The Roulette Parlay Betting System: What It Is, How It Works & When To Use It

The Roulette Parlay Betting System: What It Is How It Works & When To Use It
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Is Lady Luck ruling the roost at the roulette table? The Parlay Betting System in Roulette can tip the scales in your favour and knock Lady Luck off her high horse, once and for all.

As experts in online casinos, we understand the insatiable thirst to beat the house edge and walk away a winner. In this guide, we delve into the Parlay Betting System, a potential game-changer for players at any experience level.

With our personal and expert insights, we’re here to unlock the mechanics, provide step-by-step guidance, and weigh the pros and cons. We have tested it against other betting systems for roulette and are here to share what we found, and all the insider tips.

Get ready to elevate your game!

What Is The Parlay Betting System?

The Parlay betting strategy is one of the most popular roulette betting systems worldwide. Kiwis love this progressive betting strategy because players use their winnings instead of their funds to place bets. The Parlay betting system is like riding a wave in Roulette, making it an easygoing strategy perfect for players who don’t want to take big risks.

You start with a bet, and if you win, you don’t cash out. Nope, you take your original bet and your winnings and throw it all back in for the next spin. This is commonly referred to as “Let it Ride”. The idea is to ride that winning streak and keep doubling your bet with each win.

But, and there’s always a but, if you lose a round, you gotta go back to your first bet. It’s like a reset button. So, it’s a bit of a gamble – if you’re on fire, you’re making bank, but if luck turns its back on you, you could lose more than you bargained for.

paroli betting system

The Parlay Betting System: How Does It Work?

The game of roulette has been a casino staple for the last two and half centuries, and for two and half centuries we have been cooking up ways to beat the house.

The Parlay Betting System in roulette is celebrated for its simplicity and appeal. Players using this strategy capitalise on winning streaks by letting their profits ride.

The mechanics are straightforward – if a bet is won, it’s rolled into the next round; if lost, the player reverts to their initial wager. This user-friendly approach contributes to the popularity of the Parlay betting system among those seeking an uncomplicated yet potentially rewarding betting strategy when playing roulette.

Parlay Betting System In Action

1 10 WIN 10
2 20 WIN 30
4 40 WIN 120
5 120 WIN 240
6 240 LOSS 0
7 10 LOSS -10
8 10 WIN 0
9 20 WIN 20
10 40 WIN 60
11 80 WIN 140
12 160 WIN 300

Pros and Cons

By now you might be thinking, what's the catch? Well, like all betting systems for roulette, The parlay betting system comes with advantages and disadvantages. There is no one size fits all, so we recommend you weigh up these pros and cons before deciding if it's right for you.


  • Safe and Easy to Learn
  • Rewards winning streaks
  • Flexible betting for inside and outside bets
  • Uses winnings to place bets
  • Great for short-term wins


  • Risk of losing streaks
  • Requires discipline for success
  • Not foolproof, relies on luck
  • Potential for losing accumulated winnings

Getting Started With The Parlay Betting Strategy

Alright, roulette enthusiasts, let’s dive into the Parlay strategy playbook.

Setting Betting Parameters

Start by choosing your initial bet size – you know, the Goldilocks amount that feels just right for your gambling session. The pros recommend keeping it under 5% of your bankroll.

Sneaky tip: use the minimum table limit as your base bet to play it smart and avoid those pesky maximum limits.

Setting A Profit Target

Now, picture this: You’re on a winning streak, life’s good, and that bankroll is looking mighty fine. But hold up! Set a profit target – the sweet spot where you say, “I’m taking this home.” Once you hit that goal, pocket those winnings, reset the gears, and start the Parlay fun all over again. Remember, the Parlay system is like a sprint, not a marathon.

Don’t push your luck too far, or that sneaky house edge might catch up. Just like the Paroli strategy, where three wins mean it’s time to cash in and strut away a winner.

7 Steps to Parlay Roulette Success

  1. Basic Betting Unit and Profit Target: Begin by deciding your basic betting unit, let’s say $10, and set a profit target, e.g., $300. This limit gives you a hard stopping point to collect your winnings and avoid draining your bankroll.
  2. Initial Bet Start with flat even-money bets, like betting $10 on Black. We always suggest outside best for best odds.
  3. Doubling After a Win If you win, double your stake for the next bet. For instance, if your $10 bet on Black succeeds, your next bet will be $20 on Black.
  4. Reverting After a Loss If you lose a round, revert to the initial betting unit. Suppose your $20 bet on Black loses; your next bet goes back to $10.
  5. Play till You Hit Your Profit Target Continue doubling after wins until you reach your set win limit of $300.
  6. Locking in Profits Once you hit the win limit, collect your winnings. If luck turns, and you experience a losing streak, go back to your initial betting unit.
  7. Discipline and Decision-Making Exercise discipline in sticking to the plan. Even if the Parlay roulette strategy isn’t foolproof, it offers a methodical way to maximise wins without taking excessive risks.

Insider Tips to Optimise The Parlay Betting System

Unlock the secrets to mastering the Parlay Betting System with these insider tips. Elevate your roulette game with effective strategies, risk mitigation techniques, and savvy bankroll management.

As your trusted casino guides, we’re here to ensure you make the most of the Parlay roulette strategy for maximum gains.

  1. Set Realistic Profit Targets: Define achievable win targets and stick to them. Celebrate small victories, and avoid the temptation to chase unrealistically high goals. We recommend stopping after 4 or 5 wins to avoid a catastrophic end to a winning streak.
  2. Discipline is Key: Stay disciplined in your betting approach. Adhere to the step-by-step progression of the Parlay system, and don’t let emotions drive your decisions.
  3. Know When to Stop: If you reach your predetermined win limit, consider it a success. Have the discipline to lock in your profits and avoid unnecessary risks.
  4. Understand Table Limits: Familiarise yourself with the table limits. Choose a table that aligns with your budget and allows for the Parlay system’s progression.

Play it Smart: Techniques to Reduce Risk and Boost Your Parlay Game

  • Splitting Losses: In the face of a losing streak, consider splitting your sequence into smaller ones. or perhaps only letting half your winnings ride on the next bet. This technique helps manage losses more effectively.
  • Loss Limits: Set a loss limit before you begin. Knowing when to stop and reassess prevents significant depletions of your bankroll during challenging sessions.

The Art of Bankroll Management in Parlay Betting

  • Allocate a Dedicated Bankroll: Designate a specific bankroll for your Parlay betting adventures. This ensures that you’re playing roulette within your means and mitigating potential losses.
  • Consider Bet Sizing: Adjust your initial betting unit based on your overall bankroll. This helps maintain consistency and prevents overextending in unfavourable situations.

Odds of Winning Using the Parlay Betting System

Basic Roulette Odds

When it comes to roulette odds, your chances are quite favourable. In European roulette, which boasts the best odds, the house edge stands at just 2.64%. This figure represents the average frequency of a player losing on a single bet.

Increasing Your Odds With The Parlay Betting System

No betting strategy, including the Parlay system, can alter the fundamental odds of winning in roulette. According to research from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, The outcome of each spin is purely based on chance, and past results do not influence future ones.

The Parlay system may provide a method for managing bets and maximising profits during winning streaks, but it does not change the inherent odds of the game.

Luck still rules the game. Each spin is like a separate event, so winning or losing three times in a row is equally likely. You’ve got a roughly 50-50 chance on each spin.

The goal is to boost your wins during lucky streaks. Even if you hit a losing streak, you only lose your base bet each time. While it doesn’t promise surefire wins, the Parlay strategy makes sense—it’s all about making the most of good luck. Just play it safe to enjoy the ride!

Here is one trick we have up our sleeves to increase your odds a tad…

Outside Bets

When it comes to all betting systems in roulette, always go for outside bets—they’re a smart move. Pick red or black, odd or even, and you’ve got almost a 50-50 shot at winning. Sure, the payouts aren’t as big as the fancy inside bets, but it’s like playing it safe.

Think of it as a steady start to the roulette adventure. Outside bets are like your backup plan, making it easier for you to catch some wins and get the hang of the game without going all in.

Comparing Parlay to Other Roulette Strategies

We have been testing the most popular roulette betting systems for a while now, and making it our business to be experts in the the nuances of systems like Parlay, Martingale betting systemD’alembert strategyLabouchere, and Fibonacci betting system.

The biggest difference between the Parlay strategy and other roulette strategies is that players use their winnings instead of their funds to place bets. It’s unique because it is designed to reward winning streaks.

Let’s compare these strategies in risk level, what kind of player they suit best, flexibility, and long-term viability to beat the odds.

Roulette Strategy Risk Level Player Suitability Flexibility Long-Term Viability
Parlay Moderate Intermediate to Advanced High Depends on Winning Streaks
Martingale High Risk-Tolerant Low Limited by Budget
D’Alambert Moderate Intermediate Moderate Balanced Progression
Labouchere Moderate Intermediate to Advanced High Adaptable Strategy
Fibonacci Moderate Intermediate Moderate Balanced Progression

Overall Winners in Each Category:

  • Risk Level: Parlay Betting System.
  • Flexibility: Parlay Betting System.
  • Long-Term Viability: Parlay Betting System.

In the grand roulette strategy showdown, the Parlay Betting System emerges as the versatile champion, balancing risk, maximising winning streaks, offering strategic flexibility, and showcasing long-term viability.

Other Casino Games That Use the Parlay Betting System

Ready to amplify your victories in the thrilling world of casino games? The Parlay strategy emerges as your key ally, creating a seamless partnership with any even-money casino game.

Whether you’re diving into Blackjack, Baccarat, Sports Betting, or Craps, Parlay brings a strategic edge to your gameplay.

As a golden rule, seek out casino games with high Return to Player (RTP) rates to maximise your success with the dynamic Parlay strategy.

Here are a few of our Favourites:


For beginners stepping into Blackjack, the Parlay strategy acts as a guiding light. Its straightforward approach maximises wins and favourable streaks, making it a perfect match for those new to the card game. With simplicity and strategic finesse, Parlay transforms Blackjack into a calculated pursuit, perfect for beginners seeking a solid foundation.


In the realm of Baccarat, the Parlay strategy stands out with its disciplined methodology. Ideal for beginners navigating the dynamic nature of Baccarat, Parlay adds structure to bets. With a seamless blend of simplicity and strategy, this approach transforms Baccarat into an accessible yet strategic casino game, tailored for newcomers.


For beginners rolling the dice in Craps, the Parlay roulette system brings a calculated edge to the game. Adding structure to bets, Parlay turns this dice-based adventure into a strategic pursuit. With simplicity and a measured approach, beginners can confidently explore the dynamic world of Craps, making each roll a calculated move towards success.

Sports Betting

Venturing into Sports Betting? The Parlay roulette system takes beginners under its wing, offering a progressive approach to multiple wagers. Its step-by-step method enhances the thrill of each game, making Sports Betting an exciting journey for newcomers. With Parlay, beginners can navigate the diverse world of sports wagers with confidence and strategic prowess.

The Bottom Line

We’ve unravelled the strategic layers that the parlay roulette strategy adds to your gameplay. From riding winning streaks to setting profit targets, Parlay offers a dynamic experience. Remember, while it doesn’t guarantee wins, it adds a strategic flair to the game.

Our recommendation? Embrace the Parlay roulette strategy strategy cautiously, setting profit targets and enjoying the thrill of strategic play.

Roulette becomes an exciting venture when approached with a blend of luck and strategy. As you spin the wheel, may the Parlay strategy be your trusted companion in transforming each game into a calculated triumph!


Parlay Betting System FAQ

Is the Parlay Betting System exclusive to roulette?

While it's most commonly associated with roulette, the Parlay strategy can be adapted to other casino games, especially those with even-money bets.

Can the Parlay strategy be used in both European and American roulette?

Yes, the Parlay Betting System applies to both European and American roulette, although the lower house edge in European roulette is often preferred for strategic play.

How do I know if the Parlay strategy is right for my roulette style?

Experiment with the Parlay strategy in smaller sessions to gauge its compatibility with your play style. Personalize the approach based on your comfort level and experience.

Is the Parlay strategy suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Parlay Betting System is beginner-friendly. Its straightforward mechanics and the "Let it Ride" approach make it accessible for those new to roulette strategies.

What are the potential advantages of using the Parlay strategy?

The Parlay strategy is celebrated for its simplicity and potential profitability during winning streaks. It provides a structured approach to betting in roulette.

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