9 Masks of Fire
9 Masks of Fire

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9 masks of fire
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RTP: RTP, return to player, shows in percentages how much players can on average expect to win from a slot machine. Example: if RTP for a slot machine is 98%, player can expect to win back 98% of the amount they have wagered. Since RTP in an average percentage, players can win more or less. 96.24%

Volatility: Volatility indicates how often players can expect a payout from a slot machine. Slots with low volatility payout more often, however, the amount of the payout is generally smaller. With high volatility slot games, payouts happen less frequently but do tend to be bigger. Medium

Type: Video Slot

Max Win: The max win is the highest possible win you can achieve when playing a slot. Usually, the win is expressed as a multiplier. Example: If you bet 1 € pr. spin and the max win is 5000x, you can win up to 5000 €. 2000x

Min bet: 0.20 NZ$

Max bet: 60 NZ$

Hit Frequency: The hit frequency tells how often a slotmachine stops on a winning combination. For instance a slotmachine with a hit frequency of 10% indicates that it stops roughly 10% of the time on a winning combination. N/A%

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Release Date: 02/10/2019

9 Masks of Fire: Where Luck Meets the Flames of Excitement!

Introduction to 9 Masks of Fire

Embark on a thrilling African escapade with Microgaming’s 9 Masks of Fire, skillfully crafted by Gameburger Studios in 2019. This slot promises more than just an adventure; it boasts a super unique African tribal theme, where every spin resonates with the beat of tribal drums.

Bask in the glow of fiery masks across five reels, each spin holding the potential for a whopping 2,000x your stake win. But it doesn’t stop there; 9 Masks of Fire boasts generous scatters, a high RTP, and an abundance of bonus features, including free spin rounds. This video slot is a unique gem, offering hours of dynamic gameplay.

Dive into the untamed reels and discover the treasures that await in 9 Masks of Fire!

9 Masks of Fire is a high-energy online slot brimming with explosive visuals and a pulsating soundtrack that delivers a dynamic, action-packed and feature-rich gameplay experience.

Reels, Rows and Paylines

9 Masks of Fire sets the stage with a classic yet engaging 5×3 reel setup, where African-themed symbols align to form winning combinations signalled by paylines setting ablaze.

With a total of 20 paylines strategically woven across the reels, players have ample opportunities to land winning combinations of three or more matching symbols.

Classic Symbols with a Tribal Twist

Experience the vibrant blend of traditional and tribal in 9 Masks of Fire online slot. The familiar slot symbols—cherries, bars, bells, and sevens—are reimagined with African flair, creating a visually striking gameplay.

Cherry Symbol

These classic delights may be low in value, but they pop up frequently, rewarding you for even the smallest victories on the reels.

Bar Symbols

Traditional bars make a cameo! They're like the familiar faces in the crowd, offering steady, reliable wins. While not as flashy as the masks or flaming sevens, these symbols still add to the overall excitement.

Flaming Sevens

Enter the scorching realm of flaming sevens! These blazing symbols bring the heat, representing big wins and sizzling excitement. Land those sevens, and you'll feel the reels ignite with the thrill of victory.

Liberty Bell

Say hello to the Liberty Bell, an iconic symbol of luck and freedom. When this bell rings out on the reels, it's your sign that good fortune might just be around the corner. It's like a historic charm guiding you to wins.

Dollar Sign

Watch out for the shimmering dollar signs! They're like golden nuggets, promising wealth and prosperity. When these signs align, your winnings might just sparkle with an extra touch of financial magic.

Golden Scatter Masks

Named after the game, the golden mask scatter is a coveted bonus in this African themed slot. Land three or more anywhere on the reels to trigger cash prizes, paying regardless of their position, up to nine masks. The prize varies with the bet, reaching an impressive 2,000 times your total stake with a full set of nine scatters. The tribal aesthetics add cultural depth to the gaming experience, enhancing the excitement for players seeking thrilling rewards.

Versatile African Diamond Wild

The wild symbol perfectly pairs with the African theme. The diamond wild symbol not only substitutes for any other symbols (except scatters and Free Spins bonus), it also acts as a multiplier. Filling reels with wilds leads to a massive 2,500x payout. With a 3x multiplier, it could mean an astonishing 7,500x return.

Scatters and Bonus Features

RTP and Volatility

In the world of online slots, 9 Masks of Fire online slot stands out with a solid 96.24% RTP and medium volatility. Think of it as a balanced ride – not too risky, not too safe.

It means you can expect decent wins without crazy ups and downs. For every four spins, we landed a win during our test run, keeping the excitement alive.

If you’re a player who enjoys regular wins without big surprises, 9 Masks of Fire might just be your cup of tea. The odds are in favour of a consistently fun time, making it a great pick for those looking for reliable and enjoyable gameplay.

Stake limits

We love 9 Masks of Fire for it’s flexibility! Bets begin at 0.20 and end with a max bet of 60 coins per spin across its 20 paylines. It’s like choosing your adventure – from a casual stroll to a more daring venture.

And hey, there’s an autoplay feature for up to 100 spins, letting the game do its thing while you sit back. Feeling the need for speed? Click the little lightning bolt in the corner to activate turbo mode.

It’s like the express lane for your spins. So, set your pace, enjoy the ride, and see where those stakes take you!

Visuals and Audio

9 Masks of Fire stands out as an unusual blend of new and old, making it visually intriguing and promising. The maroon-gold combo, tribal aesthetics, and rhythmic soundtrack contribute to a distinctive gaming atmosphere.

Theme and Graphics

In 9 Masks of Fire, it’s like taking a stroll through both the past and present. Imagine a maroon canvas splashed with golden symbols, a mix of tradition and modern flair. This online slot dances to the beat of African tribal vibes, especially with those exotic Masks stealing the show.

It’s a visual treat, blending simplicity with the charm of a real-life slot machine. Gameburger nails the art of recreating that casino feel that’s both classic and fresh!


In 9 Masks of Fire, get ready to groove with an audio vibe that’s a chill suspense party, driven by rhythmic drum beats. Picture an Indiana Jones-style adventure with a tribal twist – it’s that cool. The soulful beats are like having a concert in the jungle, and you’re the VIP guest!

Mobile vs. Desktop

Microgaming is all about gaming anywhere, anytime, and 9 Masks of Fire is your golden ticket. Powered by HTML5 magic, this online slot effortlessly transitions from your PC to the palm of your hand.

Some players prefer playing from their mobile devices, claiming it outshines the desktop experience. If versatility is your online slot mantra, 9 Masks of Fire is your game.

Play it on iOS or Android, no downloads needed. It’s gaming freedom, untethered and ready whenever the mood strikes.

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About Microgaming – The Creator of 9 Masks of Fire

Since 1994, Microgaming, the force behind 9 Masks of Fire, has revolutionized gaming from the Isle of Man. Scaling impressive heights, this juggernaut pioneers the industry, delving into online slot games, live games, and more.

Renowned for innovation, Microgaming crafts immersive experiences. 9 Masks of Fire exemplifies their commitment to pushing boundaries, delivering excitement, and shaping the future of online gaming.

Pros & Cons with 9 Masks of Fire


  • Higher than average RTP
  • Autospin Feature
  • 3x Free Spin Boost
  • Unlimited retriggers
  • Generous scatter payouts


  • Graphics are basic
  • No limit loss on autospin
  • 20 paylines only
  • Jackpot doesn't promise huge wins compared to other online slots


9 Masks of Fire offers players an intriguing blend of tradition and innovation. With a commendable RTP, the slot offers a solid gaming experience.

Its simplicity caters to easy play, though some might find the graphics basic. Mobile versatility and autospin convenience add to the thrill.

What really sells us on 9 Masks of Fire video slot are the enhanced free spins and generous mask scatters upping the ante. However, if you seek massive jackpots, the top prize might leave you wanting more.


9 Masks of Fire Slot FAQs

What is the Bonus Wheel in 9 Masks of Fire?

The Bonus Wheel is a thrilling feature in the 9 Masks of Fire slot machine by Gameburger Studios. Activated by landing shield scatter symbols, it grants players 10 to 30 free spins, with the chance to retrigger and unveil exciting bonus segments.

How do Mask Scatter Symbols work?

Mask scatter symbols play a central role, offering hidden treasures. Landing 3 to 9 triggers cash prizes, with the glowing-eyed Mask symbol boosting rewards. The game's generosity allows Fire 7’s to pay out individually or in a winning combination.

What is the maximum bet in 9 Masks of Fire?

The maximum bet in this Gameburger Studios slot machine is $60, adding an extra layer of excitement for players aiming for substantial wins.

Can the Free Spins round be retriggered?

Yes, the Free Spins round can be infinitely retriggered. Landing additional scatter Mask symbols during free spins leads to potentially limitless bonus rounds, providing solid bonus action.

Who developed 9 Masks of Fire?

This game was crafted by Gameburger Studios, a renowned game development studio known for creating engaging and visually appealing slot machines.

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