Neymar Live-Streams €1 Million Loss Online & Laughs

PSG's Neymar looses huge money at the casino
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Football mega-star star Neymar has been off the field since he suffered a nasty injury back in February. This latest setback to his infamous ankle problem had put him out for the rest of PSG’s title-winning season, with the Brazilian not expected to be back playing until pre-season.

However, this has given him time to enjoy his other favourite game, poker (among many other casino games). However, it’s not all lucky hands for Neymar. Recently the football star live-streamed a 1-hour gambling session, where he lost €1 million.

PSG Star’s Huge Gambling Loss

PSG fans haven’t seen Neymar play on Le Parc des Prince turf since his latest ankle injury on the 20th of February, 2023. Even though he’s been absent from the field, he’s still keeping fans entertained with his online gameplay over Twitch.

Neymar is best known for his skills on the football field. But, the former Barca man is still making headlines off the field. Neymar’s known to be an enormous casino enthusiast when he’s not playing football. Yet, his recent gameplay isn’t one his fans were cheering for.

Toward the end of March 2023, Neymar had one really bad night online. He first discovered that his Twitter account had been hacked. Later, he decided to unwind and play some online casino games, which he live-streamed over Twitch. This is when fans who were normally routing for him ended up seeing him lose €1 million within an hour.

Neymar’s Reaction Causes Mixed Opinions Online

Neymar had a reaction to his loss that shocked a lot of his followers. At first, he started to cry at his huge loss. But, then he revealed that he was only pretending. His tears turned to laughter as a mock version of the music from Titanic played in the background. He let out a joking “Oh f@#$!” and then pretended to play along with the music.

During this clip, viewers can hear a friend of Neymar’s react, saying that the football player went from “1 million to 0 in 60 minutes.” Neymar was in good spirits despite his loss and joked about putting the clip on Youtube.

His reaction was met with mixed opinions when fans posted about the incident on Twitter. One fan joked,

Now he knows how it feels when we bet on PSG to score 1 goal and he missed a penalty in 90 mins.

neymar loses 1 million euro online

However, another user seemed disappointed, claiming that he was “a disappointment to the fanbase”.

Most fans didn’t seem too bothered by the clip.

While €1 million may seem excessive to the average person, Neymar will make back his losses within a few weeks. After all, his contract with PSG pays him £3.2 million per month.

Neymar Hasn’t Shyed Away From Casinos Since

After such a big loss, most people would step away from the casino for a bit. That’s not the case with Neymar. Recently, Neymar skipped out on a title celebration for PSG and went to the casino instead.

PSG won France’s Ligue 1 title. Many fans were disappointed to find out that Neymar didn’t make it out to the big game. Instead, he was spotted participating in a poker tournament in Monaco. Later, he posted footage of himself playing online roulette in his Instagram stories.

The Sunday after the title game, Neymar was spotted watching the races at the Monaco Grand Prix. During his time there, he stopped for many photo opportunities with celebrities like Tom Holland and Maria Sharapova.

This news isn’t a surprise to most long-time fans of Neymar. The football star is known for his love of poker and casino games. Not only is he regularly spotted at popular casino locations, but he has also participated in the European Poker Tour.

Despite Neymar’s substantial loss recently, he’s not always an unlucky gambler. He’s known for his competitive poker skills. Many players in the European Poker Tour suggested that he has what it takes to play the game professionally.

Will Fans See Neymar Back With PSG?

The 31-year-old has been with PSG since 2017. Neymar is expected to be able to return for pre-season after surgery on his ankle. However, while he is still in contract with PSG until 2025, rumours are currently circulating that he is receptive to a move away from the Parisian club.

Could we see Neymar take to the field in the English Premier League next season?

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