How To Become a Casino Streamer

How To Become a Casino Streamer
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Are you interested in learning how to become a casino streamer? Then you’ve come to the right place. This article explains what a casino streamer is and highlights different ways to earn money. Discover what software and hardware you need and the right platforms for online casino streaming. These insights can help you become a successful casino streamer and compete with some of the biggest casino streamers!

What is a casino streamer?

Casino streamers use live streaming services, like YouTube Live, Instagram, Facebook Live or Twitch, to broadcast themselves. They discuss and play various casino games, including Poker, Live Casino, Online Slots, Pokies and more.

Casino streaming is usually done by experienced players who want to share their knowledge. They help their audience to play casino games online. Often, an online casino streamer will interact live with their viewers, who can ask questions or comment during gameplay.

In addition to playing casino games live, casino and slots streamers discuss game mechanics. They provide insights into match history and talk about new games. Some may also provide updates for older casino games. Many Twitch and YouTube casino streamers have made successful careers playing casino games online.

Making money as a streamer

A casino streamer will often become a partner or join an affiliate program with an NZ online casino. For example, playing games at specific online casino sites. They can also test a new game (sometimes before it’s gone live to give audiences a sneak peek). Some place a casino’s logo in their streaming video.

By using various streaming sites and strategies, online casino streamers can earn money through casino streaming in several ways.

Affiliate programs within the casino industry

One of the most profitable ways online casino streamers can earn money is through affiliate partnerships with game providers and game developers. Within affiliate programs, streamers start streaming live from a casino website. They share unique links to a specific gambling platform.

Affiliate programs benefit both casinos and streamers. For a casino, they generate traffic to the online casino – from a viewer that’s already interested in gambling. While the streamer earns money for each click. Affiliate programs suit online casino streamers with small and large audiences. For example, some casinos may prefer to partner with small Twitch casino streamers with only a small audience. They’re potentially cheaper than large influencers, who can demand more money to promote casinos.

There are typically two different models of affiliate partnership:

  • Click per action (CPA): The casino pays the streamer based on the viewer completing a specific target action on the casino website. Earnings depend on how many followers a streamer has and the volume of views they generate. A streamer can earn a fixed sum of between $10 and $100 per action.
  • Revenue share: A live streamer is paid a fixed percentage based on the gambling profits made for the casino. Again, this percentage can vary depending on the affiliate program. Percentages can start at 20% and be up to 60% for a successful streamer.

Donations from followers

Successful casino streamers with an established and trusted group of followers may receive donations to their stream. This can provide streamers with an additional income source.

Donations are more typical with streamers who offer regular and engaging content. In addition to allowing donations via some platforms, streamers can also use PayPal as a donation platform. And, of course, streamers could choose to play at PayPal online casinos to keep everything in the same ecosystem.

Advertising revenue

Many online casino streaming services run advertisements before broadcasts. For each ad they run, the streamer typically receives a small amount of generated revenue. For example, they can earn between $2 to $10 per 1,000 views. The amount usually depends on demand. But it can be useful for streamers to boost their regular income.

Another advertising opportunity to help streamers make more money is monetising their streams. They can do this on different platforms, using pre-roll ads and ad breaks.

  • Pre-rolls: ads that play when a viewer selects the stream before they watch.
  • Ad breaks: ads that roll during the live stream.

Both of these ad types are useful ways to supplement a streamer’s income. Particularly once they establish themselves on their chosen channel and have a good level of engagement with their viewers.

Paid subscriptions

Some platforms offer subscription services, where viewers can subscribe to a streamer’s content by paying a fee. The fee is usually a one-off fee or, more typically, a recurring fee. Subscribers, or subs, get access to benefits defined by the online streamer. Streamers usually provide featured or exclusive content for their prime subscribers. provides a subscription service that offers a generous 50% of the profits to streamers. To access this, streamers must sign up for the Twitch Partner Program.

A casino streamer using Twitch as their primary focus platform can earn around $500 monthly with between 100 and 200 subscribers. They’ll make more money the more viewers subscribe.

Entering competitions

Different casino sites will regularly offer competitions to slot streamers and casino streamers on particular games. These competitions offer streamers the chance to win virtual cash or prizes.

Collaborating with casino operators

Streamers can work with casino operators for one-off campaigns or longer-term partnerships. They operate as brand ambassadors for game providers. There are usually two types of brand sponsorship available with a game provider:

  • Product sponsorships: streamers work with online casinos or game developers to advertise a specific product, like slots.
  • Tournament sponsorships: streamers benefit from competing in tournaments that offer prizes. Tournaments are hosted by online casinos and attract some of the biggest casino streamers.

Selling merchandise

Streamers with a successful following from casino streaming can generate income by selling unique merchandise. They can do this via multiple platforms, depending on which ones are most popular with their audience. For example, YouTube, Twitch or Facebook.

How much can you earn as a casino streamer?

How much you can earn depends on various factors, such as:

  • corporate involvement
  • if you’re a great streamer with a big following
  • the number of paid subscribers you have
  • whether you display ads
  • if you’re part of an affiliate program
  • if you receive any donations

Many streamers, particularly those with a Twitch partner, can earn a large bankroll. Some streamers make between $10,000 to $50,000 per month! A typical monthly earning is more likely to be between $1,000 to $5,000.

Independent streaming professional broadcasters who use business-oriented affiliates with an advertising platform can earn around $3,000 monthly. This is through subscribers only. But expect to put in a lot of work (upwards of 40 hours per week).

What you need to become a casino streamer

Discovering how to become a casino streamer is easy! You don’t need to buy expensive equipment to be successful, especially when you’re just starting out. You’ll need a PC, microphone, camera and a decent internet connection. Once you’re established, you can invest in upgrades to continue to build your following.

Choose your niche

When you’re starting out, choose your niche carefully. Think about the specific type of online casino games you want to cover. This will help you create content that’s relevant to generate many viewers and a highly engaged audience.

Create an account

Choose your preferred platform and create your account.

Download software

To stream high-quality video content, you’ll need the right software. Consider Open Broadcaster Software, which is free and easy to access if you have a Twitch account. If you’re looking to stream across multiple platforms, another good option is Restream.

Get your hardware

Check your equipment meets the requirements for your streaming software and platform. You’ll need a strong CPU and stable internet upload speed.

You can choose to lower your video frame settings. But it’s a better option to have an upload speed of around 5Mbt/s, so you can easily stream 720p at a high quality. Check for any technical difficulties and test everything before you get started.

Use a camera

Although you can stream without using a camera, if you want to play in the big league, you’ll make more of an impact using a webcam. That’s because viewers usually like to connect with their streamer.

A simple webcam is all you need. Practice talking or recording yourself to see how you come across before you start.

Don’t forget your microphone

To make a good impression, get a dedicated USB microphone when you start streaming. While you can opt for a headset, a microphone is a much better investment long term. Particularly if you want to stream slots regularly or talk about gambling content, gambling habits or casinos.

Choosing the right casino streaming platforms

When you’re starting out as an online casino streamer, you’ll need to consider the right streaming platform. While you can choose to use multiple platforms, having one as your primary platform can help build your following. Letting your online community know where to find you.

Currently, the most popular options with many online casino streamers include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and the Twitch platform. All offer different types of benefits, including real-time editing tools. Twitch and YouTube both pay well and are highly trusted by streamers.

Spend some time reviewing the various streaming sites available, including how to operate them. Determine which one best suits your needs, skill set and software capabilities.

Tips to help you become a casino streamer

Follow these simple tips to help you get started:

Build your community first

Online casinos are looking for exposure. They want to attract new depositing players, so build up your community before approaching any casinos. Start by streaming deposit bonus sessions to build your followers. Aim for around 200 to 300 followers before contacting casinos.

Consider which casinos are right for you

When you’re just starting out, look for smaller (but reputable) casinos. They’re likely to be more open to new streamers. The larger casinos may already have existing partnerships with streamers that have significant community engagement levels. Which can make it more difficult to break into, at least initially. Be strategic in your approach to help find the right casino for you.

Be honest

If you want to build a career streaming slots, you need to be open and transparent with your community. People are looking to you for information, guidance and advice. If you can’t withdraw your balance, don’t say you can. If you get asked a question, answer truthfully. This will help you develop a positive reputation within your community. Which will help you attract new followers and appeal to larger real-money casinos.

Know your limits

New and smaller streamers typically get deposit bonuses instead of free wagers as part of their casino partnerships. Knowing how to manage your bankroll is important to stop you from spending too much. Look for any deals that offer you a free wager.

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