What is a Random Number Generator (RNG)?

What is a Random Number Generator (RNG)
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Random Number Generators (RNGs) are very vital to the growth of the online gaming industry. They provide the sense of fairness necessary to ensure that the outcome of casino games is not doctored or rigged. All reputable casino sites use tested RNGs that are licensed by the relevant gambling authorities to ensure that there is fairness at all times.

As a casino player hoping to win real money playing casino games, it is advisable to only play games on casino sites that have been verified to use RNGs to determine the outcome of the games played. It is also important that the casino site is licensed by the relevant online gaming authority to ensure that the platform complies with the standard requirements needed to operate.

What Exactly is a Random Number Generator?

An RNG is a computer program that uses certain algorithm functions to randomly generate numbers. The numbers generated don’t follow any specific pattern as they are generated to ensure that each number is different from a previous one whenever it is being generated. The RGN’s algorithm is made up of mathematical formulas and questions to form a vast sequence of numbers. There are two types of RNGs used for generating random numbers. They include the Hardware RNG and Pseudorandom RNG.

  • Hardware RNG: The Hardware RNG is also known as the True RNG. It uses physical elements such as USB ports and other gadgets to generate random numbers. The True RNG is used for land-based casinos and uses noise signals which makes it possible to generate the numbers. You’ll need to use an external gadget to connect your casino site to its server via a USB port on your system. There is a small chip parked into a device that is used to generate random numbers.
  • Pseudorandom RNG: This type of RNG is majorly used for online casinos. It is software that is programmed using a mathematical algorithm to generate a random number. Most online casinos depend on the Pseudorandom RNG to determine the outcome of games. This type of RNG is also very secure to prevent hackers from altering the result of the casino games.

Why are RNGs used at Online Casinos?

Before now, slots used physical reels to determine the outcome of the games played. However, creating winning combinations are more difficult these days. This is because online slots are now more complicated and can be played over numerous pay lines. This made it necessary to introduce an easier and fairer means to determine the outcome of casino games.

Since casino games are games of chance or luck, the use of RNGs became a suitable alternative to determine when players win or lose. The outcome is always determined randomly to ensure that there is fairness. This will also ensure that not even the casino owners can guess or predict the outcome of any game.

How To Know If An Online Casino Uses RNG

Online casinos comply with certain rules and regulations as imposed by online gaming regulatory bodies. This will ensure that they meet up with the standard of modern casinos in terms of game quality, security, and fairness. To ensure that the outcome of games played on a casino site is randomly generated, there are independent audit companies that test the casino’s RNG to know if it meets the standard requirement. Once it has been verified, an RNG certificate of compliance is awarded.

You can see the certificate somewhere on the homepage of the casino site. Sometimes, the casino platform only displays the seal of approval from the auditor who did the testing. This way, players can easily know that the casino site uses RNGs to determine the outcome of casino games.

Can You Cheat a Random Number Generator?

RNGs are programmed to be very secure and can’t be easily manipulated. This doesn’t write off the fact that it can be hacked. However, it would take a whole lot of effort and time to be able to break into the RNG system since they’re created by numerous mathematicians and programmers. In general, it is extremely difficult to cheat RNG as even the casino owners are not able to determine the sequence of numbers that are generated.


It is advisable to always look for an RNG certificate of compliance before playing any games in an online casino. This is one of the best measures you can take to ensure that you’re playing games in a fair gaming environment.

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