The Whole of February Pride

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by Lily Hunter
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Published: 11/01/2022
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Generally, New Zealand supports the LGBTQIA2S+ community. We have some high-profile individuals who have openly declared themselves as a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community in the country. This group of people is backed up by the Human rights Act in 2013.

The LGBTQIA2S+ February pride movement has always been exciting over the past few years, especially in New Zealand. This event is usually marked with various activities at different locations in the country.

Some of the key activities usually carried out during this pride festival period include Theatre (both local and international), literature, news media, portraits, drag and burlesque, debates, visual art exhibitions, historical walks, workshops, sporting activities, pets, live bands, among many other activities. All of these will make great activities when you want to take a break from playing in online casinos.

Below, we'll discuss some of the biggest events held in New Zealand every year:

  1. Black Queer Art Exhibition: This event usually tagged "The Wildest Dreams and Game Changers", is an art exhibition targeted at promoting black skin color. It features a multi-faceted performance that includes hustling, code-switching, living the wildest dreams of our forefathers, and also being proud of our color. This event usually kickstarts the pride festival and it takes place between 1st and the 5th February.
  2. Ending HIV Big Gay Day Out: This event is an open-air gay event that usually takes place on the 13th of February every year during the LGBTQIA2S+ festival. The event usually attracts a minimum of 10,000 LGBTQIA2S+ individuals together with their friends and families. It is usually entertaining with music, games including casinos and lots of food under the bright sun.
  3. Ponsonby Street Festival: The highlights of this event are to eat, drink and dance to commemorate and celebrate love and unity. It is an all-day activity on parade day. In essence, Ponsonby road is closed from 4.30 pm until midnight. Other activities done on this day include market stalls, pop-ups, live music, and games.
  4. Queerlesque: This event combines a couple of shows which feature about nine queer artists across the whole of the country. Although you'll have to purchase a ticket for about $18, every penny spent is worth it especially as you'll enjoy entertainment at its peak.
  5. Pride Gala: Pride Gala night is a night of enjoyment from various talented artists across New Zealand. This event, usually hosted at the Q-theatre, is designed to provide maximum entertainment for both audiences and queer artists. Activities carried out at this event include burlesque, vogue, spoken words, song, dance, among others.
  6. Drag Queen Bingo: One of the best ways you can enjoy your free time is to visit a casino to play games. The LGBTQIA2S+ community understands this perfectly and has included special bingo games in its activities to commemorate its February pride festival in New Zealand. The activity is usually hosted by Miss Geena and Miss Trinity at the Caluzzi bar and cabaret.
  7. Auckland Pride March: This is seemingly the highlight of the Pride event as thousands of LGBTQIA2S+ individuals march through the streets as a means of reminder for continual change in central Auckland, New Zealand. It usually takes place on the 27th of February and starts from Albert Park in Auckland. However, everyone participating needs to register first, so that anyone who misses his or her way can easily be traced and found.
  8. Lapses Queer Zine Workshop: This free workshop's purpose is to explore the individuals of their creative talents. For instance, prose, poetry, imagery drawing, collage, and many more. These creative talents are then nursed and developed in a relaxed and enjoyable state, bringing out the best from each individual.
  9. Pride Party: To round the pride event up, the LGBTQIA2S+ individuals gather in the evening at the Aotea square for a festival party that spans through the night. There will be lots of music and dancing, with various DJs, drag performances and Top musicians present at the show.


The above-listed are just some of the activities that take place during the pride festival month in New Zealand. However, it is evident that the festival is full of fun and entertainment, especially as you'll also have to visit the casino to play the bingo game. Mind you, we want you to also know that some new activities are usually added year after year, and we hope that you enjoy every bit of the party!

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