Formula 1 Betting: The Best Betting Sites for Formula 1 in New Zealand 2024

If you love watching Formula 1 and are interested in learning more about F1 betting, then this guide is for you. There are many factors that influence the outcome of an F1 race, which are important to understand before placing any bets. Finding the right bookmaker is also key – so we’ve put together a list of recommended sites.

In this guide, we’ll explain the basics of Formula 1 racing and different types of bets. And review all the factors to consider before placing your bets. But first, let’s take a look at our list of the best F1 bookmakers available.

Best F1 Betting Sites 2024

The Basics of Formula 1 Racing

Formula 1 is a motorsport that’s popular all around the world. It’s characterised by high-speed racing and cutting-edge technology.

Understanding how Formula 1 racing works, from the design of the cars to the diversity of circuits, can help you better understand the nuances of the sport to place your bets successfully. Let’s take a look at some of the elements involved in the sport of Formula 1.

Formula 1 Cars

Formula 1 cars are designed to deliver exceptional speed, agility, and performance. They’re engineered purely for racing, with sleek, aerodynamically optimised chassis. Their design aims to minimise drag and maximise downforce, enhancing grip so that cards can maintain higher speeds through corners.

The tyres of the car are also crucial for racing. Different tyres offer varying levels of durability and grip that can affect the race.

The cars are also equipped with sensors to collect real-time data that are used to analyse the race, informing strategies about when drivers should make their pit stops. Teams look at tire temperature, engine performance and fuel consumption.

Racing Circuits

In Formula 1 racing, there are various types of circuits (also known as the course) where the races are held. Each comes with its own unique set of characteristics and challenges for drivers and teams.

Rules and Regulations of F1

Like many other sports, there are rules and regulations that govern various aspects of Formula 1.

Firstly, drivers need to pass qualification to participate in the race. This involves competing in a knock-out style qualifying session. The outcome determines the starting position on the grid for the drivers, with the best drivers securing pole position.

Each race consists of a number of laps, that’s usually around 300 km and takes about two hours to complete. The top ten finishers of the race are awarded points, with the race winner receiving the most points. Extra points are also given for various factors, such as the fastest lap.

All teams, even the big-name teams like Ferrari and Mercedes, need to meet the technical regulations for a race. For example, there are set rules that govern car dimensions, engine specifications, weight and aerodynamics to maintain safety and competitiveness. There are also other regulations relating to on-track conduct, pit stops and safety car deployment. For teams or drivers who fail to meet the regulations, there can be penalties.

Types of Formula 1 Bets

When betting on Formula 1 racing, there are a variety of bets you can place. Here are some of the most popular bets:

Significance of Driver Skills, Team Dynamics, and Race Strategies

A successful bet in F1 extends beyond luck. It’s essential to understand the interplay between driver skills, team dynamics, and race strategies.

Driver Skills

Each team competing in a Formula 1 race relies on the skills of their driver. Well-known drivers include Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel, who compete in championship races around the world.

To be successful, drivers need to master precise cornering techniques, acceleration and braking points. Combining these skills can help them to gain time on the track. They also need to be adaptable when driving. Often during a race, there can be unforeseen incidents, tire degradation or even weather changes. All rely on quick-decision making and adaptability to ensure it doesn’t affect their ability to win.

With F1 betting, it’s important to consider driver skills. When considering newer drivers, look at their qualifying performances. These can reflect their driving capabilities to help you make a more informed bet come race day.

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Top 5 F1 Drivers in 2023

Rank Driver Points Race Victories
#1 M. Verstappen – Red Bull 314 10
#2 S. Perez – Red Bull 189 2
#3 F. Alonso – Aston Martin 149 0
#4 L. Hamilton – Mercedes 140 0
#5 C. Leclerc – Ferrari 99 0

Team Dynamics

Although there’s no denying big names like Lewis Hamilton are amazing drivers, these professionals don’t race in isolation. They’re an integral part of a larger team who works together to optimise the car’s performance.

The team relies on an engineer, to fine-tune the car, check aerodynamics, and adapt the strategy to suit the driver’s style and circuit conditions. The pit crew is responsible for quick and error-free stops during the race. To change tyres, refuel and make adjustments – fast. And the team is responsible for the strategic race decisions, which can often dictate how the driver races to optimise their chances of successfully winning. You can find a lot of data about team dynamics on F1’s official website, use these insights to increase the chance of a winning bet!

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Race Strategies

There are various factors that can influence a race strategy, particularly in a drivers championship or Grand Prix event.

Tyre management is an essential component of the strategy that can affect pit influence timings. Choosing the right tyre impacts how quickly the tyre degrades and how often it needs to be changed, which impacts the overall time of the race. Deciding when to make a pit stop is also highly strategic. Making a stop at the right time for fuel or other adjustments can be the difference between a victory and a defeat.

Finally, strategy can influence when drivers decide to make overtaking attempts. The track conditions, weather and weaknesses of other drivers can all impact the timing of the best moment to overtake an opponent.

Best F1 Constructors in 2023

Rank Constructor Points Race Victories
#1 Red Bull 503 12
#2 Mercedes 247 0
#3 Aston Martin 196 0
#4 Ferrari 191 0
#5 McLaren 103 0

Using Racing Insights

You can boost your chances of placing a successful bet by using racing insights. Here are some aspects to consider to make an informed betting decision.

Data and Modelling

Gathering and analysing data from past performances can offer valuable insights. For example, analysing past race performances, qualifying results, and driver statistics may help you to see patterns that can shape predictions.

Predictive models can also help provide a systematic approach to interpreting historical race data. Models generate forecasts that reveal potential outcomes based on set parameters that can be a useful tool for betting.

Monitoring Key Trends for F1 Betting

The unique characteristics of each circuit can impact race dynamics. This includes identifying a driver’s history on each track and their performance under various weather conditions. Their familiarity with each track can also impact their chances to win.

Some drivers also have stronger affinities for certain circuits. Analysing past performances and recognising this can help you with finding the best odds to place your bets.

Finally, look at consistency in recent races to understand a driver’s form. Analyse trends in finishing positions and lap times to understand if a driver is on an upward trajectory or facing challenges.

Strategic Insights

You can use various strategic insights to find the best odds to place your F1 bets and help secure a win.

Elements to look out for to help make a better-informed decision when placing your bets include:

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Tips for Placing Your Bets

Even if you’re the most passionate F1 fan around, it’s important that you manage your emotions when placing your bets. Here are some tips to get the best experience before you head to an online bookmaker:

  1. Manage bias: Make rational decisions based on analysis and strategy, and don’t let your emotions get in the way.
  2. Value bets: Evaluate the odds that each bookmaker is offering against what you perceive is the likelihood of the outcome. This approach helps you to discover value bets, where the odds are more favourable.
  3. Use licensed sites: Always use a licensed and reputable online bookmaker who offers fair conditions for all wagers. Check out our list of recommended sites which have all been vetted by our experienced team.

Bankroll Management

Managing your betting bankroll helps keep your betting enjoyable. Here are some suggestions for bankroll management.

1. Set a budget: Set aside a specific amount of money for your Formula 1 betting. Ensure it aligns with your risk tolerance and is within your financial means.

2. Stake allocation: Vary your stake based on your confidence the bet will win. Use a smaller stake on risker bets and a higher stake when you’re more confident.

3. Be consistent: Regardless of how well (or bad) your bets are going, don’t increase your stakes dramatically.

4. Avoid going ‘All-In’: Even if a bet seems like a sure thing, avoid putting your entire bankroll on the line to help reduce significant losses.

5. Adjust your strategy: Review your bankroll management strategy regularly to make sure it’s still right for you.

6. Be responsible: Follow the rules you’ve set for yourself and avoid deviating from your bankroll management plan. If you’re struggling to manage your betting behaviour seek help or visit our responsible gambling page to find more.

More Than a Game of Chance

Formula 1 betting is a calculated pursuit, with the most successful wagers focusing on the analysis of driver skills, understanding team dynamics, looking at historical patterns, and adopting bankroll management. We hope this guide helps you to make more informed betting decisions for the next F1 season, whether you’re looking to place a bet on the Australia, Monaco, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix or more. Good luck!


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FAQ about Formula 1 Betting

Can you bet on one F1 driver?

Yes you can bet on your favorite F1 driver. The bet can be placed before the race starts or when the race is on using live betting.

What is each way in F1 betting?

An each-way bet is a two-part bet where you can bet half of your stake on the winner of the race and the other half on a driver who you think will be  placed on a specific position at the end of the race.

What is the fastest qualifier bet?

If you place a bet on the fasters qualifier you are simply betting on the driver who sets the fastest qualifying time in the qualifying session. » Online-betting-sites » Formula 1 Betting: The Best Betting Sites for Formula 1 in New Zealand 2024
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