Ladbrokes Australia Fined $78,000 For Failing to Reel In Disgraced Finance Broker

ladbrokes australia fined
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In what has perhaps become quite a common resident in the headlines of late, there has been yet another gambling incident that has made its way to the press, with Ladbrokes Australia at the centre of attention this time.

Ladbrokes Australia is in some hot water for critical breaches of its license. This online betting site allowed Gavin Fineff, a financial adviser, to gamble over $17.5 million in a 21-month period.

To make this situation even worse, the money Fineff used for betting was stolen from his clients.

All online gambling in Australia is regulated through Northern Territory Racing Commission. They discovered that Ladbrokes failed to investigate Fineff and the large sums of money that he was depositing into his Ladbrokes account. Instead, they enticed him to spend even more money by offering him bonus bets.

It’s reported that Fineff received $528,890 in promotions from this sports betting operation.

Ladbrokes Australia Faces Over $78,000 In Fines

Australian casinos and gambling sites are responsible for investigating large deposit funds.

This is to prevent illegal money from being washed within the confines of the casino and to stop problem gamblers from going into debt in the chase of winning bets. In Fineff’s case, he was using stolen money to fund his sports betting addiction.

Now, Ladbrokes Australia is facing 3 criminal charges and could have to pay up to $78,540 in fines. How these charges are handled could send a big message to other gambling operations in Australia. They have a responsibility to investigate gamblers that are at risk and ensure they can afford to gamble such high sums of money.

Financial Counselling Australia is significantly weighing the decision they have to make. Ladbrokes promotions have always advertised the website as a safe gambling environment. On the Ladbrokes sign-up page, you are assured as such.

This will be the first time that they have been the subject of a deep investigation into a major gambling operation.

They have a tough decision to make during this Ladbrokes review. This sports betting operation did lure a vulnerable player with exclusive bonuses for the sports betting options.

Instead of protecting the player who was at risk, they took advantage of his addiction for profit.

How Much Did Fineff Lose & What Are His Consequences?

Currently, Fineff is in jail waiting for his sentencing. It has been reported that he has taken responsibility for his actions and pleaded guilty. While he knows he is in the wrong, he hopes for this situation to bring changes to the way Australian betting sites handle players at risk.

Fineff had a serious sports betting addiction and Ladbrokes offers competitive odds on sports and racing events, so there was enormous potential for something awry to pass from the first single bet.

On top of that, there are a lot of great offers for the same race or different races under the promotions tab. Of course, this was very tempting to Fineff. He opened a Ladbrokes account and in a 21-month period, lost over $758,810.

A lot of people believe that Fineff should be solely responsible for his actions. However, the biggest trigger, in this case, is Ladbrokes Australia’s failure to do an investigation.

Fineff signed up to the betting site using his real name and ID. Prior to joining Ladbrokes, Fineff had already lost over $8 million through other bookmakers.

Another cause for concern is Fineff’s clients who he stole from. As of now, the victims of his crime have not received their money back.

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What Happens Next For The Ladbrokes Website

Ladbrokes Australia is one of the most popular betting sites in the nation. The Ladbrokes card is perhaps most commonly seen in the world of horse racing betting and is utilised by members of the Melbourne racing club, for example.

But, there’s also a vast selection of greyhound racing betting lines. Sports fans can also find betting lines for a various range of sports betting options such as:

  • Rugby
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • Volleyball & more

Sports bettors also use this service to bet on international sports, like UK events, NFL, MLB, and more. This is one of the top betting services in Australia for finding betting lines and fixed odds on your favourite sports team.

So, how will this investigation impact the future of Ladbrokes Australia?

If you have a Ladbrokes account, you might be wondering if you will still be able to use the betting lines and enjoy live streaming.

As of now, Ladbrokes Australia is still up and running. Members can still place bets on upcoming horse racing and sporting events. There is no update on whether any of the Ladbrokes’ jobs have been affected by this investigation.

Although Ladbrokes Australia has faced heavy criticism, it has been reported that they will be allowed to keep the $758,810 that Fineff lost.

They will only be responsible for covering the amount that they are fined. This has been controversial with a lot of people believing that Ladbrokes only earned this money because they chose not to investigate.

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