Top Apple Pay Casino Sites in NZ 2023

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The online casino market in New Zealand is growing, which has led to the rise of many different payment methods at casinos, including Apple Pay casino sites. Apple Pay is a great way to make payments at casinos as it is quick, ensuring that money arrives in your account within seconds.

Moreover, Apple Pay casinos offer an extra layer of security when you make payments. Any casino that accepts Apple Pay ensures your safety by authenticating your payment using TouchID or FaceID to verify your identity. Since Apple Pay only allows customers to play and deposit on iPhone and iPad-compatible casinos, it isn’t the most popular payment method. However, gambling via this payment method has some distinct advantages, outlined in the guide below.

Best Apple Pay Casinos

What is an Apple Pay Casino?

Apple Pay was launched in 2014 with the iPhone 6. The technology enables the user to make quick transaction to pay for good and services. Apple Pay is one of the most recent payment options available for online casinos. NZ players can use this payment option to make quick and safe deposits at casinos with no transaction fees. Deposits at Apple Pay casinos are usually completed in just a few steps and only take a few minutes.

Using this digital wallet payment method at casinos, you do not need to provide sensitive bank account information, contact information, or credit card information. Apple Pay transactions are just as safe as conventional payment methods, thanks to fingerprint and facial recognition, which verifies your payments.


Withdrawals using Apple Pay

When it comes to casino withdrawals, Apple Pay isn’t an option. In most circumstances, you can withdraw funds via bank transfer or to another e-wallet like PayPal. You’ll need to go to the Apple Pay online casino’s cashier section and look for different withdrawal options.


How to Deposit using Apple Pay

It's easy to deposit at an Apple Pay casino since it only takes a few taps to fund your account. While the payment service's initial setup requires a few extra steps, depositing to gambling sites with Apple Pay is extremely easy.
Estimated time needed: 00:06 Tools needed: InternetCasinoCrawlers' list of Apple Pay Casinos Supply needed: Money
apple pay
Find an Apple Pay Casino Browse our list of the best Apple Pay casinos and find one that meets all of your needs. Step 1
apple pay
Select Apple Pay as a deposit method After choosing a casino, you'll then sign up and deposit money. Make sure you select Apple Pay as your deposit method. Step 2
apple pay
Follow the casino's instructions Double-check the casino's instructions after you've entered all of your information. Every casino has its own set of guidelines. Step 3
apple pay
Wager and win! After you approve the Apple Pay transaction, you can claim a bonus and start playing games! Step 4

Apple Pay Casino Fees

One of the most appealing aspects of using Apple Pay at an online casino is that Apple Pay doesn’t add additional fees for using the service. It means you should be able to add money to your online gambling account at no additional expense.

However, the casino may impose fees for withdrawals or other services. Read below about any casino fees you may encounter.

Currency Conversion

Apple Pay does not convert the currencies; your bank does on its own. So, when purchases get charged to your card via Apple Pay, your bank will apply the same conversion rate as if you used your actual card in any of the best Apple Pay online casinos.

Deposit Fees

Aside from the fact that online casinos never charge deposit fees, Apple Pay also does not. This is a significant benefit for those who don’t want to pay extra to deposit at a casino.

Receiving Payments

Apple Pay shouldn’t charge you for receiving payouts from casinos. While the casinos may have a withdrawal fee, this should be reasonably low.

Pros & Cons: Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay to make casino deposits has a lot of advantages in terms of the security it offers. That's why it is fast gaining popularity among gamblers. However, there are still a few downsides to using Apple Pay, which we've covered below.


  • Your personal and financial information remains private
  • Apple biometric authentication is protected
  • There are no charges
  • Transfer timings are quick
  • Zero fees


  • Withdrawals are not possible
  • Not all casinos accept Apple Pay
  • Only apple users can use Apple Pay

Apple Pay Casino Bonuses

Although there aren’t many Apple Pay casino bonuses available at casinos right now, you can still find standard welcome bonuses at the best online casinos. You can find an array of bonuses at Apple Pay casinos, including sign-up bonuses, no deposit bonuses, cashback offers, reload bonuses, and free pokies.

Best of all, after you’ve been a dedicated member of an Apple Pay casino for a while, the casino will likely reward you with VIP bonuses or add you to a loyalty program. This allows you to receive more significant bonuses, win rewards like free holidays, and be entered into large jackpots.

Apple Pay and Online Betting

Online betting has become extremely popular in New Zealand, and we’re now witnessing the arrival of cutting-edge payment systems like Apple Pay. You can now use your phone or any other Apple device to make a payment at an NZ betting site, all by using Apple Pay.

Since Apple Pay is linked to your most used bank accounts and credit cards, players can easily make small or large bets on their phones without entering additional payment information.

Mobile Apple Pay Casinos

Nowadays, if you want to play online casinos, your mobile device is one of the best methods. Mobile casinos are propping up in NZ since more people are using their smartphones to wager big and turning away from traditional desktop casinos. The best casino operators offer mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS, the latter of which accepts Apple Pay transactions.

With the rise of Apple Pay, it’s now even easier to deposit, play, and win money all from your phone. Mobile casinos are popular and provide responsive games, live-streamed table game studios, and video versions of poker, roulette, and blackjack.

Other Payment Methods

If you find a great casino that doesn’t accept Apple Pay, don’t panic! Many other payment solutions are available, ranging from mobile deposit methods to e-wallets. We’ve listed the significant Apple Pay alternatives below and only included those which are the safest.


POLi is the best banking technique for individuals who want quick casino transfers without directly sharing their banking information with the casino. This payment method is only available in New Zealand and Australia, and you’ll need an NZ internet banking account to make an online casino deposit using POLi.

PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller

PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are great virtual wallets allowing New Zealanders to make cash deposits and withdrawals at casinos. These trusted e-wallets are great Apple Pay alternatives with instant transactions and low transfer fees.

Visa and MasterCard

MasterCard and Visa are the most convenient and safest card payment options available at Apple Pay casinos. Casinos that accept Visa and Mastercard are likely to be safe and dependable. However, costs may apply to each transaction made with a Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card.


Paysafecard is a good Apple Pay alternative, mainly because you can easily use it on Apple devices, including your mobile phone. With Paysafecard, you purchase a prepaid voucher with a certain amount and then use the card’s PIN to carry out a transfer at the online casino.


MuchBetter is an excellent banking method available at many online Apple Pay casinos in New Zealand. This e-Wallet facilitates casino transactions, such as cash withdrawals and deposits. Best of all, MuchBetter has free transfers.

Instant Bank Transfer

If you prefer to manage your casino deposits from your bank account, you can choose to carry out a bank transfer. However, this isn’t a great Apple Pay payment alternative if you like fast transactions. Bank transfers between your account and casinos can take longer than other payment methods due to the security checks that banks impose.

Safety and Security at Apple Pay Casinos

Apple Pay casinos provide players with improved security compared to other similar payment methods. Apple does not save your financial information on its system since the company is big on security. Moreover, the gambling site you play at won’t see any transactions directly linked to your bank account, just your Apple Pay wallet.

There are other reasons which make Apple Pay casinos safe for gamblers to play at, which we’ve outlined below.


It’s hard to find an Apple Pay casino with no valid license from a gambling authority. If you come across an unlicensed casino, we advise that you don’t play at it; licenses usually indicate that a casino has passed certain checks and meets specific regulations.


Any casino worth playing at should have undergone an audit by an independent gambling authority. Although casinos without an audit are still worth using, we recommend finding an Apple Pay casino that has been audited to ensure that all the games you use are fair.

Encryption Standards

It’s essential that the Apple Pay casino you play at uses high standards of encryption, especially when making transactions. This will ensure that all your payments are private and secured by advanced technology, making it harder for third parties to view and potentially steal your details and information.

Apple Pay at Online Casinos

In New Zealand, gamblers can quickly utilize Apple Pay to make deposits at any online casino. All Apple Pay online casinos listed on our site are among the best in New Zealand.

Apple Pay is a safe and secure e-wallet that allows you to make a deposit and begin playing immediately. However, this mobile payment method is only available to Apple device users and restricted to selected regions; some casinos may also not accept it as a payment method. Fortunately, we’ve found those that do; check out our list of casino recommendations above and find the one that suits all of your needs!

FAQs: Apple Pay Casinos

Can I use Apple Pay at all gambling sites?

Unfortunately, the number of online casinos that accept Apple Pay is restricted. However, more and more casinos are accepting this payment type due to its popularity with gamblers.

Is it safe to use Apple Pay at casinos?

Yes, it is safe. Firstly, Apple Pay uses advanced security measures to keep your information safe. Moreover, the casinos we recommend on the list above employ security measures to protect users.

Can I pay out my winnings via Apple Pay?

No, you cannot withdraw money from your casino account with Apple Pay; you can only use Apple Pay to fund your casino account at this time.

Are there fees for using Apple Pay at online casinos?

No, there aren't any fees for using Apple Pay casinos. One of the most appealing aspects of using Apple Pay at an online casino is that neither the casino nor Apple imposes any charges for using the service.

How do I get an Apple Pay account?

It's straightforward. Add a credit, debit, or prepaid card to your iPhone's Wallet app to set up your Apple Pay account.

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Faster Deposits at any Apple Pay Casino in New Zealand!

When yоu lооk аt the раyment сhоiсes оffered аt reliаble оnline саsinоs, yоu will reаlize thаt mаny оnline саsinоs in New Zeаlаnd ассeрt Аррle Раy. Although it is а relаtively new раyment орtiоn fоr саsinо players, it рrоvides unique benefits to iOS users. The serviсe is аvаilаble оn mоst iОS, Mас, аnd Аррle Wаtсh deviсes. Virtuаl gаmers can mаnаge their gаming deposits at any Apple Pay casino with оnly а few tарs.

Аre yоu wоndering whether Аррle Раy is а sаfe casino deposit methоd? Apple Pay is а раyment intermediаry serviсe thаt lets yоu раy with yоur сredit оr debit саrd withоut reveаling аny оf yоur саrd infоrmаtiоn. This mаkes online casinos accepting Аррle Раy а highly seсure сhоiсe. The Tоuсh аnd Fасe ID сараbilities on your iOS device ensure you are the оnly рersоn whо саn аuthentiсаte раyments mаde at an Apple Pay casino in NZ.

Lооking fоr mоre reаsоns tо use Аррle Раy? Оne оf the best things about Аррle Раy is thаt it dоes nоt сhаrge аny аdditiоnаl fees when you add money to your Apple Pay саsinо accounts. This is excellent news fоr NZ gаmers beсаuse саsinоs sоmetimes imроse аdditiоnаl рrосessing соsts deрending оn the раyment tyрe used. When yоu use Аррle Раy, hоwever, this will nоt be the саse.

The раyment рrосedure and аuthentiсаtiоn рrосess are simple. The simрliсity оf the раyment рrосess is whаt mаkes Аррle Раy deроsits sо time-effiсient. Better yet, any Apple Pay casino will include other popular withdrawal alternatives like direct bank transfer or popular e-wallet options.

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