Salary of the All Blacks

The All Blacks Salary
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Some of the best professional rugby players worldwide are New Zealand born and play for the All Blacks. This has fans all over the world wondering what exactly the average salary for an All Blacks player is. Every player signs an individual contract with details about their salary, which is completely private.

However, news has gotten out about this salary. Today, we’re going to talk about how much money these professional rugby players earn. We’ll also break down the average salary of rugby players in NZ. Read on to find out more.

What Is The Average All Blacks Salary?

When it comes to New Zealand Rugby, it doesn’t get better than the All Blacks. This is the team that every rugby player in New Zealand strives to get to. So, what do the players earn while they’re playing for the All Blacks?

The average All Blacks player earns $1 million per year. However, there’s more to how these players earn money than an annual salary. All Blacks team members will earn money for every week they are with the team. So, players that are only with the team for a season (or less time) will not earn an annual salary of $1 million.

Here’s a breakdown of the average All Blacks salary.

They get paid approximately $7,500 for every week they’re with the team. This wage will be paid regardless if they play or not. If a player is with the team for a season tour, they will make an average of $37,500.

Each player will have their wages determined in a contract with New Zealand Rugby. This guarantees them their wages, even if they rarely see the field after training. A drafted player could earn a salary for simply being there, even if they don’t get the opportunity to play with the team.

What Is The Average Salary Of A NZ Rugby Player?

New Zealand Rugby is responsible for the wages of All Blacks players and the Super Rugby. As mentioned above, each player will have their own salary negotiated in their private contract. This will be between the player, their agent, and the league.

However, it is known that NZR pays rugby players between $75,000 and $195,000. They will also have players on contract to fill in if someone gets injured. These players can be drafted for a minimum of $50,000 annually.

How Does This Compare To The Rest of the World?

Since the best of the best play for the All Blacks, you might be under the impression that the All Blacks salary is the highest in the world. That’s not exactly true though. England players’ basic wage is much higher. When new players start, their wages are around £40,000, which is equivalent to $75,000 NZD. But, once they get more experience on the team, the average salary is £120,000, which is the equivalent of $229,000 NZD.

Wages are even better for French players. The average salary of a French rugby player works out to be $458,000 NZD.

The average Australia Rugby player will start their contract off at $44,000 AUD per year. However, experienced players will earn roughly $100,000 AUD annually. The top players earn over $1 million annually. However, contracts are fluctuating quite regularly after the financial implications of Covid-19.

Are you wondering which nation pays rugby players the least? The lowest professional rugby wages are in North America. USA Rugby pays players a low amount compared to other countries around the world. Players will be offered a contract in the beginning with a base pay of $18,000 USD. Seasoned players will earn an average salary between $40,000 and $60,000 USD. The wages are even lower for Canadian players, who earn anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000.

All-Black Salary – The Highest Paid Kiwi Player of All Time

Charles Piutau may no longer play for the All Blacks, but he still remains the highest-paid All Black of all time. During his time with the All Blacks between 2013 and 2016, he reportedly earned $2.05 million per season.

New Zealand Club Rugby Wages

New Zealand Club rugby wages fluctuate throughout a player’s career. Players new to the team will often start out at a minimum base pay. Some of these players may only be on the team as backups for injuries, so there’s a chance they may not get to play. However, they will still earn their salary by being available to the team. As players gain more experience with the league, they will be able to negotiate private endorsements and higher salaries.

Super League Salary

The Super League will bring players in for a minimum of $50,000 NZD. However, they have the potential to earn more. The average Super League player earns between $75,000 and $195,000. Typically, players will start off with a negotiated base pay. They will earn more as they prove their value to the team. However, seasoned players are likely to earn a lower salary toward the end of their careers.

Mitre Cup Team Salary

The Mitre Cup is a domestic competition in New Zealand. It has taken place annually since 2006. During these events, the top 14 rugby unions in the nation will compete. The salaries negotiated for the players will range from $18,000 to $55,000.

NZ Rugby League Salary

The main difference in wages between Rugby League and Rugby Union Players is how they’re paid. Rugby Union Players earn per match they are with the team for. Rugby League members will have a contract with pay for the season or tournament that they are competing for.

At first glance of the contracts, it may look like Rugby League players have a better deal than Rugby Union Players. However, the Rugby Union Players have the potential to earn more, this comes with bonuses that might apply to their contracts. Many of these players earn $100,000 to $1 million per year, while the players who earn by season may only get $50,000 to $70,000.

History of Professional Rugby in New Zealand

Rugby is the most popular sport in New Zealand and it’s a big part of the culture. The history of this competitive sport goes back to 1845. At this point in time, the game’s laws were determined by pupils at Rugby School. However, the sport wasn’t introduced to New Zealand until 1851 by Charles John Monro, a student from England.

In 1870, Munro returned to England and founded the Nelson Football Rugby Club. It wasn’t until 1884 that New Zealand began competing in international rugby. By 1892, the New Zealand Rugby Union had formed.

While players were competing professionally, they weren’t getting regularly paid for it. It wasn’t until over 100 years later, in 1995 that payment restrictions were removed. This changed the sport on a professional level. From this point on, players at the highest level were being signed on to compete professionally.

Rugby World Cup 2023

Speaking of New Zealand Rugby, the All-Blacks will be looking to conquer the world once again when the Rugby World Cup comes around. Nevertheless, it will be tough for the Kiwis to wrestle their world title back from the Springboks.

The All-Blacks won back-to-back world cups in 2011 and 2015, but could only manage a 3rd place finish in Japan in 2019. They will be looking to place their hands on the Webb Ellis Trophy for a fourth time in the competition’s history. However, the standard of world rugby has never been greater. France are the current favourites to win the tournament on home soil, with bookies backing them at 11/4. The majority of bookmakers have the Kiwis as 2nd favourite at 3/1, closely followed by Ireland and South Africa.

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You can also check out the full RWC 2023 schedule on our dedicated fixtures page.


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