How Online Casinos Avoid Hacking

How online casinos protect against hackers
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Have you ever wondered how online casinos avoid hacking? Discover the various technology and encryption methods that help protect against hackers. Learn the main differences between land-based casino tricks vs online casino hacks, whether it’s possible to hack an online casino and how to keep your personal information safe. We’ll also give you some legitimate casino hacks to help improve your chances of winning!

Land-based casino hacking vs online casino hacking

Cheating old slot machines in a physical casino used to be more common, before technology made it harder to cheat the system. For example, using magnets to manipulate slot machines to increase payouts and gain unfair wins!

These days, things have become more sophisticated in land-based casino hacking. In 2014, a group of Russian hackers were discovered cheating slot machines. Although not huge wins, more money than usual was being paid out. Turns out they’d been running a scam for years using mobile phones to record spins on a slot machine.

They uploaded the footage to their technical team in Russia, who calculated the machine’s pattern. And then told the team when to press the spin button. This hack resulted in earning money of upwards of $250,000 in a week for a four-person team.

Unlike a land-based casino, with the introduction of enhanced technology and encryption software, hacking online slots and casino games is much more difficult.

Is it possible to hack online casino games?

Technically, yes, it’s possible to hack casinos. While online casinos have cyber security measures in place to ensure the safety of all online players, no system is completely foolproof. There’s always a chance hackers can find a vulnerability within the system to exploit. But given the increased focus on security and enhancements in IT, it’s more difficult than ever to hack an online casino.

And there are serious repercussions for anyone caught attempting to hack online casinos. If you’re caught, there’s a fair chance you’ll have your winnings reversed. You may also have your online casino account deleted or blocked. Or worse, you could have to serve jail time.

Examples of online casino hacks

Examples of hacking can include manipulating payment instructions, duplicating accounts or attempting to abuse bonus funds. Today, online casinos employ large IT teams and use automated technology to monitor customer accounts.

They’ll take note of and follow up on any activity that looks suspicious. This can include tracking a customer’s IP address. The team also make sure there aren’t duplicate or multiple accounts made using the same address.

Casino cyber security teams

In addition to monitoring customer accounts, dedicated cyber security teams use advanced firewalls and intrusion detection systems. This helps prevent unauthorised access from hackers. They also run regular security checks to identify any risks or vulnerabilities.

An online casino also typically uses heavily guarded and sophisticated facilities to host their online casino software. Making it almost impossible to hack online casino software directly from the source.

While hacking won’t ever be completely removed from online casinos, many casinos take extensive measures to keep customer information safe. Helping prevent unfair wins and ensure a safe and fair casino gaming experience for all.

How online casinos avoid hacking

Some of the best online casinos in NZ also use various technology and encryption to help identify risks, such as…


Online casinos use encryption technology, anti-fraud systems, firewalls and other technology to help keep all transactions secure. This helps to keep customer information safe from cyber threats and hackers.

For example, online casinos use hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) to send data between a website and a web browser. HTTPS is encrypted to increase the security of data transfers, which is especially important when players log into their accounts or update payment information.

Secure payment methods

Establishing secure payment methods that require verification is one-way casinos help to reduce fraud and keep players safe. They aim to ensure players can deposit and withdraw funds safely, quickly and easily. Using various payment methods such as bank transfers, credit/debit cards and e-wallets.


Algorithms help identify hackers and cheaters. Because algorithms can’t be easily manipulated, they resist hackers and cyber security threats.

Many casinos also use algorithms to help maintain game fairness. They can help ensure that all players have equal winning odds and a fair chance. Algorithms also provide fairness with casino bonus promotions and offers.

Online casinos use a random number generator (RNG) to make sure games are random, unpredictable and can’t be manipulated. These are typically tested and hosted by reputable authorities, including third-party auditors. Another layer of security is added to certify their accuracy and ensure they can’t be influenced.

Most online slot machines use a random number generator so that each spin result is chosen randomly. There’s no connection to previous spins, making it impossible to predict the outcome.

Responsible gambling measures

Online casinos also use responsible gambling measures. This helps to prevent not only the harms of gambling but also fraud and hacking. For example, setting deposit limits, providing resources for players who are experiencing issues and self-exclusion options.

Keep your personal information safe at most online casinos

If you’re a regular visitor of gambling sites you need to consider how best to keep your online information safe. Whether you enjoy online casino slot machines or are looking to win money on the roulette wheel.

Online casinos, just like online banks, can be attractive to hackers looking to access financial details for their own gain. As a player, you also play an important role in ensuring the overall safety and security of online gambling.

Always use online casinos that are licensed and regulated, because they adhere to strict industry standards relating to responsible gambling, fairness and safety.

You’ll need an account to start gambling in an online casino, which requires verification. Here are some tips to keep your account safe:

Choose a strong password

Make sure you choose a password that’s not easy to guess and is unique. Although it can be more difficult to keep track of, it’s best practice to use a different password for each of your online accounts. This can help prevent hackers from gaining access to all of your accounts if your personal data is compromised.

Use up-to-date security software

If you’re a regular user of online slot games, be sure to use reliable antivirus or security software on your PC and electronic devices. Keep software up to date to help keep your details safe. Only use trustworthy gambling sites, a live casino or an online platform you trust.

Use a secure internet connection

We recommend using a secure and private internet connection when you’re playing for real cash prizes online. Try to avoid using public Wi-Fi networks, which are typically not secure and could expose your personal information to potential hackers.

Be aware of suspicious emails

Be wary of any emails or messages that claim to come from an online casino or a payment provider. Particularly if they ask you to click on any links or download any attachments.

Avoid casino hack apps

Be wary of any ‘hack casino apps’. Often, these hack casino games are, more often than not, apps that only exist to get access to your data. Beware!

Legit casino hacks to help improve your chances of winning

While it’s illegal to hack casino games online, there are some online casino tricks and hacks players can use to help increase their winning chances at many casinos.

Understand the house edge and RTP percentages

The house edge is what gives casinos their winning odds. Statistically, there’s no way to ‘beat the house’, but the casino’s house edge can vary depending on which casino game you play. Look for games with low-house edge games, like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps or European Roulette.

Return to Player (RTP) refers to the percentage that online slot machines offer players. An online slot RTP can average about 95%, so for every $100 you gamble, you’ll get $95 back. When you play online slots, look for ones that offer the highest RPT. You can find this on the online slots paytable icon before spinning. Another good tip is to look for online slots that offer the most pay lines.

Use casino bonuses

Most casinos online offer players generous promotions and bonuses to help increase bankroll. Such as deposit offers when you first open an account. Deposit bonuses are activated when you make your initial deposit with your own money. So while it’s free money, you’ll need to make a wager before you can withdraw any funds. Check wagering requirements when you sign up to see if there’s an achievable chance of using the bonus.

Also look for reload bonuses, cash backs, loyalty programs and free spins. Check what promotions are available, the terms and conditions and if you can combine promotions to help you win big.

Consider risks and volatility

Volatility and risk are typically associated with a slot machine, split into low, medium and high-risk categories. Low volatility means that slot games provide decent payouts regularly. While high volatility means the slot machine offers big jackpot wins but the payouts are less regular.

Look for a slot machine with good RTP and low volatility to help boost your chances of winning. If you’re chasing big wins, look for one slot with high volatility, but consider making a small bet to reduce the risks.

Don’t chase big wins

Sticking to small bets can help you play longer and potentially lead to more payouts over time. To make smart bets, combine your small bets with game tables with the lowest house edge, or the best RTP slot machines. A good rule is to not bet more than 0.5% of your starting bankroll for each slot spin. Over time you’ll develop a betting style to suit you.

Watch how much you spend

Bankroll management is crucial when gambling online. Put together a spending plan to follow, like setting weekly deposit limits, to keep track of your total spending. Stay consistent and resist the urge to increase your stakes if you’re on a winning (or a losing) streak.

Choose a licensed casino

Choosing a licensed online casino or sports betting site means they have to follow safe and secure betting protocols. Which can help keep your details secure. Many online casinos provide their licence details on their website so you can easily check. You can also check out our online casino recommendations.

Check the Paytable

Like the RTP, the paytable gives players information about the game. This can include payouts, how to trigger bonus features and available prizes.

Look for:

  • how often the game pays out
  • whether it offers a range of betting amounts
  • how many bonus rounds it has
  • whether you can win a jackpot

These elements combined can help increase your chances of getting money and achieving a big win.

Play for free

While you can’t win real cash prizes playing for free, it can help you learn about the slot machine. You can test out various games to work out which one is right for you before playing for money. You can also take advantage of free spin bonuses.

Understand how online games work

Learning how a casino works helps you understand how online casino hacks work. The best hack to win real money on online slot machines is researching different games. Check expert reviews and learn about different features and stats before you get started.


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