Lottery Wins in July

Lottery Wins in July
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Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen some big NZ lotto winners, notably from Dunedin, Auckland and more. There have also been several winning tickets in Australia for some lucky recipients. And there’s been a major prize in the US lottery where one lucky winner won one of the largest prize records in the history of the US draw!

At CasinoCrawlers, we’re busy keeping an eye on things to see if anyone has become an instant multi-millionaire. In this article, we’ll take a look at some recent Lotto winners in NZ, including First Division winners and winning Powerball.

Good luck in picking your winning numbers for the next draw! Don’t forget to grab one ticket (or more!) to be in the running to win big at Lotto Powerball.

Lotto NZ winners

Lotto’s $20 million jackpot prize pool didn’t go off on the weekend, but there was one lucky winner who has woke up $1 million richer. The numbers for Saturday’s draw (29 July) were 13, 34, 4, 18, 21 and 10. The Bonus Ball was 40, and the Power Ball was 3.

The lucky winner has yet to come forward, so we encourage everyone with a ticket to check their numbers for Lotto and Powerball.

Last month, a lucky couple from Christchurch won one of the largest draws in recent NZ history. They kept their winning ticket in a sock drawer until they figured out what they’d do with their winnings. The couple were said to be overwhelmed by the $33.5 million win and needed a few days to process it before coming forward.

Dunedin winners

One lucky Lotto player from Dunedin recently won a whopping $1 million in the Lotto First Division with a single ticket. The live draw was held on Saturday 22 July, 2023.

If you purchased a ticket from South Dunedin Night n Day in Dunedin, you may have a winning ticket! Check your ticket in-store, through the MyLottoApp or by visiting the MyLotto website.

Lotto First Division Winners

Two NZ Lotto players were also fortunate to split First Division in the Wednesday draw on 19 July 2023. The two players each won $500,000 each.

The winning tickets were purchased online at MyLotto by two New Zealand players from Auckland and Rotorua.

Because the ticket was sold online at MyLotto we recommend checking your tickets asap if you live in either Auckland or Rotorua to see if you’ve won! Visit the MyLotto site or log onto the MyLotto App to check if you’ve got the winning numbers.

Also, one lucky player won $ 1 million in Saturday’s draw (29/7). The winning ticket was sold at Paper Plus Morrinsville in Morrinsville. On top of this, another player from Canterbury won $200,000 with Strike Four.

More Lotto Winner NZ

In Whakatāne, a midweek windfall saw another lucky player take home $1 million in the Lotto First Division in Wednesday night’s live draw.

If you purchased a ticket at Paper Plus Whakatāne, be sure to check your tickets to see if you’re the lucky prize winner.

A lucky Strike player based in Whanganui has also won $600,000 with Strike Four. The winning ticket was sold at Countdown Victoria Ave in Whanganui. If you purchased a ticket from Whanganui be sure to check all the numbers on your ticket to see if you’ve won.

Winning ticket in Australia

It’s not just New Zealand players seeing some big Lotto results. Over in Australia, a Perth couple scored a massive win in the country’s Saturday Lotto Powerball draw. The single ticket was bought from Lotterwest Play Online. And the lucky couple won a life-changing $1.3 million.

The Claremont couple has already donated some of their winnings to charities, as well as setting aside some money for travelling and paying down their mortgage.

Each week the couple would joke that if they won the lotto they could finally take some time off work, but they never dreamed their tickets would draw the big prize.

Spokesman for Lotterywest James Mooney, said he hopes to see another jackpot winner from West Australia in the next Lotto Powerball draw.

Powerball Jackpot in the US

Over in the US, one small low-income neighbourhood store in downtown LA sold the winning ticket worth around US$1.08 billion (the equivalent of approximately NZ$1.73 billion).

The win is the sixth largest in the history of the US Lotto draw, and the third largest in the history of the entire Lotto game.

The instant multi-millionaire winner can choose to receive the jackpot as a lump sum of US$558.1 million (NZ$896.4m) before taxes. Or they can choose to receive their winnings in yearly increments.

In the US, winners don’t have to come forward publicly, but according to the California Lottery, the winners’ names are public record.

The ticket was bought at Las Palmitas Mini Market, which receives a US$1 million bonus from the lottery. The market is located a few blocks from LA’s Skid Row, where thousands of Americans live in makeshift shanties lining entire blocks of the neighbourhood.

Previous Powerball jackpot winner

Last-minute ticket sales pushed the jackpot to over US$1 billion at the time of the draw.

The last time a single player won the Powerball jackpot was in April, for a top prize of US$253 million.

Supporting New Zealand Lotto

When you play Lotto in New Zealand you’re supporting thousands of great causes, with 100% of profits helping Kiwis every year.


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