The Taranaki Anniversary Day is almost here!

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The Taranaki Anniversary Day is almost here!
Published: 08/03/2022
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What Do You Plan on Doing This Taranaki Anniversary Day?

Taranaki Anniversary Day is one of the provincial holidays celebrated in the Taranaki region in New Zealand. Every year it is celebrated on the second Monday of March. Interestingly, this is not precisely the founding date of Taranaki, originally known as New Plymouth. It was later renamed Taranaki in 1859. The Taranaki Anniversary Day celebrates and commemorates the creation of this province. However, it has been adjusted to this date so that it does not occur too close to Easter.

According to the holiday pact of New Zealand formed in 1981, every region in the country will have its founding day as its local holiday. So, on the Taranaki Anniversary Day, schools, most businesses, and the general population observe a public holiday.

A Little History of Taranaki

The Taranaki region is a beautiful southwest corner of the North Island. It was initially inhabited by the Maori tribe roughly 700-800 years ago. Later they were chased away by other Maori tribes. The place was unhabitable before the Europeans arrived. The tribes that chased away the Maori tribes were called the Pakeha. The Maori and the Pakeha tribe lived in co-operation for a long time before they started clashing. This day can be viewed as a day to reflect on the Maori and Pakeha tribes used to live in harmony.

As the rest of New Zealand lives their ordinary lives and goes to work or school, as usual, people residing in Taranaki can enjoy their local holiday! Nowadays everyone is living a busy life. That is why it would make perfect sense for some people to relax and have a fun day at their home stress-free. However, New Zealand, especially the Taranaki region, has been blessed by mother nature. And you could also spend your holiday with family and friends to explore the beautiful sites here.

Fun Activities to do on Taranaki Anniversary Day


The Taranaki region has some of the best spots for surfing in New Zealand. You could get your boards and go surfing in the hippest surf spots in New Zealand. There are spots like Ahu Ahu Road and Kumera Patch that have been a favourite for a long time. And Taranaki Anniversary Day is a beautiful day to visit these places.

Visit the Paritutu Rock

This rock is a volcanic outcrop. It is situated between Ngamotu Beach and Back Beach. The Paritutu rock looks like a thumb that sticks out between these water bodies. You can make a day out of climbing this rock. The incentive to climb this rock is that you get to see the beautiful view of New Plymouth and a part of the Taranaki coastline.

Dawson Falls

The Dawson Falls is one of the most serene and accessible waterfalls in the region. It is located in the Egmont National Park, and it is a 10-minute walk through the beautiful native forests. The walk is as breathtaking as the 18m high waterfall.

Dam Dropping

Dam Dropping is a locally invented activity. All you have to bring is a Kayak or a water sledge down the Normanby dam that is 8m tall. It may not be as famous as bungee jumping or skydiving, but it is one of the favourites for the locals as well as the travellers. If you are looking for an adrenaline-filled low-key adventure for Taranaki Anniversary Day, this could be it!

Climb Mt. Taranaki

The Taranaki region gets its name from this legendary mountain. Mount Taranaki has a great significance to the history of New Zealand. It was imperative to the Maori tribe that originally lived here. It is highly recommended that you do not stand on the mountain's highest point out of respect to the rich history. Also, it is the perfect time to visit as these mountains will only be accessible from December to April.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the things you could do on Taranaki Anniversary Day. There are many reasons to commemorate them, and it being the founding day is just one of them. This day can also stand as a reminder of everything Taranaki has accomplished. For example, the economy has been booming and striving. New Plymouth, the central city in Taranaki, is recognized internationally as one of the best places to live. The environment had been damaged catastrophically. However, it has been recovering at an incredible pace.

It is the foundation day, no doubt. But it can also serve as a reminder for everyone in Taranaki. It can remind you to thank anyone and everyone responsible for everything Taranaki has achieved over these many years.

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