Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patricks Day
Published: 10/03/2022
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Saint Patrick’s day is a religious celebration that is usually held every 17th day of March. This was the date when the foremost patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, died. This celebration was officially made a Christian festival in the early 17th century and was majorly observed by the catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and orthodox churches. Saint Patrick’s day celebration also marks Christianity's introduction in Ireland. The church also uses this day to celebrate the culture and heritage of the Irish in general. Christians also usually hold church services.

It is worthy of note that a public holiday is observed to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day. Countries like the Republic of Ireland, the UK, the US, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, etc. The festival is observed in other countries too, especially among the catholic church denomination.

Who is Saint Patrick?

During the fifth century, Saint Patrick was born into a romanized family in Britain. He was kidnapped at the age of 16, where he was brought to Ireland and sold off as an enslaved person. He served as a herdsman for six years, during which he got converted and became devoted to his Christian faith. He would later escape and return to Ireland, where he was credited with introducing the Christian religion. One of Saint Patrick's well-known legends includes the comprehensive explanation of the holy trinity (The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), where he used a native Irish clover to remonstrate his point so that the people would understand better.

Notable Facts About Saint Patrick’s Day You Should Know

There are notable events that take place on Saint Patrick’s day to add more colour to the event. Here are some of them.

  • A special religious festival: The Saint Patrick’s day festival celebration is done as a remembrance day for Saint Patrick, who is believed to have brought Christianity to the people of Ireland. This festival has been celebrated for over 1500 years in Ireland.
  • Officially a holiday: since 1903, Saint Patrick’s day has been declared to be a public holiday for all Irish citizens. The citizens are free not to work on that day.
  • Shamrocks became more popular: Saint Patrick is known to have used Shamrock to explain the concept o the holy trinity. This has made shamrocks, also known as clovers, more popular among the locals.
  • Going green: One important thing that is synonymous with the Saint Patrick’s day celebration is the green colour. Everything is just green, from the clothes to the hair and even clothing accessories. Even the monuments, ski resorts, and rivers are all turned into green just to celebrate that day.
  • The parade: Another perfect way locals celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day is to watch or participate in a parade. Even those outside of Ireland also takes the parade activities seriously as it is believed to add more fun and excitement to the celebration.
  • There were no actual snakes: One popular legend linked with Saint Patrick was banished snakes from Ireland. Study shows that there were no snakes recorded in the area in the first place. The region is also covered in ice, making it too cold for reptiles. However, the introduction of Christianity could be linked to the banishment of snakes.
  • Beer consumption: Bear is widely consumed on St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, it is one of the most consumed beverages as every adult is permitted to take beer to mark the day's celebration. However, kids are not allowed to partake in the exercise strictly for adults.

Sports events on Saint Patrick’s Day

Sports events are not left out in the celebration activities of Saint Patrick’s day. There are usually different sports activities that sports lovers hold to commemorate the festive day. Even online sports platforms such as casinos also give out discounts and promotional offers to casino players to celebrate the day.

Casino players are offered welcome bonuses and other bonuses to enable them to play their favourite games and chances to win amazing prizes and to win real money. Free spins are also offered to play popular casino slots. The locals engage in different sporting activities such as playing football, skiing, rugby, having tournaments, and competitions.


With millions of people celebrating Saint Patrick’s day in Ireland and other parts of the world, it shows how special the day is to many people. The celebration is spiced up with green apparels, parades, sports, and other fun activities to ensure that everybody is excited about the event.

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