Online Gambling NZ: Do Kiwis Prefer Casino or Sports Betting?

Online Gambling NZ: Do Kiwis Prefer Casino or Sports Betting
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The world of online gambling NZ continues to grow each year. Kiwis get a thrill out of betting online, which is why many casino sites are doing so well in the country. Each year, roughly 80% of adults in New Zealand place at least one bet. With more online casino games becoming available throughout the country, that average is predicted to increase.

Regulated gambling in NZ first became legal in 2003, which is earlier than in other countries around the world. However, in New Zealand, it made sense to regulate betting early. There are a lot of sports fans throughout the country that looked forward to placing bets on events. Land-based casinos were also in high demand, as Kiwis found excitement through live casino games and pokie machines.

Both casinos and sports betting are extremely popular in NZ. Between the two, Kiwis tend to place more bets on sporting events than casinos. However, with the rising availability of online casino games throughout the country, this could be subject to change.

Are you interested in learning more about online gambling in New Zealand?

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the current trends in online casinos and sports betting. We’ll also cover everything you should know about betting and the gambling culture in NZ. Keep reading to find out more.

Online Gambling NZ

There has been some confusion about the online gambling laws in New Zealand. We’re here to clear that up for you.

A lot of people were under the impression that online gambling was illegal in New Zealand. This is only partially true. All online betting must be regulated by the New Zealand Gambling Act 2003.

The gambling laws prevent New Zealand-based companies from offering online casino games, like pokies and roulette. However, this act does allow legitimate casino sites from other locations to operate legally in the country. That’s why Kiwis can legally register to popular betting sites like Jackpot City Casino and Bet365. The only New Zealand-based companies that can legally operate online for betting are Lotto NZ and New Zealand Racing Board. All other legal online casino platforms operate from other countries.

How New Zealand Residents Can Bet Online Legally

Any Kiwi that’s over the age of 20 can join an online gambling site. We strongly recommend comparing several online casinos before choosing one to join. Once you’re ready to join, the registration process is very quick and easy. Players will need to register for an account before they start gambling online.

Registering for a betting site typically only takes a few minutes. Players will be required to create a username and password, as well as provide their full name, email, and birthdate. With some sites, you may need to provide your address during the registration process.

Once you provide this information, the account will automatically be verified. This will give you full access to the casino site, where you can deposit money and start betting.

So, you might be wondering how the casino confirms that you’ve entered your real name and birthdate. There are two ways that an online casino will verify that the player has provided legitimate personal details.

  1. The payment method information must match the player’s information. This prevents players from using other people’s payment methods for their betting activity.
  2. All players will need to upload a clear photo of their government ID and have it confirmed by the casino before they can withdraw any winnings. Some casinos may also require proof of address, as in a copy of a bill with your name and address on it.

Mobile Gambling NZ

Mobile gambling is a major reason why online casino sites are becoming more popular among New Zealand residents. More bettors are checking out games and betting lines using a mobile device. Smartphones and tablets have made a huge change in how Kiwis use the internet. More players, especially from the younger generation, are only interested in casino games that are compatible with a mobile device.

Nearly every reputable online casino that’s available in New Zealand provides games that are compatible with HTML5 technology. This allows players to get the same quality in graphics when they play on a small phone screen as they would using a computer screen.

More online casinos are noticing the trend of users playing with mobile devices. To make things more convenient for the players, many platforms are introducing mobile apps. Players can use a casino app to instantly connect to their favourite games and view the betting lines on online sportsbooks.

Online Gambling vs Land-Based Casinos

Are you wondering if NZ casino sites are more popular among Kiwis than land-based casinos? Both of these casinos are well-loved by people in New Zealand. The preference all depends on the player. While many players will argue that online casinos are their preferred way to play, others have a strong position as to why they prefer visiting a casino in person.

Why Kiwis prefer online gambling

Let’s take a look at online casinos first. Bettors love the convenience of this option. They have hundreds of casinos and thousands of games to choose from at the touch of a button. On top of that, they can access these games any time they want. It doesn’t matter if it’s 7 am or 11 pm, the fun is always available.

There are also perks to playing online casino games that aren’t available at land-based casinos. This includes bonus offers. Bettors have a higher chance of getting free spins, deposit matches, and other bonuses to increase their bankroll when they bet online.

Why Kiwis Prefer Land-Based Casinos

There’s something about the land-based casinos that can’t be beaten for a lot of Kiwis. This is because going to the casino is about the experience, not just the betting. A lot of people look forward to having a night out at the casino. The atmosphere, interior decor, and live dealer games can’t be replicated online.

For a lot of people, the land-based casino is also a social experience. It’s part of a night out with their significant other or group of friends. They can also meet new people and socialise with the dealers.

Online casino games vs Land-Based Casino- What Kiwis Really Prefer

When it comes to the debate between online casinos and land-based casinos in New Zealand, the results are a tie. Just as many people prefer betting online as they do going to the casino. Every Kiwi has their own preference for how they play.

Some Kiwis prefer the social aspect of land-based casinos. Betting alone can lead to gambling addiction easier. When a player only goes to the casino occasionally for a night out, the risks of developing an addiction aren’t as high as opposed to having a casino available 24/7 at the computer.

However, many bettors prefer the convenience of New Zealand online casinos. Having this option allows them to bet on a sporting event or even play some of their favourite games when they aren’t able to visit a casino. If there isn’t a casino in a player’s town, playing online might be their only option.

Online Casino Games

One of the main advantages of using an online casino in New Zealand is that there is a large selection of live casino games and live dealer games. Many online casinos feature video slot games from leading developers worldwide. This ensures that bettors can experience a great quality game with fair play.

Real-money online casinos are high in demand throughout New Zealand. Players love the excitement of placing a real money bet and collecting their online casino winnings. Let’s take a look at what games are popular with NZ bettors.

Slots Casino/ Online Pokies NZ

New Zealand bettors love online pokies, also known as slots. These are video-style games that feature a specific number of reels and symbols.

The goal is for players to reveal matching symbols connecting on a pay line. Every slot game is 100% based on luck. Players will spin for their chance at hitting a winning line. There aren’t any strategies for winnings with slots, however, free spins are very commonly given out by casinos to incentivise new and existing players.

So, why do Kiwis enjoy pokies the most when they play at online casino sites? Even though most pokie games are simple and straightforward, they are extremely exciting. Bettors get a thrill out of taking a spin to see if they’re the lucky winner.

Most Popular Slot Games NZ

Are you wondering what New Zealand’s favourite online casino games are? There are so many to choose from, giving bettors options to find games that match their interests. However, there are a few pokie games that have stood out among the rest across NZ, some of the best online pokies.

  • Gonzo’s Quest- This fun slot by NetEnt takes bettors into the lost city of Eldorado. There are a lot of fun bonus features in this game, such as the 10 Free Falls and Avalanche Multipliers. This slot also has a high 96% RTP.
  • Mega Moolah- This popular slot by Microgaming is a favourite among many Kiwis. Why is this game a top choice? It features 4 progressive jackpots, giving players more opportunities to win big.
  • Hall Of Gods- This slot is another great choice from NetEnt. There are many bonus features, including a chance to win free spins. Players can also take a chance at winning the progressive jackpot.
  • Starburst- This slot by NetEnt is a top pick for beginners. It’s one of the easiest slot games to play and it has a generous 96.01% RTP. Players also enjoy this game because it’s one of the prettiest online slot games.
  • Sweet Bonanza- This exciting slot by Pragmatic Play has a very high 96.51% RTP. There are many chances to win multipliers, allowing players to win up to 21,100x their wager in one game.
  • Davinci Diamonds- This popular slot from IGT is another game that makes many Kiwis’ lists of favourites. There are so many fun bonus features in this game, including free spins and multipliers. This game has an average 94.94% RTP.
  • Cleopatra- This colourful slot game by IGT keeps things entertaining for players. Every spin gives players a chance to win up to 15 free spins. They can also enjoy the chance to reveal more scatter symbols.

Online Table Games NZ

Table games are a highlight of the casino. Kiwis love that they can enjoy their favourite table games online as well. Some of the most popular games, like blackjack, poker, and roulette, are available to play online. What makes these games even more appealing to New Zealand residents is that there are many variations of each game.

Blackjack tables online

Blackjack is the #1 table game for bettors in New Zealand. This is a card game where the player bets against the dealer. Both the player and the dealer will be dealt 2 cards and the goal is to get a total of 21 in your hand. Kiwis refer to this game as the “King of the Tables”.

So, why is Blackjack so popular? This exciting game usually has an RTP% that’s over 99, making the winning profits more appealing to bettors.

Roulette Tables Online

Roulette is another one of New Zealand’s favourite online casino games. Bettors can get a close experience playing online to what they would have at the casino. The ball will spin on a roulette wheel, landing on one number of a specific colour.

There are several ways players can make a bet with this game. They can bet on a specific number or combination of numbers that are beside each other on the table. This will provide players with the highest odds for a big win. Players can also bet on a line or a block of numbers, receiving a payout if the winning number is on it.

Bettors can also take a 50/50 chance by betting on either the red or black for colours, or if the number landed on is even or odd.

Poker Rooms Online

The best online casinos in NZ will feature a variety of poker games. Video poker games are a popular choice at New Zealand online casinos. Not only is it a fun game, but it also features more options for bettors to customize their gameplay. It’s also common for online casinos to allow players to bet on multiple tables at once.

Many NZ online casinos also feature poker tournaments. This is when multiple players will play at once for a jackpot prize. It’s a great way to make this popular betting game more exciting.

Many online casinos will also let players join the tournament for a low wager.

Baccarat Tables Online

Another casino game that Kiwis can’t get enough of is baccarat. This is such a simple game, making it a great choice for beginners. The dealer will deal a hand to the player and themselves. The player will wager on who they think will have the better hand. There’s also the option to wager on the results being a tie.

While this is an excellent game for beginners, it’s also extremely popular with returning bettors. At most casinos, this game will have an RTP% that exceeds 99. With profits so high, it’s easy to see why with online games, this one is a hit with Kiwi players.

Live Casino Games

Nearly every one of the top online casinos in NZ has a solid selection of live casino games. Many of your favourite table games and other fun betting games will be available to play with a live dealer. This makes the online casino experience feel closer to the real things. It’s a great option for people that enjoy playing dealer games but live too far from the casino.

When bettors play live casino games, they will be in a room where the dealer is live over video. Some casinos will also feature a live chat, so bettors can interact with the dealer and other players in the room.

Free Casino Games NZ

Did you know that you can play certain casino games for free? There are so many different slot games available to play. Each one has features that make it different from the rest. For this reason, it’s common for slot games to feature a demo version. This allows players to test the game out for free.

Everything about the free-play version of casino games is the same as the real money version. Players will be allowed to use up to a certain amount of fake betting money for the demo. They can set a bet and play the game as normal. When they connect winning lines, they will be shown what they could have won if they placed a real money bet.

Of course, we prefer the real-money version of slot games. This is because players get to keep all of the winnings. It’s much more exciting to play when real money is on the line.

Progressive Jackpots NZ

Online pokies have made a great impression on New Zealand gamblers. One of the things people love about playing online is all of the unique features that each game has. Of course, there’s one slot feature that many Kiwis keep an eye out for, and that’s the progressive jackpot.

So, you might be wondering what the difference is between a regular jackpot and a progressive jackpot. A regular jackpot has a big prize that can be won by a lucky player. Progressive jackpots are much more appealing because the grand prize keeps getting bigger.

Any time a slot featuring a progressive jackpot is played and the jackpot isn’t won the prize increases. There have been progressive jackpots that have built up for over a year, rewarding the winner with a massive payout.

Progressive jackpots are only available at participating casinos. For your best shot at finding progressive jackpot slots, we suggest playing online at Jackpot City Casino, Spin Casino, and Neon Vegas.

Best Progressive Jackpot Slots NZ

  • Mummy’s Gold
  • Mega Moolah
  • Hall of Gods
  • Mega Fortune
  • Aladdin’s Lamp
  • Major Millions
  • Funky Fruit

Online Casinos NZ

There are a lot of excellent online casinos to choose from if you want to play online. While most casinos that are registered to operate in New Zealand are trustworthy, there are a few that have left players with a bad impression.

We want all of our readers to have a good experience when they gamble online. That is why there are a few things that you should pay attention to before you sign up for a platform. Don’t register for a New Zealand gambling site until you’ve reviewed everything below in this section.

Lisence and Registration

Never join an online casino unless it has a licence to operate in New Zealand. If an online casino doesn’t provide any information on its website about the license it holds, then you shouldn’t consider it trustworthy.


When you join an online casino, you will need to provide personal information. This includes your full name, address, and banking details. Players can’t register at a casino without providing proof that they are of legal age to gamble. Since you are required to provide information, it’s important to only do so on secure platforms.

So, how do you know if the online casino is secure? There’s an easy way to tell and you don’t have to be an IT expert. Take a look at the URL bar. Before the website address, you’ll see a symbol. If that symbol is a closed lock pad, the website is secure. If the symbol is a “!” in a triangle, the website doesn’t have security software.

Payment Methods

There are a lot of different payment methods that players can use for real money online casinos. However, they won’t be featured at every casino. Every online casino has certain payment providers that they do business with. Therefore, you may have to search around to find an online casino that is compatible with your preferred payment method.

On top of finding out which payment methods are provided, you should also look into what to expect for payment times. Many online casinos will feature instant deposits. However, some casinos will have to wait for the payment to process before the funds are available to bet with. Most casino sites will also have a minimum and maximum deposit limit.

Customer Support

The best online casinos seem pretty straightforward at first. However, once a player joins, they have more questions than they realised. This is why you should check out the availability of customer support before joining.

Make sure you find out what hours representatives are available and how you can reach out to them. The best online casinos will feature a live chat option, making it easier to get ahold of someone instantly.

Game Selection

The most important thing you should consider about an online casino is the game selection and the game providers. After all, if the platform doesn’t feature the games you want to play, you won’t have fun when you log in. Make sure you’re happy with the game selection before you join an online casino site.

Players should always approach betting games with the intention of having fun. Winning is just an added bonus.


Some casinos have proven to be better than others. For New Zealand bettors, it’s important that the casino they join is trustworthy, treats the players right, and doesn’t play games when it’s time to collect their winnings. The best online casino sites make things easy for the members, so they can enjoy every moment they spend online.

So, how do you know which online casinos treat their members right? The best thing to do is read customer reviews. However, don’t solely rely on the reviews posted by the online casino on their website or social media page. The casino will always pick out the best reviews to show up on its page. Instead, read reviews from different sources to get a more honest outlook on the service.


One of the main reasons New Zealand players prefer online casinos is because of the promotions. Welcome bonuses are a great way to start off on a good note with the casino. However, some casinos are guilty of offering generous welcome bonuses but have nothing to look forward to after that.

We recommend doing some thorough research to see if the online casino is known to hand out more bonus code promotions to returning members. Bonus offers like free spins, free games and deposit bonuses are a great way to improve your bankroll.

Responsible Gambling

Casino games are made to be entertaining and encourage people to play responsibly. Putting money down on a game, even if it’s a small amount, can be very exciting. Unfortunately, for many gamblers, the thrill of betting can become addicting. It’s estimated that nearly 60,000 New Zealand residents could be at risk of a gambling problem. Luckily, that’s a very small percentage of the population.

The best online casinos will take measures to create a platform for responsible gambling. There are several ways that they approach this. The most common approach is by having the players set limits when they create a profile. These limits allow the players to stay within their budget. They can set daily, weekly, and monthly limits. Players can set limits on how many deposits and wagers they make. They can set loss limits as well.

Another great feature that some New Zealand online casinos will have is a timer. This will keep track of how long a player has been online and suggest a cool-off period. Some online casinos will also allow players to implement lock-out periods. This means they will have a cool-off period for a set amount of days where they can’t access their account.

Best Online Casinos NZ

  • SkyCity Online Casino
  • Jackpot City Casino
  • Casino Tropez
  • TonyBet Casino
  • Spin Casino
  • Europa Casino
  • Neon Vegas

Online Casino Bonuses

man thinking about online casino nz

The best NZ casinos will have bonus offers for their members. Players can find these offers on the promotions page of the casino websites. This section will show all of the available promo offers, as well as information on how to activate them and how long they’re available. If you receive a promo offer for the casino from another source, it will come with a bonus code. You will need to activate this code to take advantage of the offer.

Casino operators know that supplying bonus offers will keep players returning. That is why players can expect a good selection of bonus offers when they join one of the best NZ casinos. Let’s take a look at some of the different bonus offers available to New Zealand casino players.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is given to new players when they join the casino. This is an offer that’s meant to attract players to the casino. There are many different types of offers that players could receive, such as deposit matches or free games.

Players should make sure they know how to activate this bonus offer before they join an online casino NZ. Many internet casinos will activate the offer automatically once a player has registered or made their first deposit. However, some offers require players to enter a bonus code to take advantage of it.

Deposit Bonus

When a deposit bonus is available, players will receive it when they make a real money deposit into the casino account. The bonus offer will be worth a certain percentage of what the player deposited. It’s common for players to be offered a bonus that’s worth 50%, 100%, or even 200% of what they deposited.

Make sure you thoroughly review the terms and conditions of this offer before accepting it. There is often a minimum deposit that players must make to be eligible for this offer. The deposit bonus money added to a player’s account must be used at the online casino NZ. They will not be able to withdraw the deposit bonus money until they have used it for betting. For example, if you have a $10 bonus you cannot withdraw it. However, if you bet that $10 bonus and win $30, you can withdraw that.

Free Spins

Free spins are an excellent way for New Zealand online casinos to promote a specific game. Players will be offered a specific number of free spins to play. Even though the spins are free, players will get to keep all of the winnings from the games they play. This includes winnings from bonus rounds as well.

Mobile Bonus

The best online casinos have mobile apps. These platforms want to encourage more players to download and use the app. One way that casino sites do this is by offering a mobile bonus. Once players download the app and log in, they will receive the bonus. (Keep in mind players won’t automatically get this bonus from every online casino when they download the app. Keep an eye out for casino sites that are offering this bonus to take advantage of it.)

No Deposit Bonus

New Zealand residents love to find good bonus offers. One of the most exciting offers to come across is the no-deposit bonus. However, it’s also one of the least frequent promotions that casinos offer. If you come across a no-deposit bonus, consider it your lucky day! This is a bonus given to casino members with no strings attached. Players don’t have to make a deposit to receive this offer.

So, how does a no-deposit bonus offer work? Players will be given a bonus code to use. They will then receive either free spins or free betting money to be used on eligible games.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is the most popular activity on NZ gambling sites. There are a lot of sports fans in the country, and they love the thrill of putting money down on the game they’re watching. Top casino sites in the country are aware of this and will feature a section for NZ casino games as well as a sportsbook section. To legally bet on sports in New Zealand, gamblers must be at least 18 years old.

Classic sports are a favourite for Kiwis to bet on. The most popular sports watched by this country are soccer, basketball, netball, rugby, and cricket. They are also very popular on the betting lines. Professional sports make up a big portion of the betting lines. However, Kiwis also love betting on local sporting events.

The #1 most popular sport to bet on in New Zealand is horse-racing. Kiwis love the excitement of watching the horse they bet on race to the finish line. The majority of people here would rather bet on horse races than their favourite casino games.

Online and mobile casinos have made it easier for people in New Zealand to bet on their favourite sports. If they’re watching a game, they don’t have to run out and buy a ticket to bet. Instead, they can log on and check out the betting lines from their living room.

Sportsbooks NZ- Live Betting

Internet casinos that offer betting lines for sports have made a great impression in New Zealand. People love having this option available to them, especially when their favourite team is playing a match.

One of the main aspects of online sportsbooks that bettors enjoy the most is live betting. This is when you can place bets live as the game plays out. All bets will be tailored to what’s happening in the game in real time.

Best Sports Betting Sites NZ

  • TAB
  • Bet365
  • Powerplay Casino
  • William Hill
  • Betway
  • Duelz Casino

Sports Betting Bonus & Promo Offers

Bonus offers aren’t only for popular online casinos. They are also given out to sportsbook members. Similar to many NZ online casinos, players will be offered a welcome bonus when they join. Two of the other common bonus offers players will receive are risk-free bets and free bets.

  • Risk-free bet- players won’t lose any money on a bet placed with this bonus offer. If players win the bet, they keep the money. However, if they lose, their stake will be returned to their account.
  • Free bet- with this offer, players will receive bonus money that can be used on specific betting lines.

Some sportsbooks will also offer a cashout bonus that can be used on eligible games. If a gambler bets on a team before the game starts and that team is not doing well, they will have up to a certain point in the game to cash out. When they accept this bonus, a certain percentage of their stake will be returned to their account.

It’s also common for sportsbook sites to reward players with some of the bonus offers that online casinos offer, like deposit bonuses and wager bonuses. (A wager bonus is when players are rewarded betting money based on how much they have wagered on a betting line.)

New Zealand Lottery

There are several ways that Kiwis can play the lottery. Lotto NZ operates under the Gambling Act 2003. The rules surrounding the lottery are slightly different than NZ casinos. In order for a resident to play at a land-based or online casino, they must be at least 20 years old. Once Kiwis are 18 years old, they can legally buy Instant Kiwi tickets from Lotto NZ online or in stores. Instant Kiwis are scratch card tickets. There are many games to choose from with new ones coming out each year.

However, there’s one interesting thing that’s been noticed throughout the country with the lottery. Customers are only IDed when they purchase Instant Kiwis or Instant, which are regulated through Lotto NZ. People under 18 years of age can easily buy other forms of lottery tickets. There is no age restriction for other lotto games, like Bulls Eye or Keno.

How Lotto Impacts New Zealand

In 2015, it seemed like fewer people were purchasing lottery tickets. However, over more recent years, ticket sales have begun to increase again. It’s estimated that approximately 1/4 of Kiwis over the age of 18 purchase a lotto ticket on a weekly basis.

Lotto NZ was first launched in 1987. All of the profits from lottery tickets sold go back to the community. The goal was to use the profits to help build a stronger community throughout NZ. Since launching, nearly 5 billion dollars has helped charities and causes and has gone towards funding to make New Zealand a better place to live.

New Zealand Gambling Culture

On average, $2.6 billion is spent annually on gambling in New Zealand. This includes sports betting, lottery, online lottery, and land-based casinos. While that may sound like a huge number, it is rather small compared to other countries in the world. In fact, New Zealand doesn’t even make the list as one of the countries that gamble the most. Australia, Singapore, and Ireland do the most gambling worldwide.

New Zealand is a Pacific Island country. Kiwis find excitement in placing a bet, however, their gambling habits aren’t as problematic as other countries around the world. Less than 8% of New Zealand adults have a gambling problem. While there aren’t any direct links between Kiwi culture and gambling, there are certain things that are common with the New Zealand lifestyle that attribute to the gambling industry.

The first thing to consider is sports culture and sports celebrities. Sports have the biggest influence on gambling in New Zealand. When there is a major sporting event coming up, the betting lines see a lot more action.

Charity is another thing that influences gambling in Kiwi culture. If there is bingo, raffle, or other gambling-style charity events, NZ residents won’t hesitate to buy a ticket. They don’t mind gambling for a prize when they know the proceeds go to a good cause.

In New Zealand, gambling and real money games are focused on entertainment. It’s very rare for a Kiwi to gamble with their main intention being to make money. Kiwis don’t view gambling as a means to pay off debts or improve their financial situation. They don’t rely on money won from gambling to pay for expenses. NZ residents enjoy the thrill of placing bets, winning is just an extra bonus.


Kiwis enjoy placing bets because it makes games and events a lot more exciting. However, the majority of New Zealand residents that participate in gambling do it solely for entertainment purposes. That is why the nation has a low rate of gambling problems.

Overall, sports have the most prominent influence over New Zealand’s gambling industry. This is because Kiwis have the most fun when they bet on games they’re watching. On top of that, there are a lot of sports fans throughout the country.

Casino games are also well-loved by Kiwis. Players love that they can log in and play online any time they want. Even though sites like SkyCity online casino make it easier for people to gamble online, Kiwis still enjoy a fun night out at the casino.


What is the legal age for gambling in New Zealand?

New Zealand residents must be 20 years of age to play casino games at popular online casinos. However, the age restriction for sports betting and Lotto NZ is 18 years old.

How can I tell if an online casino or sportsbook is rogue?

Unfortunately, rogue casinos look identical to legitimate casinos. The most obvious sign of a rogue casino is that it doesn’t have a license to operate. If there is no information posted on the casino about its license, then it should not be trusted.

Can I make a deposit using a credit card?

Most online casinos in New Zealand will accept major credit cards as a payment method for deposits. However, some banks restrict credit card payments for gambling. If you have money available but your payment declines, this is likely the reason why.

What is the best online casino in New Zealand?

There are so many great online casinos in NZ that it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. For slots and table games, we recommend Jackpot City Casino and SkyCity Online Casino. For sports betting, we suggest Bet365 and William Hill.

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