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Online lotto games are extremely popular among players in New Zealand today. This is because they are an amazing way to have fun and offer some of the most amazing and life-changing rewards on gambling platforms. Many people believe that the lottery is a difficult game to understand and even harder to win. However, this is not the case, particularly if you are armed with the right information that teaches you the basics of lottery online.

Fortunately, Casinocrawlers has done the hard work for you and will be teaching you everything you need to know about lottery, including the best lottery sites.

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Top 10-list: Selection of casino sites for you with online lotto

What is an online lottery?

Lotteries are not new. In fact, they have been around since the 19th century. It is a game where numbers are drawn randomly to win prizes ranging from cash or goods. Different states tend to have their own lotteries and the rules are not the same in each. In most cases, you will find the information you need on their websites.

Bad odds in Lotto

Lotteries are fun and are loved by many players because of the life-changing rewards they offer. However, lotteries have very low winning odds, which can even be categorized as the least in any game. This game does not involve any strategy and, and to win the jackpot in any lottery, you must be very lucky.

For instance, you have around 1 in 95 million odds of winning the Euro jackpot lottery! Instead of this, you are better off playing new online slots in online casinos as there are many games with better odds to pick from.

Which lottery numbers should I choose?

Some people believe some numbers are luckier than others, but these numbers are not relevant in the lottery. This is because online lottery is a game involving chance, and each number has the same odds of being selected. There is no specific number to choose as the outcome is completely based on luck.
Some players use statistics and choose numbers that have come up numerous times in the lottery. This is not generally a bad idea at a glance, but there is no certainty that the number is reappearing again. Other players use horoscopes to determine numbers, too, but there is no certainty as well because you have the same statistics of winning with numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6, as you would with 4,18,26,29,46,62.
Nonetheless, if you chose a number combination that nobody else has previously chosen and are lucky enough to win, your winnings will be yours alone.

Increase your winning odds at online lotto

Many people want to win the online lotto, and there are those who capitalize on this fact and try to sell systems that are guaranteed to improve your winning chances. No matter how great this sounds, we advise that you avoid buying any of these “guaranteed” systems. This is because no system can guarantee an improvement in your winning odds. Every time a lotto number is drawn, the possibility of getting a particular number resets which means it is impossible to boost your chances of winning.
However, there are little things you can do that will slightly improve your chances, like purchasing more lotto tickets, and it only works because you can draw more numbers. Regardless of the option you go with, don’t forget that there is no guarantee in the lottery. You can play online slots instead as they offer better odds.

Guide: How to win in the lottery

Winning in the lottery is not easy, and if you don't have the basic information like where to begin and how to choose the right casino to play, it becomes almost impossible to win. This means the first step is to understand the basics, and everything will become easier. Casinocrawlers has put together a step-by-step guide that will teach you exactly how to do this. Read on to learn more.
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: CasinoCrawlers’ listsLuck Supply needed: MoneyInternet
Head to the Casinocrawlers list of Lotto casinos Find your way to the list of lotto casinos provided by Casinocrawlers and choose one. They are all licensed, so go with the one you prefer. Step 1
Register at the online casino Once you have found one that appeals to you, the next step is to register. You will need to provide information like your name, phone number, and email. Step 2
Buy your slip and win! Purchase your slip after you must have guessed your numbers. If you are lucky, you will be the winner of a life-changing jackpot. Step 3

Biggest lottery winner in NZ

You must be extremely lucky to win the lottery, and many people have been lucky to do so in New Zealand. The largest prize won in New Zealand was a single ticket of $44,066,667, which is a life-changing sum. This was in the Powerball draw in November 2016, and the ticket was purchased at an Auckland Dairy Flat Food Mart. The prize consisted of $66,667 in Lotto and $44,000,000 in Powerball.

The most popular and largest lotteries in the world today are the Powerball, EuroMillions, and Mega Millions lottery. Both of these have created many lucky winners around the world. Others include the OZ lotto, UK National Lottery, Netherlands State Lottery, etc.


By now, you know that the lotto online NZ is a great way to win fantastic rewards. Don’t forget that it is a game that is completely reliant on chance, and there is no winning strategy that guarantees you land the right number. What’s more, if you are serious about winning, you need to play in only the right online casino. This is because there are many unreliable platforms out there looking for ways to defraud you.
To avoid this, simply find your favorite lottery using the list here at Casinocrawlers. Who knows, you might be the next lucky winner!

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about online lotto in NZ

Where can I play the lottery in NZ?

Many online casinos allow you to play the lottery in New Zealand. However, make sure you do your due diligence first before you settle for an option. Better still, you can choose any of the options on our list as our experts have properly vetted them.

Where do I check the lottery numbers and results?

Most huge lotteries like the Powerball tend to broadcast on the day they announce the NZ lottery results. You can also find NZ lottery results on the lottery website or on the online casino platform you played.

Is it possible to play other lotteries?

Yes, you can play other lotteries so long as you do so in a licensed online casino. This is something that used to be difficult in the past, but the internet has made things extremely easy. Simply find the option you prefer and start playing.

What are the odds of winning in Lotto?

The odds of winning in lotto are the lowest, and you must be very lucky to win. For instance, you have around 1 in 95 million odds of winning the Euro jackpot lottery and a 1 to 176million chance of winning Megamillions.

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