100 profit ($100, $400 and $1,000).

Plus-odds (+200, +350, +900) are used when you’re placing a wager on the underdog. That means they’re less likely to happen. So you’ll need to bet $100 to earn that amount in profit ($200, $350 and $900).

Choose a Betting Strategy

If you want to understand how to bet on football and make it worthwhile, you’ll need to figure out which betting strategy is right for you – and stick to it consistently.

There are plenty of betting strategies you can choose from, depending on your risk appetite and personal preference.

Some examples of football betting strategies include betting on the underdog sparingly, seeking out alternate bets and markets when the odds aren’t favourable and choosing live betting to take advantage of watching the game to make a more informed bet based on the team’s performance.

Find a Sports Betting Site

Our industry experts at Casinocrawlers have compiled a list of some of the best sports betting sites available for betting on football. Take a look around to make sure it covers your football market, and when you’re ready, set up an account.

Once your account is verified, and you’ve made your first deposit, you can place your bet. Head to the football betting section of the site to check out which markets are available and place your bet!

Football Betting Tips – Conclusion

Whether you’re looking to bet on the All-Whites or one of the biggest teams in the world, learning some football tips for wagering is a smart bet.

There are plenty of sports betting sites in New Zealand available to choose from, where you can benefit from various bonuses and promotions. By following our football tips, you can work out the right betting strategy and make your predictions.

Always play at a licensed and reputable site to stay protected when you gamble online. Our team of experts only ever recommend sites that you can trust.


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Football Betting Tips FAQ

How Can I Bet on Football to Guarantee a Win?

Like any type of gambling, there isn't a guaranteed way to win when betting on football. You need to consider a huge number of factors before placing your bet to try to make an accurate prediction.

Unlike other types of gambling, there's more skill required with sports betting.

But football is unpredictable, which is why it offers so much excitement when taking a punt! Remember, though, there's no such thing as a guaranteed bet when it comes to football betting.

What is the best football prediction site?

There are plenty of online prediction sites available to explore that feature expert pundits sharing more football tips.

Some popular sites in the UK include The Telegraph's Bet of the Day, which gives lots of helpful information about the odds of different matches that you can use to analyse the market and make your predictions.

Depending on which markets you want to bet on, do some research and look for reputable sites (like news sites) that offer plenty of experience and insights.

What Is The Best Option to Bet on Football?

Like any form of sports betting, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to betting on football.

Based on our experience, we recommend you study the odds and the form of the league or tournament you're betting on before making predictions.

Reading through the football betting tips in this guide can help you to get started.

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