Prezzy Card Casinos: How It Works, Pros & Cons, and The Best Prezzy Card Casinos

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At a Prezzy Card online casino, you can use a prepaid card to make fast and secure online payments. Simply purchase a Prezzy Card and load funds to spend at online casinos.

Prezzy Cards are a common way to pay online in New Zealand, with Visa and Mastercard cards widely accepted. If you’re looking to manage your casino payments easily, it’s worth considering a Prezzy Card.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Prezzy Cards and how they work in online casinos.

Best Prezzy Card Casinos

What is a Prezzy Card and what are Prezzy Card Online Casinos?

A Prezzy Card online casino allows you to make deposits using a Prezzy prepaid card. New Zealanders can purchase a Prezzy Visa or Mastercard and top it up before using it to make payments online and claim casino bonuses.

It works just like using a regular Visa or Mastercard, but because it’s a prepaid card you don’t have to provide any personal information. A Prezzy Card online casino is an online casino that accepts Prezzy Cards for deposits or withdrawals.

How to make a deposit at casinos with Prezzy Card?

Follow these steps to deposit money at a NZ online casino using a Prezzy Card:

  1. Go to the cashier section of your account and choose ‘deposit’.
  2. Select Visa or Mastercard as your payment option (depending on your card type).
  3. Enter card details, such as the card number and the expiry date printed on the card.
  4. Add how much to deposit.
  5. Confirm the transaction.

How to withdraw money from casinos with Prezzy Card?

Unfortunately, you can’t withdraw money from the casino onto your Prezzy Card. So you’ll need to select another payment option when you want to cash out your winnings.

Withdrawing funds from your account is similar to depositing funds. The online casino will ask you to enter your payment information to send your winnings to the right place.

Is it safe to use Prezzy Card at online casinos?

A Prezzy Card is safe to use for transactions and is a preferred payment method for many NZ online casino players wishing to keep their details private.

When providing personal information, Prezzy claims to keep information secure and protected against misuse, loss or unauthorized use or disclosure. You can contact a customer service representative via email or phone to help with enquiries, including lost or stolen cards.

For Prezzy disputes and chargebacks, contact customer service within 60 days of the purchase date.

Why use Prezzy Card at Online Casinos?

One of the best things about Prezzy Cards is that they make it extremely easy to deposit funds into your online casino account. Once your Prezzy Card is activated and loaded with funds, you can sign up at a NZ casino that accepts Prezzy Cards. One downside is you can’t use it to make withdrawals, so you’ll need to consider an alternative payment option to access your winnings. Take a look at our pros and cons below.

Pros & Cons with Prezzy Card Casinos

The demand for Prezzy casinos has never been higher, with more online casinos now accepting the prepaid card as a payment option. So, why are New Zealanders using Prezzy at casinos, and what are the advantages of doing so?


  • You don't need to share credit card information or banking details with the casino when using Prezzy.
  • You can manage your casino spending and limit how much you add to your Prezzy card.
  • Prezzy allows users to make payments in both NZD and other currencies, so you can gamble at sites that accept USD or EUR.
  • Deposits are instant since the money is already loaded onto your card, which is then transferred to your casino account.
  • Prezzy is widely accepted everywhere since any casino that accepts Visa and Mastercard will allow Prezzy deposits.


  • Prezzy is only a deposit method. Therefore, you'll need to find another payment method option if you want to make withdrawals.
  • There are fees involved, such as when you purchase the card or make foreign currency transactions.
  • You'll lose your funds if you don't spend all the money on your card before the expiry date.

Limits, fees and costs associated with Prezzy Card

We’ve investigated all the different limits, fees and costs of using a Prezzy Card at an online casino in New Zealand. We recommend you check all the fees before purchasing or using your Prezzy Card online.

Is there a deposit limit and what are the fees?

You can load between $25 and $1,000 onto your card at any time, with a maximum balance of $5,000. The cost to buy the card is $5.95, plus the amount you wish to prepay. There may be deposit limits set by the individual casinos. We recommend checking each casino’s terms and conditions to find one that’s right for you.

Prezzy Cards are prepaid and can’t be reloaded. So you’ll need to use alternative payment methods if you’re looking for recurring payments or payment instalments to make secure payment deposits.

Is there a withdrawal limit and what are the fees?

There’s no option to make a withdrawal using your Prezzy Card at New Zealand casinos. Depending on the casino, there may be withdrawal limits per transaction. You can generally make multiple transactions to withdraw your winnings.

Other Limits and Fees

Prezzy prepaid cards expire after two years, with money automatically forfeited. Make sure to use your card at a Prezzy Card casino before it expires!

Other fees:

Postage and handling fee: $7.50 for NZ postage

International transaction fee: 3.5% fee for payments outside NZ

Replacement fee: $10

Credit card convenience fee: Merchant fees apply when using a credit card to purchase your card

Customer service fee: each time you contact customer service via the automated phone service, you’ll be charged 50 cents, plus $1.50 if you talk to a real person

prezzycard casino

Features and Apps

We’ve reviewed the Prezzy website and other sources to share all the details you need to decide if it’s the right option for you.


When you purchase a Prezzy Card you can choose from four different designs. You have to unlock your card before using it, offering protection against anyone using your card. You can also register your card to help keep it safe and access your money if you lose your card.

If you have a complaint, you’ll need to contact customer service and provide details about your complaint and any supporting information. Chargeback disputes need to be made within 60 days.

Mobile App

Prezzy doesn’t offer a customer-focused app. But you can use Prezzy Cards to make purchases online. Almost every online casino in New Zealand works on a mobile phone, and many gambling sites offer dedicated apps for iOS and Android.

You can access the casino via your mobile browser if you don’t want to download an app onto your phone. While the user experience may not be as good as on an app, you’ll find the entire gaming catalogue and enjoy access to amazing bonuses.

How to sign up for a Prezzy Card

Many online casinos accept Prezzy and getting started is easy. Follow these steps to use your Prezzy card to add funds to your casino account

Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: Laptop, tablet or smartphone Supply needed: A couple of spare minutes
go to the prezzycard sign up page
Visit the Prezzycard website Visit the Prezzycard sign up page via the link below Step 1
Enter the Verification code prezzy card
Enter the Verification code Once you enter you phone number, you'll reiceve a verification code to continue your registration Step 2
prezzy card choose option of signup
Upload Identification You will be asked to submit a form of identification to verify and confirm your account Step 3
Add Card Details prezzy card
Add Card Details To make payments with your new Prezzycard, you must first link one of your existing bank detail cards to your new account. Step 4
Funds in Prezzycard Account
Funds in Prezzycard Account Once you've linked your existing account and have added funds, you should be able to check you Prezzycard account balance. Step 5
Sign Up at Prezzycard


To unlock your prepaid card, all you need is the four-digit code that was provided when you purchased the card. If you want to register your card to protect it if it gets lost or stolen, you’ll need to provide some personal details. But you won’t need to verify your identity.

To make a deposit using a Prezzy card you’ll need to create an account with your chosen online casino operator. Licensed and regulated casinos all follow KYC processes requiring you to validate your identity so you can play casino games online.

How Do We Rate the Best Prezzy Card Online Casinos?

Our experts review the best Prezzy Card casinos to make sure they do what they promise e.g.:

Every casino we review is assessed using specific review criteria set by our team.

Prezzy Card Casino Bonus Promotions

We seek out the best Prezzy Card online casino bonuses and deals and look at the wagering requirements. You may qualify for special bonuses, like a welcome bonus, when using your Prezzy Card to add money to your casino account.

Here are a few Prezzy Card casinos that offer specific bonuses and promotions.

Jackpot City Casino: This site has a massive fan base and offers a great selection of games and promotions. You can enjoy 80 free spins on Mega Moolah for just $1 and an extremely generous welcome bonus worth $1,600.

LeoVegas Casino: At LeoVegas, you’ll find a huge variety of games, from online pokies to classic casino games. The site runs frequent promotions, including free spins and welcome bonuses.

Wildz Casino: When you sign up at Wildz Casino, you’ll enjoy a lucrative welcome offer of $1,000 bonus cash and 200 free spins. Take advantage of 24/7 customer support for any issues.

About Prezzy Card as a company

In 2006, Epay New Zealand launched Prezzy cards. They sold over 10,000 cards loaded with more than $1 million of pre-paid value in their first month. Operating under Gift Station, the chain is the largest virtual retail channel in New Zealand. They sell gift cards, phone cards, music, software, prepaid mobile top-ups, gaming and more.

EPay NZ is part of EPay Worldwide, the world’s leading prepaid payments processor. They offer payment services to more than 304,000 retailers in 31 countries.

Prezzy Cards are legal to use for online gambling and can be used almost anywhere that accepts Visa or Mastercard electronically. It’s accepted in New Zealand and worldwide. The only restriction for using your Prezzy Card at an online casino is if the casino doesn’t accept Mastercard or Visa for online transactions.

Prezzy Cards are issued by Epay New Zealand Limited, which is registered on the New Zealand Financial Services Provider Register.

Does Prezzy Card disclose information to the tax authorities?

Prezzy won’t disclose your personal information to anyone unless they are required to do so by law, or are responding to your request. They don’t disclose information to the Inland Revenue and there’s no legal requirement to declare tax on any NZ gambling winnings.

Licensed online casinos don’t generally report your winnings to authorities. But they are required to report to local authorities if there are concerns about tax evasion or money laundering.

Responsible Gambling

Using a Prezzy Card can help you to play responsibly. Because you pre-load the card with funds, it helps you to stick to a budget and only spend within your means. While gambling is a lot of fun, without the right support it can have negative effects.

We only ever recommend online casinos that support and promote responsible gambling. You can find out more about playing responsibly on our Responsible Gambling page.

Prezzy Visa vs Prezzy Mastercard

There is very little difference between Prezzy Visa and Prezzy Mastercard for making financial transactions online. Prezzy originally started with Visa but soon launched a Mastercard version. You can use both at many online casinos. One allows you to redeem your card anywhere Mastercard is accepted, while the other allows you to redeem where Visa is accepted.

Whether you’re activating a Prezzy Visa or activating a Prezzy Mastercard, the process is exactly the same.


Prezzy is a good deposit method to gamble online. Prezzy Card deposits are fast and easy and are a secure payment method for your gambling transactions. Before you purchase, make sure you take a close look at the fees and remember to use your Prezzy Card credit before the card expires.

Many casinos in New Zealand and worldwide accept Prezzy for deposits. But if you’re looking for a payment method that offers deposits and withdrawals, you may want to seek an alternative option.


Prezzy Card Casinos FAQ

Can you use Prezzy card for online gambling?

Yes, you can use a Prezzy card at online casinos and other online merchant stores that accept Visa and Mastercard payments.

Where can I buy a Prezzy card?

You can buy a Prezzy card at the official website or one of the company's online or in-store partner retailers.

Do online casinos accept prepaid Visa?

Yes, all casinos accept prepaid Visa cards like Prezzy. It is almost unheard of for a casino not to accept Visa payments.

Do NZ casinos accept Prezzy card?

New Zealanders can benefit from this easy-to-use prepaid card payment method since NZ casinos accept Prezzy payments.

What's the best NZ casino accepting Prezzy?

Jackpot City Casino is one of our favourite casinos that accepts Prezzy card payments. The gambling site offers great bonuses and more than 500 games for players.

Does Prezzy card expire?

Yes, the card usually expires after two years. You can find the expiration date on the front of the card.

Can I withdraw casino money using Prezzy card?

No, Prezzy is a deposit-only option at casinos.

Where can I use my Prezzy card online?

Along with using your Prezzy card at online casinos, you can use it to make payments at all other websites that accept Visa and Mastercard.

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