New Gambling Laws in Victoria: What You Need to Know

New Gambling Laws in Victoria: What You Need to Know
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In an effort to reduce gambling harm associated with electronic gaming machines (EGMs), new Victoria gambling laws are set to be introduced in Australia. Premier Dan Andrews and Gaming Minister Melissa Horne unveiled the sweeping gambling reforms to address growing community concern about pokie machines and promote responsible gambling.

So what does this mean for New Zealand & NZ casino sites? In this article, we’ll review the current gambling rules in Victoria and provide information about the new laws relating to gambling activities. We will also explore the implications for other jurisdictions, including NZ. Finally, we’ll look at the community impact of gaming operations in Victoria and a potential timeline for the new measures.

Current Gambling Rules in Victoria

As part of an Australia-wide push for stricter gaming regulations and anti-money laundering measures, Victoria is introducing some of the most stringent rules for pokie machines nationwide.

The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission reveals a whopping $2.8 billion has been lost by pokie players in pubs, clubs, and hotels during the first 11 months of last financial year. The prior year also saw a loss of $2 billion in gaming machines.

Premier Daniel Andrews has acknowledged that gaming harm extends beyond major casinos like Melbourne’s Crown Casino. These latest reforms aim to address smaller gaming venues throughout the state.

What the New Measures Cover

There are several key changes proposed under the new laws, with the goal of tackling gambling harm head-on:

Reducing opening times

Venue operators with gambling machine areas are set to face mandatory closure periods between the hours of 4 a.m. and 10 a.m. The closing times apply to all gaming venues except Crown Casino.

The goal is to help prevent people from gambling around the clock. The measure addresses concerns from the community about venues working together to stagger opening hours, allowing patrons to gamble continually.

Pre-commitment limits

All pokies and EGMs will require a mandatory pre-commitment system with set money limits and mandatory carded play. This helps prevent players from gambling money they don’t have. Players will need to sign in and set their loss limits before they can play.

Changes to load-up limits

Load-up limits are the amount each player can input into poker machines at a given time. These values are set to be significantly reduced, from $1,000 down to $100.

Slowing spin rates

All new poker machines’ spin rates will be slowed down to help minimise financial losses. The aim is to increase the interval between spins to a spin rate of three seconds per game, compared to the current rate of 2.1 seconds.

Implications for New Zealand

Victoria isn’t the only Australian state looking to make changes to the gambling industry to mitigate gambling-related harm. NSW is pledging to reduce the number of pokies throughout the state. The Federal Government has introduced BetStop, a platform for people to ban themselves from online gambling companies.

Last year, NZ Internal Affairs Minister Jan Tinnetti announced new regulations. These included pubs having to record sweeps of gaming rooms twice an hour to check for problem gamblers.

Other introductions included ensuring gaming equipment is not visible from outside venues and moving ATMs so they’re not in the line of sight of the main bar. All staff also have to undergo mandatory training on dealing with problem gambling.

However, the changes were met with mixed reactions as they were significantly watered down from initial proposals.

Gambling Regulation Act

Victorian gambling laws fall under the Gambling Regulation Act, which seeks to foster responsible gambling and minimise harm from gambling. But the community has been calling for more action from the Victorian government over the past few years.

Premier Daniel Andrews expressed his hope that the proposed reforms would provide support to many Victorians, especially those negatively affected by gambling. He stressed that venues, particularly those home to pokie machines, are a significant source of pain throughout suburban Victoria.

Tim Costello, spokesperson for the Alliance for Gambling Reform, believes the changes are a step in the right direction. He believes the enforced reforms will go a long way in mitigating problem gambling and money laundering in Victoria.

Timeline For New Reforms

While the timeline has yet to be announced, some changes are expected to be in place before the end of the year. For example, limiting load-up limits and the ability to set loss limits. It’s anticipated the rest of the reforms plan to be rolled out by the following year.

Premier Andrews has indicated industry consultation with the government will be required. But gambling expert Charles Livingstone from Monash University warns extensive consulting with the gambling industry could lead to delays in implementing the much-needed reforms.

The approach by the Victorian state government could serve as an example to not only other Australian states but also other countries.

After announcing the new reforms last year, Minister Tinetti said she asked NZ government officials to scope out a complete rewrite of the NZ Gambling Act. She claimed cherry-picking bits and pieces wouldn’t stop the issues.

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