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You should try out a Google Pay if you’re fed up with slow online casino transactions. This transaction method allows you to make fast deposits at gambling sites and is available for Android and Apple users. With Google Pay, you can also make your payments more secure by turning on authentication.

As more and more users in New Zealand choose Google Pay to make their online payments, the number of online casinos that accept Google Pay deposits has steadily increased. This guide explores the best Google Pay casinos and also details how to get started using this mobile payment option. You should however note that the payment method is not that widespread in New Zealand yet.


Best Google Pay Casinos


What is a Google Pay?

Google Pay is a new payment method that lets New Zealanders conduct simple and quick gambling transactions online using their Android or iOS phones. Google’s digital wallet can be linked to bank cards, allowing money transfers from any of your accounts.

Even though Google Pay online casinos in New Zealand are new, they are gaining popularity. The transaction method combines simple, convenient ways to manage your money with top-tier security provided by Google services. The best Google Pay casinos also offer many of the same bonuses and rewards that you’ve come to expect from your favourite operators.

Withdrawals at Google Pay Casinos

Unfortunately, you cannot currently withdraw money from an online casino using Google Pay. GPay is currently unavailable for gambling withdrawals. However, considering the popularity of this banking alternative in New Zealand, this will likely change in the future.

You can still withdraw your winnings at any Google Pay casino with an e-wallet or bank transfer.

Google Pay Casino Fees

Google Pay transactions are free at New Zealand’s best GPay casinos. However, you may incur some small fees for other reasons. We’ve examined situations where you may have to pay a small fee when using Google Pay casinos.

Currency Conversion

If you are charged in a foreign currency using Google Pay, you will incur some conversion fees, depending on the card or bank account used. This will apply if you play at a foreign casino.

Withdrawal Fees

Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw your casino winnings using Google Pay, so you’ll have to opt for an alternative method. Depending on whether you withdraw your money using PayPal or another way, you may be charged a small additional fee.

Google Pay Casino Bonuses

Google Pay casino sites offer all of the excellent perks that players expect from other gambling sites. Some great benefits you can enjoy at a Google Pay casino include a no deposit offer, casino credit, and access to games for free simply in exchange for signing up at the casino.

If you sign up at a Google Pay casino, you should also expect to find a welcome bonus. This promotion provides players with a match on their initial deposits or free spins. A welcome or sign-up bonus is helpful when you start playing at a new casino.

A VIP bonus is another popular promotion available on GPay gambling platforms. This incentive entitles frequent players to higher-tier rewards and exclusive offers. The VIP bonus can result in significant cash prizes, limited promotions, and free games for gamers.

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Google Pay and Online Betting

In New Zealand, online betting sites is growing more popular, meaning many more online casinos are catering to this payment method. If you’re looking for a fast way to make a payment, you’ll be happy to know that Google Pay can do it all. Google Pay is a commonly used betting payment method and allows you to add funds directly to the betting site.

Pros & Cons: Google Pay Casinos

Google Pay is a popular payment method that you can use on both Android and iOS. It is an excellent option for fast deposits at online casinos; however, you cannot withdraw winnings with Google Pay which is a big drawback. Below are the pros and cons of playing at Google Pay casinos.


  • Most online casinos in NZ provide deposit bonuses like welcome bonuses, sign-up promotions, free spins, etc. when you use GPay.
  • Your payment information is not available to casino operators
  • There are no transfer fees
  • Immediate deposits
  • Pay on casino apps directly with Android or iOS mobile devices


  • The current restrictions do not allow you to withdraw your funds
  • The poor acceptance rate of Google Pay at online casinos is another significant disadvantage

Mobile App Google Pay Casinos

A mobile is a casino player’s preferred device for gambling online. If you wish to play at online casinos on your smartphone, you can easily find a casino app for your Android or iOS device.

With the introduction of Google Pay, it’s now even easier to deposit, play, and win all from the convenience of your phone. Mobile casinos are popular and provide dedicated apps that make it easier for players to play games and fund their accounts.

Moreover, Google Pay is compatible with both Android and iOS. While iOS users cannot make offline payments using Google Pay, they can carry out online transfers using this Google wallet.

Other Payment Methods

Many alternative payment solutions are available for players who don’t always want to deposit using Google Pay. Moreover, these payment methods allow you to make withdrawals so that you can use the same payment method for every transaction you make. Here are the safest Google Pay alternatives for online casino transactions.

Apple Pay

A typical Apple Pay casino uses money-transfer methods similar to the Google Pay methods. For additional security, you can control and confirm transactions on your phone using biometric scanning.


POLi is the best casino payment option if you’re looking for fast transactions. This payment method is exclusively available for Australian and New Zealand residents. It allows you to make payments from your bank account without adding your banking information to the casino sites.

PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller

Digital wallets are all the rage since you can buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw. If you want a foolproof payment method that is also secure, then opt for PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller.

Debit and Credit Cards

Most, if not all, online casinos accept credit and debit card payments. Mastercard payments are favourable since they have lower transaction fees, but the best online casinos still accept Visa payments.


Paysafecard is a great payment option for players who want to limit themselves regarding deposits. A Paysafecard is like a prepaid voucher that you purchase with a set amount on it. You’ll then use the PIN on your card at a casino to add funds to your account.


MuchBetter is an effective banking method that you can use at many online Google Pay casinos in New Zealand. This e-wallet allows gamblers to make cash deposits and withdrawals and reduces the time you spend adding and removing money to your account.

Instant Bank Transfer

If you’re unable to use one of the options above, you can always carry out a simple bank transfer. Bank transfers are not as popular as they used to be since they are slower and come with more security checks. However, most online casinos still offer them as a payment option.

Safety and Security at Google Pay Casinos

In New Zealand, there are numerous Google Pay online casinos, the majority of which provide an honest and fair gaming experience. Our top-rated online casinos are safe regarding gaming fairness and regulatory compliance. This means you can safely deposit and withdraw profits, play exciting games, and take advantage of generous bonuses, and mobile users can play on the go.

Below are some factors we assess when judging a casino’s security and safety measures.


Does a casino have a license? If a Google Pay casino is unlicensed, we recommend avoiding it. Licenses are a stamp of approval from a gambling authority and indicate that the casino follows the industry rules.

RTP and Audits

Always check a casino’s RTP (Return to Player) percentage. If this is high, it indicates that the casino lets its players win often and is fair. Furthermore, an audit will disclose the security features and let you know whether the casino operates fairly or not.

Responsible Gambling

We like Google Pay casinos that have features to help people control their gambling. Whether these are deposit or bet limit tools or resources on a help page, any casino worth using should include a security page.

Use Google Pay at Online Casinos

Given that Google is behind Google Pay, there is no doubt that this is a reliable payment method. Therefore, we highly recommend that you give Google Pay casinos a go since these casinos accept a secure and fast payment method that will make all of your transactions seamless. Furthermore, Google Pay is free of charge, and there are no fees, making your Google Pay online casino experience simple and cost-effective.

Check out our list of the top Google Pay casinos above and find one you can play at today!

FAQs: Google Pay Casinos

Can I use Google Pay at all gambling sites?

Many NZ casino sites accept Google Pay, but not all of them do. Fortunately, the number is growing so more will begin to allow payments with GPay in the future.

Is it safe to use Google Pay?

Yes, It is safe to use Google Pay. Given that Google is behind it, it is unquestionably reliable and you can activate authentication methods to stay safer.

Can I pay out my winnings to my Google Pay?

No, you cannot withdraw money from your casino account to your Google Pay wallet. You can only use Google Pay to fund your casino account.

Are there fees with using Google Pay at online casinos?

No, there are no additional fees for using Google Pay at online casinos. This means you can add money to your online gambling account at no additional expense.

How do I get a Google Pay Account?

Sign up for Google Pay using your phone and download the app from your device's app store. You can then link your bank and other credit cards to your GPay account.

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Quick Deposits at any Google Pay Casino in New Zealand!

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