Gambling Statistics & Trends 2024

Gambling Statistics & Trends 2024
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As the dice roll and cards shuffle, millions worldwide are captivated by the evolving trends and sophisticated allure of gambling. If you’re here to gain insights into global gambling statistics and trends in 2024, you’ve hit the jackpot.

From the lockdown dabblers of 2020 to the seasoned players, this article is your gateway to the real facts and sneak peek into the future of gambling in NZ and worldwide.

Join us as we break down the numbers, share insights into the online gambling industry and more.

Let the games begin!

Gambling Overview Worldwide

Hold on to your lucky charms! Worldwide gambling participation is growing faster than you can say “jackpot”! A staggering 4,792 casinos and online gambling businesses are registered to operate, showcasing a 4.3% growth compared to the previous year, and an annualized 6.1% surge from 2018 to 2022 according to IBIS World.

This thriving industry caters to billions of gamblers worldwide, spanning online platforms and various land-based establishments like casinos, bingo halls, poker rooms, cruise ships, and even Las Vegas airports. The spectrum of global gambling is vast, featuring popular forms such as sports betting, lotteries, scratch cards, casino classics (BlackjackRouletteKeno), bingo, and card games like poker.

It is estimated that around 26% of the world’s population have gambled at some point in their lives – Gambling Industry News

A staggering 26% of the world’s population has tried their hand at gambling, with approximately 4.2 billion people engaging in the excitement at least once a year. In a recent study across 44 countries, 56% of respondents admitted to gambling within the past 12 months.

Our down-under counterpart, Australia, takes the lead in gambling activity, boasting a remarkable 73% of adults who have tried their luck in the past year.

It’s a global game night, and the stakes are high – who’s feeling lucky?

Top Gambling Regions

With over 9,000 casinos worldwide, North America steals the spotlight, hosting around 3,451 gaming havens in Canada and the United States.

But wait, the real ace up the sleeve is Macau, a tiny territory with a whopping 41 casinos, claiming the title for the highest casino density per square inch… Yep, it even outranks Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps.

Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, struts its stuff with 60 major casinos, but here’s the twist – despite Vegas being three times larger than Macau, the island still wears the crown for density.

EXPERT INSIGHT : When checking global gambling stats, consider the size of a place for context. Big destinations like Las Vegas may seem to have huge losses, but it’s because they have more casinos and gambling participants as a whole.

Now, let’s explore the top 10 places for gambling revenue based on visitors to get a clearer picture.

Region Number Of Casinos
Africa 253
Asia 328
Caribbean 192
Central & South America 568
Europe 3,785
Australia and new Zealand 753
North America (US & Canada) 3,451

Which Countries Gamble the Most?

Ever wonder who the world’s high rollers are? Let’s explore which countries gamble the most and why it matters. It goes beyond curiosity – it affects travel decisions, shapes gambling strategy and innovation for providers, and shows us the impact on society and the economy in one of the world’s most exciting industries.

  1. Australia: Aussies lead the charge, dropping an average of $1,000 annually on gambling. Daily stakes? Somewhere between $54 and $71 – because who says you can’t add a dash of excitement to your day?
  2. Ireland: Luck of the Irish? Perhaps! They spend an average of $713 each year in pursuit of that elusive pot of gold.
  3. United Kingdom: From England to Northern Ireland, gamblers across the UK toss in $179 a year for their dose of betting and gaming thrills. Is it luck or strategy? You decide.
  4. United States: Americans play their cards right, investing $261 annually in lotteries and casino escapades. The question remains: is it a gamble or a sure bet?
  5. Singapore: Step into the Lion City, where the average gambler loses $725 per year. A costly game of chance or a worthy investment in a thrill?
  6. Macau: Join the elite in the gambling haven of Macau, where the top gambling revenue per visitor hits an astounding $1,354. Ready to roll the dice in style?

Data Provided by Gambling Industry News

A Closer Look At New Zealand Gambling Spend

In 2021, Statista found that New Zealanders spent a whopping $2.625 billion on the four main types of gambling, including lotteries, casino gambling, and prize/sports competitions.

This translates to an average yearly expenditure of approximately $550 per person.

Online Gambling statistics

Reports on worldwide gambling statistics estimate that 17% of gambling activities are happening online, resulting in $5.3 billion in revenue for the online market alone.

In the US, they have seen a staggering 267% increase in online gambling in the last 4 years!

Kiwis are ditching the traditional casinos for a roll of the virtual dice too. Thanks to the tech boom and speedy internet making online gambling a breeze, we are now seeing table games at land-based casinos neck and neck for overseas legal online casinos.

According to Statista, New Zealand’s online gambling market reached $1.1 billion in revenue at the end of 2023.

gambling stats

Data Provided By the Ministry of Health NZ

Gambling in New Zealand

According to the Ministry of Health NZ, 80% of Kiwis, around 3.6 million strong, try their luck in various games, with Lotto being the clear favourite. In 2013, the Kiwi gaming spirit shone bright, with players splurging over $1.3 billion on everything from gaming machines (pokies) to lotteries, sports betting, and live casinos.

Sports Betting – A Kiwi Classic

Now, let’s talk Kiwi passions – sports! New Zealanders are sports aficionados, with rugby, cricket, and netball ruling the scene. It’s no surprise that sports betting is a hot favourite among Kiwi punters, adding an extra layer of excitement to the nation’s sporting fervour.

Navigating the exciting world of gambling in New Zealand? Let’s break down the legal and regulatory in a way that’s as easy as rolling the dice!

  • Department of Internal Affairs Rules the Roost: When it comes to keeping the Kiwi gambling spirit in check, the Department of Internal Affairs takes the lead. They’re the guardians of the gambling galaxy, making sure things are fair, square, and loads of fun.
  • Gambling Through the Ages: Back in the day, when the rest of the world was still figuring out the gambling gig, New Zealand had its rules set in stone. From the 1830s, they had a grip on gambling, and by the early 1900s, they even had laws allowing bets on popular sports like horse racing. Over time, the laws went through a few spins, legalizing slot machines, lotteries, and, by the 1960s, land-based casinos.
  • Knowing the New Zealand Gambling Act: Now, here’s the online scoop. Kiwis, you’re in luck! If you’re playing on online casinos from foreign lands licensed by the likes of Curacao, Malta, or Gibraltar – it’s all good. However, under New Zealand law, having an online gambling platform within the country (except for sports betting) is a no-no. The NZ Gambling Act 2003 governs gambling activities in New Zealand, making it illegal for online casinos based in NZ but allowing access to overseas online casinos.

New Zealand Gambling Statistics

  • By 2027, New Zealand’s online gambling market will have 571,700 users.
  • In 2018, more than 13% of adults in New Zealand participated in online gambling.
  • Total revenue from casino games is projected to have a growth rate of 6.67%.
  • In 2021, 1 in 10 New Zealanders placed bets on racing or sports, indicating a popular trend.
  • Gamblers spent $332.6 million in online gambling in 2022, compared to 2014’s expenditure of only $139.3 million.

Data provided by Te Whatu Ora – Health Promotions

Why Do People Gamble?

So, get this – about 35% of the gang out there has tossed a bet on the sports field in the last year. Why, you ask? Well, here are the top reasons they’ve been placing their bets in the game of chance in the past 12 months!

  • 48% want to win money
  • 35% enjoy the excitement
  • 33% say it makes sports more interesting
  • 29% like the competition
  • 18% see it as a hobby
  • 18% want to try something new
  • 14% were encouraged by peers

Data Provided by Gambling Industry News

Discover the most beloved games and platforms that have Kiwis coming back for more.

Live Dealer Games

Immerse yourself in live dealer games for an authentic casino thrill. Kiwis love the realism, interactive play, and the chance to beat the house. With progressive jackpots reaching millions, the stakes are high, and the excitement is real.

Online Pokies

Experience the Kiwi fascination with online pokies, where dynamic themes and life-changing jackpots create a gaming haven. Over 60% of Kiwi casino enthusiasts favour the thrill of these digital slots.

Sports Betting

Kiwis embark on a billion-dollar journey with sports betting. Illegal syndicates in Asia add intrigue. In 2021, one in ten Kiwis placed bets, combining sports passion with winning potential.


Kiwi poker players navigate a shifting landscape. While online poker numbers fluctuate, live cardrooms witness a surge. The World Series of Poker's $7-10 million prizes keep the virtual tables buzzing.


Lotto excitement rises in Kiwi hearts, claiming 4% of the gaming share. The promise of life-changing wins fuels the surge in online lottery participation, a modern twist to the classic game.


Bingo is no longer just for Nana! Kiwis join the global bingo party, adding a youthful twist to the classic game and dragging the average age down to 30! With approximately 100 million online players worldwide, bingo's popularity spans generations.

It’s an exciting time for the gambling industry, especially for online casinos. With the latest advancements in technology, online gaming could be unrecognizable very shortly. Check out some of our favourite trends we are watching for 2024…

gambling trends

Cryptocurrency Integration

Cryptocurrencies gained popularity among Kiwi gamblers for easy transactions, enhanced security, seamless withdrawals, and heightened online privacy. Recommended platforms include BitStarz and FortuneJack, known for their cryptocurrency-friendly approach and diverse gaming options.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming captivates Kiwis, offering convenience and diversity. Kiwi gamblers favour mobile-first games, embracing gesture controls and immersive experiences. Recommended casinos include LeoVegas and Casumo, renowned for their mobile-friendly platforms and extensive game libraries

Rise of Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes casinos surge in the USA but have not made their way to the land of the long white cloud just yet.

Gamification Elements

Gamification transforms Kiwi online gambling. Engaging features like levels, rewards, and competitions enhance player experience. Recommended software providers include Evolution Gaming and NetEnt, celebrated for their innovative gamification features.

Live Dealer Games

Kiwi gamblers flock to live dealer games for an authentic casino experience. Interacting with real-time dealers in games like Blackjack and Roulette, players enjoy transparency and genuine excitement. Recommended live dealer platforms include Evolution Gaming and Playtech, known for their high-quality live casino experiences.

Leveraging AR/VR

Kiwi operators embrace AR/VR to elevate online casino experiences. Immersive technology enhances engagement, providing Kiwi gamblers with state-of-the-art and interactive casino environments. Our favourite VR/AR casino game at the moment is Starburst by NetEnt.

Social Gaming

Social gaming thrives among Kiwis, fostering a sense of community. Real-time chat, multiplayer features, and virtual currencies in online casinos create an engaging space for Kiwi gamblers. Recommended social gaming platforms include DoubleDown Casino and Zynga, known for their social casino experiences.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI impacts Kiwi online casinos, automating tasks, improving customer service and detecting fraud. Operators utilize AI for marketing insights and player segmentation, making each play more personalized. Not to mention the use of AI to enhance ion game experiences with further personalization.

Metaverse Casinos

Kiwi gambling ventures into the metaverse. Integrating blockchain, AI, and VR/AR, metaverse casinos offer an interactive 3D digital space, transforming the online gambling experience for Kiwis. As the metaverse evolves, recommended platforms include Decentral Games and The Sandbox, pioneers in metaverse gaming.

Responsible Gambling: The House Always Wins

Before you go spinning the reels or placing those bets, Kiwi mates, remember the house always has a little edge. It’s like playing backyard cricket – the odds favour the bowler. Set a budget, play for fun, and if the odds swing your way, that’s a bonus! Stay sharp, play smart, and check out our responsible gaming recommendations so you can stay safe online.

Trust us, you don’t want to end up as one of these stats…

The Not-So-Flash Stats

  1. Nearly half (49%) of gamblers in New Zealand using pokie gaming machines may experience problem gambling.
  2. A significant portion (30%) of gambling losses in New Zealand comes from problem gambling.
  3. In 2018, 76,000 people over the age of 15 were at risk of harm from gambling at moderate to high-risk levels in New Zealand.
  4. A June 2020 survey revealed that 14% of New Zealanders aged 18 to 24 were worried about their gambling habits and were considered to have problem gambling.
  5. Over 60% of New Zealanders who became problem gamblers within a year are from relapse cases.
  6. At least 183,000 adults in New Zealand experienced second-hand gambling and other forms of problematic gambling.

Data Provided By the Ministry of Health NZ

Summary – How Can Casino Crawlers Help?

Before you embark on the casino adventure, here’s the scoop on 2024 trends: Kiwis are all in, from mobile gaming highs to AI and VR delights. Your choice of gaming machines and platforms is no further away than the tap of a screen now, but beware of those house odds!

Amid the thrills, responsible gaming is your compass. So when you start slappin’, enlist the help of the experts at Casinocrawlers – all of our recommendations for online casino gambling are fully sussed and are guaranteed to optimise your playing experience.

FAQ's About Gambling Statistics

How many people in NZ gamble?

Approximately 67% of New Zealanders, or about 2.7 million individuals aged 15 years and older, participated in some form of gambling in the past 12 months.

What percentage of the population has a gambling problem?

In New Zealand, 49% of those who gamble on pokie machines may experience harm due to gambling. Additionally, 30% of gambling losses in the country are attributed to problem gamblers.

How many gamblers make money?

The majority of gamblers do not consistently make money, as gambling outcomes are largely based on chance. While some individuals may experience occasional wins, sustained profitability is challenging and unpredictable.

What is the percentage of gamblers in the world?

Globally, approximately 26% of the population engages in gambling. This equates to around 1.6 billion people worldwide participating in gambling activities, with variations in prevalence across different regions and cultures.


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