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Bingo is the perfect way to have fun online. It combines challenging aspects of strategy with the thrill that comes with games of pure chance. Thanks to the widespread popularity of online bingo there are plenty of rooms available for players in New Zealand. Online bingo can be played on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. At most sites, you don’t even have to download any applications. The social atmosphere at sites is second-to-none. Players can meet up in rooms and have a chat while they wait for the fun to begin. If you’re new to the game you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed the best sites based on the variety of games, bonuses, reliability, exclusive promotions, device compatibility, and safety. Let’s learn more about this gripping game.

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Our Top Virtual Bingo Sites in New Zealand June 2022

What are the rules for bingo?

Online gamers who are not familiar with the rules of Bingo assume that it’s a difficult game to learn. The truth is that the game is one of the easiest gambling games to get the hang of. We’ll explain the rules in detail for novice players. If you’re already a well-informed enthusiast, feel free to skip ahead and begin your online bingo adventure by selecting one of the trusted sites on this page.

Once you’ve joined an online site you have the option to participate in any of the bingo games offered. The games take place in virtual rooms. Upcoming games are listed in a convenient program with details of their times, ticket prices, and prize pools. The prize pools increase as more players join the games. Much like a progressive game, a large portion of every ticket bought contributes to the total prize pool and the bingo jackpot.

Don’t be afraid to purchase as many tickets as you want. You won’t need to manually keep control of all your tickets because the site will do it for you. The site will always show your leading card on top of your bingo card pile, making it more engaging to participate in the game. There are different versions of bingo available ranging from 30 ball bingo up to 90 ball bingo. The higher the number of balls in play, the bigger the prize pool is. Each bingo card is printed with a specific set of numbers. The numbers are spread out over multiple rows or lines. The aim of the game is to match the numbers on your card with the numbers being called out – similar to playing a lottery ticket.

Depending on the type of game, there are usually multiple ways to strike a winning combination. You can strike a win by marking off 1 line, 2 lines, patterns, or the entire card. If you manage to mark off all the numbers on your card before the end of the game, there’s reason to smile because the main bingo jackpot is yours for the taking. The numbers called out are completely random as they are generated by random number generators (RNGs).

Most online bingo sites let you choose between automatic and manual modes. We don’t recommend manual mode if you buy lots of cards as it will be challenging to keep track of all of them. In manual mode, you will be responsible for marking off the numbers on the cards as they are called out. Players who only purchase one card won’t have a problem playing manually.

How to Play Bingo Online

Bingo is a favourite pastime for heaps of online gamblers due to the simplicity and anticipation of the game. The awesome thing about automated online bingo is that whether you’re a new player or a veteran, your chances of winning remain the same. All you have to do is buy bingo cards and stand by for your numbers to be called. There are plenty of sites that let you play bingo for free if you’d like to practice before you play for real money. The rules of the game are pretty straightforward. We put together an effective 3-step system to help you become a bingo wizard.
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: Bingo card Supply needed: Numbers
online bingo
Start by purchasing a bingo card Select one of the fantastic bingo sites on this page, register an account, choose a bingo game, and buy a card. Relax and let the entertainment can begin. Step 1
online bingo
Watch and listen as the winning bingo numbers are called out While the bingo numbers are being called out, mark them off on your card if you are playing in manual mode, or let the system mark the numbers off for you in automatic mode. Look forward to the numbers on your card being called out to give you the winning ticket. Step 2
online bingo
Call bingo! If all your numbers are called it means you are a winner! Numbers can be matched in lines, patterns, or entire cards based on the type of bingo game you are playing. If you are playing in automatic mode, the system will call bingo for you. Collect your winnings! Step 3

Online bingo has become very popular in New Zealand. The social aspect of the game is just as enjoyable as the actual game itself. No matter which game you decide to play, you’ll be sure to meet plenty of friendly people in the interactive online chatrooms. The cherry on top is that you automatically stand a chance to win amazing prizes at top online sites just by hanging out in the chatrooms while you wait for the next game to begin. How impressive is that! Have a look at this summary of the most common types of games.

This speedy version of bingo is a relative newcomer in the industry. In 36 ball bingo, the aim is to match 12 numbers on your card as the balls are announced. Each player typically only has one ticket and the value of the jackpot depends on the price you paid for your ticket.

In 75 ball bingo, a ticket consists of a strip of three cards. Each of the three cards has 25 squares arranged in a 5x5 grid. Essentially, when you purchase a ticket for 75 ball bingo you are getting three cards to play, increasing your chances of winning! You win prizes and jackpots for matching lines, rows, patterns, or the entire card (full house).

When you purchase a ticket for 80 ball bingo you get four cards to play. Each of the four cards has 16 squares arranged in a 4x4 grid. You win prizes and jackpots for matching lines, rows, patterns or a full house.

90 Ball bingo is the most popular version in New Zealand. A 90 ball bingo ticket contains six cards. Each card has 15 numbers that you want to match with the numbers that are called out. You win by being the first to mark off an entire line or a full house.

Bingo promotions and bonuses

It’s hard to know where to start with so many promotions and bonuses flying around. There are always requirements that need to be met before players have access to any winnings accumulated while playing with a bonus. These could be wagering requirements, time requirements, game limits, or prize limits. It’s important to be familiar with all requirements and limits associated with a bonus to avoid disappointment.

Many different types of bonuses

Online promotions and bonuses come in many different shapes and sizes. At Casino Crawlers, we’ve compiled lists of the best bonuses to be found. Here we sum up the most noteworthy types of bonuses so that you’ll know what to look out for when selecting an online bingo site.

Bingo bonuses without deposit

Free bingo games are great, but there’s no chance of winning real money. However, some sites give players bonuses with no deposit required. With a no deposit bonus, players can use the bonus to play online bingo games and win real money.

Regular deposit bonuses

Bingo sites commonly award players with bonuses to increase traffic to the site, encourage new sign-ups, and reward existing players. Players who make a deposit are given a specified bonus value, which is usually stated as a percentage of the deposit.

Free rounds or free games for bingo

Online bingo sites offer free bingo games to attract new players to the site in the hopes of retaining them. Winnings from free games are commonly associated with high wagering requirements. Top bingo sites regularly reward existing players with free bingo games.

Try your luck spinning the wheel

The ‘Spin the Wheel’ bonus is a type of bonus that’s somewhat unique to bingo sites. Players can spin the bonus wheel for a chance to win no deposit bonuses, regular bonuses, free bingo games, or free spins on other games that the site offers. Some sites offer physical prizes.

Reload and top-off bonuses

These bonuses are similar to deposit bonuses. Players are given the option of making additional deposits to earn bingo bonuses. The value of the reload bonus is usually expressed as a percentage of the deposit however, free spins and free bonus games may also be awarded.

How to make your odds better in online bingo

While nothing can be done to affect the random numbers drawn during a bingo game, there are a few ways you can attempt to maximize your win potential. Consider these tips:

Choose a playing time when there are fewer players as there will be fewer tickets vying for the jackpot
Purchase a few extra tickets
Start with games with lower ticket prices and build up your bingo budget
Visit the chatrooms to stand a chance of winning bonus funds
If you are playing a bingo game that lets you pick your numbers, research the Granville bingo strategy and Tippett’s theory

Is it safe to play bingo online?

At Casino Crawlers, safety is the number one priority and it should be yours too. There are a lot of unreliable online casinos that offer bingo games. It’s easy to fall prey to scam casinos because they usually offer great bonuses, have good-looking sites, and even live chat facilities. Some unsafe sites may even display fraudulent licenses. It’s best to stick with sites that have great reviews and happy players. Licenses displayed at online casinos can be verified by checking the website of the licensing authority. We have reviewed hundreds of sites. You can comfortably select any of the safe sites on our lists.

Find the best online bingo site today!

The high-speed expansion of online gaming has resulted in a plethora of new bingo sites popping up everywhere. It’s great news for enthusiasts but it does make finding the perfect site a bit tedious. We maintain updated lists of the best online bingo sites so that players have access to dozens of first-class options in one place. When we rate online sites we look at many different factors. We review the variety of games, device compatibility, software stability, customer service, and the community vibe of every site. We also do a thorough analysis of the terms and conditions of all bonus offers. If you’re ready to join the fun, dive in with us enjoy the virtual bingo playground.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Bingo

Is offline bingo better than online bingo?

This differs from person to person. Some people prefer the atmosphere at an authentic bingo hall. Players that prefer online bingo prefer playing from the comfort of home. They can also play numerous tickets at once because the bingo software accurately marks off the tickets for them. At online bingo rooms, players can still interact with each other in the live chat rooms. They can also claim bonuses and take part in exciting online bingo promotions.

What is the best place to play bingo?

There are several superb online bingo sites around. However, there are also loads of unsafe, unreliable online bingo sites. Sifting through the litter to find the gems can be quite a task. The easiest way to find the best places to play bingo is by selecting from the sites on Casino Crawlers’ lists. We spent thousands of hours reviewing online bingo sites and only the best made it onto our pages. So pick a site, sign up, and enjoy being part of your new online bingo community.

How many numbers does a normal bingo game have?

The most common bingo game is 90 ball bingo. In 90 ball bingo, there are 90 numbered balls in the game and players get 15 active numbers per ticket. In 80 ball bingo, there are 80 numbered balls in the game and players get 16 active numbers per ticket. In 75 ball bingo, there are 75 numbered balls in the game and players get 25 active numbers per ticket. In 30 ball bingo, there are 30 numbered balls in the game and players get 9 active numbers per ticket.

Is it possible to play free bingo?

Yes, there are free bingo sites that let you sign up and play bingo online free. You can choose to play at a free bingo online site that doesn’t accept real money wagers. Some sites have free bingo games in addition to real money bingo games. The other alternative is to claim a no deposit bingo bonus and use the bonus to play bingo for free.

Is it possible to choose my own bingo host?

When you register at an existing, real money bingo site you can choose the bingo game that you would like to play at. The bingo games take place in virtual bingo rooms. Once you are familiar with the site, you will be able to identify which hosts are presenting in the bingo rooms. You won’t be able to choose your host but you will be able to find a game with a host you prefer.

Can I be scammed in online bingo?

Yes. As with any online transaction that involves real money, there always exists the possibility that people can be scammed. Although, as long as you play at trusted online bingo sites there is little to zero chance of being scammed. The sites listed on Casino Crawlers have been checked and verified for safety.

Is it possible to get more than one bingo bonus?

Yes. Online bingo sites regularly offer players more than one bonus. Multiple bingo bonuses may be part of a welcome offer. Regular players are given frequent bingo bonuses. You could also sign up at more than one site that offers no deposit bonuses.

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