Why Should you Celebrate Otago Anniversary Day?

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Why Should you Celebrate Otago Anniversary Day?
Published: 15/02/2022
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5 Reasons to Celebrate Otago Anniversary Day

It feels great to have a memorable holiday, just for yourselves, doesn’t it? And that is the Otago Anniversary Day for the residents of Otago. This public holiday is celebrated on a Monday nearest to 23 March every year. It is a local holiday for public schools and most businesses. The Otago Anniversary Day is celebrated to mark the official establishment of the provincial government on 23 March in 1852. Not only that, but it was also the beginning of the structured colonization of the province.

A Peek into the Past

The history of humans occupying the land of Otago starts in the year 1300. The Maori were the first to come and live here. They came from Polynesia and accustomed themselves to the changes for the next 500 years. That is when the first European sailors arrived. The first ship to arrive in Otago was John Wickliffe Ship. The ship's arrival led to the founding of the colony of Dunedin in 1848, the first city of Otago. And four years later, in 1852, the provincial government of Otago was formed.

This year Otago will celebrate its 170th anniversary and its diverse history. The people in Otago are proud of their strong foundation. Over the years, Otago has strived and thrived. It has progressed hand in hand with the world and yet kept a part of its soul alive.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should be celebrating Otago Anniversary Day this year.

Otago University

The Otago university has been recognized as a world-leading institute. It is among the top 100 institutions around the world. It is also the top university in New Zealand for educational performance. The university has also won the Minister’s Supreme Award for Teaching Excellence several times. The success of an educational institute motivates the entire region. It has turned the city of Dunedin into an internationally recognized centre of creativity and innovation.

The Otago Peninsula Trust

Nature is a crucial part of New Zealand’s history and culture. It is blessed with spectacular natural phenomena. The Otago Peninsula Trust is home to many domestic colonies of fur seals, little blue penguins, yellow-eyed penguins, and the royal albatross. This peninsula is one of the most diverse regions of the nation.

The Otago Peninsula Trust has spent several years trying to keep the environment protected in this region. It has been carefully preserving the essence and the wildlife of the area. This year, it will celebrate its 55th anniversary. Not only that, but it is also the first charitable trust for conservation in New Zealand.

Economic Growth of the Region

Since 2016, the Otago region has shown a massive surge in job opportunities. Dunedin, the first city of Otago, had generated more than 500 jobs in 2015. It was the biggest boom in the jobs sector for a decade. This boom was not a one-time thing. It has been keeping steady ever since.

Even Queenstown has had a surge in job opportunities. It has also been the country’s top-performing region. Moreover, the entire area has significantly contributed to the nation's growth by being among the top contributors. These job opportunities have ensured a stable growth environment for the country's as well as the region’s economy.

Worldwide Tourism Destinations

Tourism is vital for every nation. And a place such as New Zealand is bound to have the best scenic places for tourists to enjoy. The Lakes Region of Otago has been recognized as a tourist attraction internationally. The lakes Wakatipu, Wanaka, and Hawe have the best selection of trouts. The travellers are in for a world-class experience here.

These tourist attractions are not just for foreigners. The Kiwis are also quite fond of the Lake region of Otago. It is an adventure destination along with being a feast for the eyes.


There is nothing like a bit of Rugby to get Kiwis excited. Otago Rugby has been the talk of the town everywhere. The Otago Rugby Football Union is bringing in and has been bringing in a lot of praise and recognition to the region. Their performance in the Rugby championships is impressive, and it is something everyone living in Otago can be proud of.

Final Thoughts on Otago Anniversary Day 2022

These were some of the points that show how Otago has progressed over the years. The Otago Anniversary Day is a matter of great joy as it was the day the official government was established. This public holiday is a beautiful way to relax and get some time out from busy lives. It is also a day to remember the jewels of the Otago region and celebrate the Otago Anniversary Day to commemorate this progress.

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