Jumanji The Bonus Level: An Industry First in Live iGaming!

Jumanji The Bonus Level: An Industry First in Live iGaming!
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Global online gambling industry leader Playtech has launched its latest offering based on the iconic Hollywood blockbuster ‘Jumanji’. The new game will combine elements of the much-loved movie and a live gaming experience, a must for fans of the original film.

Let’s take a look at what this new immersive live casino game offers.

About Jumanji: The Bonus Level Playtech Game

Jumanji: The Bonus Level is a Playtech game that’s been in development for three years. It’s the first-ever live game that’s inspired by a Hollywood film. The original Jumanji movie was released back in 1995 and starred Robin Williams. Follow-up films in the movie franchise include Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji: The Next Level, both starring Dwayne Johnson.

The game will draw on the narrative of the original film, with players embarking on a journey through the jungle and encountering challenges just like the characters in the movie. Surprises will include wild animal stampedes and unlocking the secrets of the Jumanji board game.

The new game is housed in one of the largest studios ever built, to truly immerse players in the world of Jumanji. With Playtech’s typical attention to detail to ensure the game authentically replicates the movie, the group are hoping to deliver a 24/7 theme park-like experience for players.

Playtech Live CEO, Edo Haitin, says that the team are proud to introduce the revolutionary new live game that combines cinematic magic with cutting-edge technology.

We thank Sony Pictures for entrusting us to bring such a renowned brand to life, our team has poured their passion and expertise into crafting this exceptional gaming adventure, and we believe it will set new standards in the industry

Live Hosts and Exciting Features

The game features live hosts so that it’s easy for players to understand the game, and allows them to maximise all the features of this new live casino experience. With dice, two spinning wheels and plenty of bonus rounds available, it’s tipped to be an enjoyable and exciting experience!

Wild spins feature some of the animals and iconic stories from the movie, including Rhino Run, Snake Bite, Monkey Valley and Jaguar.

Innovation and Technology

The launch of Jumanji: The Bonus Level reaffirms Playtech’s reputation for delivering innovative and immersive gaming experiences. With live games continuing to grow in popularity, allowing players to stream in real-time for an authentic experience, it’s likely we’ll see other developers following suit.

As online gaming continues to grow in popularity in New Zealand and worldwide, developers are seeing greater demand to deliver engaging and immersive experiences. Providing high-quality and innovative games that resonate with a wide range of players.

Jumanji: The Bonus Level officially launched on 10 August.

About Playtech

Playtech first launched in 1999 and is now the world’s biggest online gaming software supplier. The team are renowned for offering cutting-edge technology solutions to some of the industry’s leading online casino operators.

They focus on developing and updating high-quality gaming products and content. And have built up a string of successful partnerships over the years, offering some of the world’s most popular online casino games.

Where to Play Jumanji: The Bonus Level?

Unfortunately, there is no place to play a free-mode version of this game. The only way you’ll be able to play it is to play at real money casinos.
However, the minimum stakes are rather low. You can play for as little as pennies which means you can still have fun without putting to much pressure on your bankroll.


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