Online Craps: The Best Online Casinos with Craps 2024

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Craps is a popular dice game available at many online casino sites. But how do you know which casino offers the best craps games? To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top online casino sites to play craps.

We’ll explain the rules of how to play craps and how to find and play craps online. We’ll also inform you about some of the bonuses and promotions, different craps games available and types of crap bets you can make. Finally, we’ll provide strategies to help boost your chances of winning.

But first, let’s start with our list of recommended casinos…

Best Casinos with Craps

How We Rate Real Money Casinos with Craps

At CasinoCrawlers, our team of experts use a range of strict criteria to assess each site we recommend. We want our readers to be able to play craps online at the best casinos in New Zealand.

Here are some areas we focus on when rating online casinos and casino games.

Reputation & Safety

We look for online craps games at casinos that have established reputations. We only recommend a gambling site if it’s fully licensed and regulated to help keep your personal details safe and protect you against potential fraud.

Deposits & Withdrawals

We look at the terms and conditions related to deposits and withdrawals for any gambling site on our list. On top of this, we check the speed of transactions and look for real money casinos offering various payment methods. We also check minimum deposit limits and maximum payouts for craps games.

Variety of Games

In addition to providing you with the chance to play craps online, we also assess the variety of casino games at each site that makes our list. Whether you want to play a dice game or are looking for a casino that offers a wide range of slots, live games and table games, we ensure plenty of variety for NZ players.


Our team look for a site that offers good navigation, so you can easily find the craps game you want to play and have a seamless gaming experience. We seek out friendly interfaces with high-quality craps graphics and sound.

Bonuses & Offers

We check each site to see what craps bonuses and promotions are available for new and repeat customers. Access to a range of bonuses, when you play craps online, can help you to win big without investing a huge amount of your own money. We also check the terms and conditions of bonuses to ensure they’re fair and don’t have high wagering requirements.

Mobile Compatibility

With so many Kiwi players accessing online casino sites via mobile, we ensure a site is fully optimised for mobile before recommending it on our site. We want our readers to be able to play craps online seamlessly, regardless of the device they’re using. Some sites also have a downloadable app, so you can play craps easily when you’re on the go.

how we rate the best craps casinos

Basic Rules on How to Play Craps

Playing craps online is slower than the fast-paced action you’ll experience playing at a live craps table. But despite having no shooter to throw the dice (online craps games use a random number generator), the basic rules are the same.

The main purpose of craps is to predict the result of the dice and place your craps bets accordingly. The two most important things to know about when you first start playing craps are the come-out roll and when the point is established.

Come out roll

Each game starts with the first roll of the dice, known as the come-out roll. You will either bet the dice will land on a 7 or 11 (Pass the Line bet) or a 2, 3 or 12 (Don’t Pass the Line bet).

Pass Line bets win if a 7 or 11 is rolled. If a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, the game is over. If any other numbers are rolled, the point is established. This means the number rolled becomes the point number for the craps table.

Point phase

In the point phase, the game continues (along with your original bets) until the point number is rolled again. Or until a 7 is rolled.

Once a point is set you can add to your original craps bet. You can place a wager on the dice to land on the point or on different numbers. The dice will continue to be rolled (and you can keep placing bets) until the dice lands on a 7 or the point.

Pass Line bets win if the point is rolled before a 7. If a 7 is rolled before the point is rolled, Don’t Pass bets will win.

How to Find and Play Craps Online

It's easy to play craps online by following these steps:

Estimated time needed: 00:02 Tools needed: CasinoCrawlers list Supply needed: A couple of spare minutes
find an online casino
Find an online casino Check out our list of recommended sites to find an online casino that offers you the chance to play at a craps table. Step 1
Sign up an account
Set up an account To play craps for real money, you'll need to set up an account and make your first deposit. You'll need to provide personal details and verify your identity. Don't forget to activate any welcome bonuses after checking the terms and conditions. Step 2
Research the casino games
Find craps games Navigate to the game library of the online gambling site and choose from a range of craps games to start playing. Step 3
Compare the bonuses at the casinos
Place your bets & win Once you've found the right craps game for you, place your craps bets. If you're a winner, you can collect your payout or keep playing at the craps table. Good luck! Step 4

Pros & Cons of Playing Craps

Before you start playing at a craps table, it's important to consider some advantages and disadvantages of playing craps online. Let's take a look.


  • You can play online at any time of day and from any location, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Some casinos allow you to play free craps in demo mode, so you can get used to playing craps online before you place bets with your own money.
  • The minimum bet is usually much lower than playing in a physical casino.
  • You can usually access a range of bonuses and promotions that can help boost your chances of placing winning bets.


  • Land-based casinos usually allow higher odd bets than online casinos.
  • You don't get the chance to be the shooter and roll the dice when you play craps online.
  • Playing at an online craps table doesn't give you the same social interaction as playing at a craps table in a physical casino.

Bonuses Available for Online Craps Games

Online gambling sites offer a range of attractive bonuses and promotions to entice players to jump online and play their casino games. Numerous casino craps game bonuses are available to new or returning players. Let’s look at some of the most common bonuses when gambling online.

Welcome Bonuses

Many online casino sites offer welcome bonuses to New Zealand players when you create a new account. Some require you to make an initial deposit, while others give you deposit-free bonuses so you can play free craps immediately for real money. A popular welcome bonus is a matching bonus. For example, you deposit $100 and the casino matches the amount, depositing $100 into your account.

Each casino will have different welcome bonuses available, so it’s important to shop around and explore the terms and conditions to find one that offers fair conditions.

Cashback Bonuses

Most live online craps casinos offer customers a cashback bonus. These types of bonuses help you to recoup your losing bets. So, if you play craps and lose, you can receive a percentage of your money back.

Cashback bonuses vary depending on the casino. For example, the percentage offered will differ at each casino, and many casinos may offer these bonuses monthly, weekly or daily.

Reload Bonuses

These bonuses are for existing players and can vary depending on the casino you visit. They are activated when you ‘reload’ your account by making a deposit. Some casinos will have minimum deposit amounts you need to meet to claim the offer. And most also come with wagering requirements.

No Deposit Bonuses

Some casinos offer you a no-deposit bonus that you can use to play free online craps. These bonuses let you play without any risk of losing your own money but still give you the chance to win real money. They can be a great way to learn more about playing craps and work out a strategy you’ll use when you play with your own money.

These bonuses are typically small amounts, say $20 or so, to get you started playing.

online craps

How to Play Craps Games on Your Mobile

Many Kiwis now enjoy playing craps online direct from their mobile. When playing craps online from your mobile, the key is to ensure the online casino site is fully optimised for mobile devices. This helps to give you a better gaming experience without glitches or issues.

An optimised site or downloadable app lets you play just like you would on a desktop version. You’ll just need to log into your account, navigate to the craps game you wish to play and place your bet to get started.

Online Craps vs Live Craps

Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between playing craps online and playing live craps at a physical casino.

The Shooter

The biggest difference when playing online craps is that instead of a shooter rolling the dice, it’s rolled by a random number generator.

This typically doesn’t create a massive difference in the game’s outcome. Both results are random, so the odds of winning or losing are similar whether you play online or at a live craps table.

Lack of atmosphere

At a physical casino, you’re likely to see people crowded around the craps table to watch, which generates an exciting atmosphere for players and spectators. Some land-based casinos even offer free snacks and drinks at a craps table or offer secluded casino spots for high rollers.

Playing craps online offers many benefits, such as playing from the comfort of your own home, but it lacks the atmosphere generated at a physical casino.

Social interaction

Like atmosphere, playing online craps doesn’t provide the social interaction you get at a live craps table. Some players believe a cheering crowd can influence your performance at the table, but essentially, it comes down to the roll of the dice. Other players prefer the silence that playing online offers.

Different Craps Games for NZ Players

This craps version is also known as ‘casino craps’. It’s when you play against the casino rather than betting against other players.

Bank Craps

This craps version is also known as 'casino craps'. It's when you play against the casino rather than betting against other players.

Simplified Craps

When you play craps online, you can choose from several different craps games, all with varying degrees of difficulty. Simplified craps is the most straightforward version that lets you bet on Pass Lines or Natural numbers (7 or 11).

Die Rich Craps

This game only uses one dice roll. This means all Pass bets win if they start with 6. They also lose if they start with a bet with 1.

New York Craps

As expected, this game version was created in New York gambling houses. It removes various options that are available in other games, such as Place bets, Remove pass, and Do Not Pass. If you play New York craps, you'll also get 5% on Box numbers.

High Point Craps

In this craps game, players automatically win if they get an 11 or 12. The bets will be ignored if the dice rolls a 2 or 3.

Diceless Craps

The type of game was also developed in land-based casinos in America when dice games were outlawed. Casinos used cards instead of dice to play the same game to overcome this.

Different Betting Types in Craps

Craps numbers

Craps numbers aren't a bet, but refer to the numbers 2, 3, and 12. The game is over if any of these numbers are rolled during the come-out roll.

The Pass Line bet

This is an even-money bet that the dice will win. It's the most basic bet you can make.

If a 7 or 11 is rolled, you win. If a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, you lose. Any other number combination becomes what's known as the 'point'.

The Don't Pass Line bet

This even money bet is the opposite of Pass Line bets. You lose if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 and win on a 2 or 3. A roll of 12 is a tie.

The Come bet

These bets are placed after the point has been confirmed. You're betting that the dice will roll a 7 or 11. You lose if the dice lands on 2, 3 or 12. Any other number becomes what's known as your 'come point'. It must be repeated for you to win before a 7 is rolled.

The Don't Come bet

Like Come bets, this bet can be placed anytime after the first roll when a shooter has a point to make. It's the opposite of a come bet, so you'll win with a 2 or 3 roll (12 is a tie). And you'll lose if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 roll. Any other number becomes your 'come point'. If repeated, you lose. If a 7 is rolled, you win.


Field bets let you bet on which number you believe will be rolled. You can place a wager on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12.

Place Bets

This type of bet refers to placing a bet on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. If your number is rolled before a 7, you win.


This type of bet is similar to a field bet but allows you to bet only on 6 or 8. The only exception is Giants 6 and 8.


This is when you bet the shooter will roll 4, 6, 8, or 10 as a pair (for example, two 5's to make 10). Your bet wins if the roll is a hard pair and loses if a 7 is rolled or if the number is thrown another way (e.g. a 4 and a 6 to make 10).

Any Seven

When you place a wager the next roll will be a 7.

Any Craps

When you think 2, 3, or 12 will be the next roll.

Craps Odds & House Edge

The house edge is a varying percentage that changes depending on a spread of bets, with each bet having an individual house edge. It doesn’t change based on previous rolls of the dice. It also isn’t impacted by the bets of other players.

Here are some of the most common craps odds and house edges you’ll find at many casinos.

Pass/Come bet: Odds – 1:1, House Edge – 1.41%
Don’t Pass/Don’t Come: Odds – 1:1, House Edge – 1.36%
Pass Odds/Come Odds: Odds – 2:1 on 4 & 10; 3:2 on 5 & 9; 6:5 on 6 & 8, House Edge – 0%
Don’t Pass Odds/Don’t Come Odds: Odds – 1:2 against 4,10; 2:3 against 5,9; 5:6 against 6,8, House Edge – 0%
Field: Odds – 1:1 on 3 ,4, 9, 10, & 11; 2:1 on 2,12, House Edge – 5.56% (or if 12 pays 3:1, 2.78%)
Place 6 or Place 8: Odds – 7:6, House Edge – 1.52%

Strategies for Winning at Craps

If you want to improve your craps strategy, here are some suggestions to get you started.

Consider Lay Bets

Lay bets have a commission of around 5% attached if you win. You can place this type of bet after the point is rolled. It lets you wager on a number you don’t think will be rolled before a 7. The typical house edge for this type of bet is between 2 to 4%.

Steer Clear of Hardway Bets

A Hardway craps bet is when you wager on specific numbers. These bets have a house edge of 9 to 11%. While the payouts can be large, they’re typically harder to achieve and can lead to losing bets. Consider other bets (look for the lowest house edge) if you’re a beginner looking to win real money.

Hedge Craps Bets

You may want to hedge your bets by betting on several outcomes all at once. For example, make a Pass Line bet and a smaller bet on Any Craps. This can let you get a guaranteed win either way. For example, you win your Any Craps bet if a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled or the Pass Line bet if the first roll is 7 or 11.

Bet Pass & Come

A Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bet has the lowest house edge available, at 1.41%. These offer the best returns and are a great option if you’re just starting to play and getting up to speed with the different craps rules.

Bet on 6 & 8

When you bet on 6 and 8, the house edge is about 1.51%, which is pretty low. These two numbers are some of the most frequent numbers you can get with a roll, so they can be a good option for players to consider.

The 3-Point Molly

The Three Point Molly betting system gives you a house advantage under 0.5%. It involves making a Pass bet or a Come bet until you have at least three, backing them up with full odds.

Basic Terms Of A Craps Game

Here are some common terms you will find if you’re playing a craps game:

Aces: When you bet that the next roll will be the total sum of 2.

Any Craps: Placing a bet that the next roll will be a 2, 3, or 12.

Any Seven: Betting the next roll will be a 7.

Box Numbers: The place bet numbers, which are 4-5-6-8-9-10.

Come out roll: The first roll of the dice used to establish a point. ​

Crap Numbers: Numbers 2, 3 and 12.

Hi-Lo: A one-roll where you wager on 2 and 12.

Hop bet: A wager the next roll will be a particular combination, such as 3-5, 3-3, 4-4 etc.

Horn bet: Betting the next roll will be 2, 3, 11, or 12, in multiples of four, with one unit on each number.

Horn High bet: Placing a wager in multiples of five, with one unit on three of the horn numbers and two units on the number 12, known as the high number.

Inside Numbers: When you place bets on numbers 5-6 -8-9.

Lay Odds: After reaching a point, additional odds bet can be made. These wagers win if the original Don’t Pass bet wins.

Natural: When a 7 or 11 is thrown on the come-out roll.

One Roll Bet: A wager won or lost in a single roll. ​

Odds Bet: An additional bet in addition to a pass line bet.

Outside Numbers: Placing your bets on 4-10 –5-9.

Point: The number that’s established by the come-out roll.

Proposition Bets: A bet located at the centre of the table with a high house edge.

Seven Out: When a shooter rolls a 7 before making their point and loses the Pass Line bet.

Shooter: The player who is rolling the dice.

A Brief History of Craps

Craps can trace its roots back to England in 1788 when it was known as ‘Krabs’, later spelt ‘crabs’. It evolved from the European dice game ‘Hazard’, dating back to the Crusades. In the early 1800s, Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville introduced it to New Orleans. He simplified the game by making 7 the main number. It quickly gained popularity among the underclass and eventually led to the naming of Rue de Craps, a famous street in New Orleans.

The name evolved from a Louisiana mispronunciation of ‘crabs’. Over time, the game became more popular, and casinos adopted a fairer dice thanks to John H. Winn’s innovation in 1907. During World War II, its popularity soared, with service members playing a street version using blankets as shooting surfaces. This military connection led to the game becoming the dominant casino game in postwar Las Vegas.

In the latter half of the 20th century, the game expanded globally, soaring in popularity across Europe, Australia, and Macau. Since 2004, craps has been available in many online casinos worldwide.

Conclusion – Craps

Craps is a great choice if you’re looking for a dice game that gives you lots of options and control when you place a bet. You can play online no matter where you are, and plenty of the best online casinos in NZ offer bonuses and promotions so you can play free craps and learn more about the game.

Craps also offers one of the lowest house edges for dice games. Plenty of betting options exist, including Place bets, Hop bets, Come bets, Field bets and more.

Check out our list of recommended sites to find an online gambling site where you can play a game of craps at a safe, regulated casino that offers decent odds. Good luck!


Craps FAQ

Can you play Online Craps for Real money?

Yes. The online casino sites listed on our site offer you the chance to play craps online to win real money. You'll need to create an account with the online casino and make an initial deposit to place your bets.

What are the chances of winning at craps?

On average shooter rolls, players have a 66.66% chance of rolling a point number. There is also a 22.22% chance that a natural (a 7 or 11) is rolled and an 11.12% chance of crapping out. The odds of winning at craps are the same, whether you play online or at a craps table in a physical casino.

Can I play Craps for free?

Yes. Many sites offer you the chance to play this dice game for free. Free craps are a great way to test out different craps games online and understand how the game works before using any of your own funds. To play real money games, you must make a deposit and place a bet.

Are Online craps games scams?

No, online craps games aren't scams, assuming you play at licensed and reputable online casino sites. These sites use random number generators (RNG) to determine the outcome of your bets. These sites are audited regularly to ensure fair betting odds for NZ players. Playing an unlicensed game is riskier, and we always recommend using licensed casinos to protect your information and transactions.

Is it legal to play online craps in NZ?

Yes, it's legal to play online craps in New Zealand. Under the New Zealand Gambling Act 2003, it's illegal for local NZ companies to offer online casino games to NZ players. But New Zealand players can visit overseas online casinos to access a range of online craps games - and hopefully place winning bets!

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