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As far as casino bonuses go, the free spins no deposit no wager free bonuses are some of the best you’ll find. If anything, it’s one of the first deals that a potential punter will look for when gambling at a new casino before they make their first deposit.

But what makes them so good?

Deposit-free spins and wagering-free spins come with a ton of benefits that has people flocking to take advantage of them and potentially win themselves some competitive real-money prizes.

That’s why we decided to dive deeper into this incredible bonus and find the best casinos online that offer free spins no deposit no wager, so you don’t have to.

However, we’ve also compiled a guide with all you need to know about free spins no deposit no wager casinos in case you’d like to do a bit of research before you head through into a casino and get a no deposit bonus.

What are Free Spins No Deposit No Wager?

When it comes down to it, everything gets around a deal where they can get some free stuff.

What free spins promotions that require no deposit or wager entail is giving the punter some free spins with no financial strings attached, allowing you to try out the ins and outs of online casino sites without having to risk any of your own cash.

However, while this sounds like absolute paradise (and in some cases it is), these offers almost always come with conditions that one will need to adhere to.

These conditions can often come in the form of the player having to make a financial commitment or playing with some real money before they can withdraw their winnings.

So, Why Is It Casinos Offer Free Spin Bonuses?

Offering free spins to players has always been a staple of casino bonuses, as historically promotions of this nature have drawn many players, new and old, into casinos as after all, everybody likes free stuff.

In fact, people like even more the chance to win real money without laying any of their own cash.

As it motivates gamblers to keep visiting the casino, casinos provide this kind of bonus to players, and quite often at that.

Additionally, gamblers can place additional bets on casino games with their free spins winnings, giving them the chance to play more games and potentially win more cash.

Free Spins for New and Old Punters

If you’re someone who’s running a casino, generally you’re going to have two main objectives you want to fill to ensure that the entire operation is running smoothly.

First of all, like all businesses, online casino sites want to gain new customers.

They want to keep people coming through the door, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to constantly offer fantastic incentives to play such as a welcome bonus or a bonus code to get a fresh face started at the casino.

Secondly, online casinos want to make sure that those people who’ve walked in and played on their website keep coming back, again and again.

Offering highly attractive perks, such as free spins no deposit no wager deals, is a great way to meet both these goals, as free spins are a highly adaptable offer that can be moulded to suit both players old and new.

For example, expect a no-deposit bonus and wagering free spins when you sign up at one of the casinos on this list as a new punter at the casino.

However, if you’re a customer that’s either spent a lot of money at the casino or been around for quite a while, you may be eligible to periodically receive bonuses from the casino, whether that be every week or every month (maybe even every day!)

Types of Free Spin Bonuses

Perhaps the main factor that marks the difference between free spins bonuses is the type of promotion that they included with.

The great thing about free spins is that they are incredibly versatile and can easily be included as part of a promotion.

There are quite a lot of different casino bonuses that free spins can team up with, so let’s take a look at some of the best ones that you’ll find at our recommended casinos.

No Deposit Free Spins

This is the timeless classic and the one that’ll have bonus chasers from all over the planet coming to get their slice of the pie.

Why? Because players can spin the reels without having to deposit any of their own money, and it honestly doesn’t get much better than that.

You’ll find no deposit-free spins everywhere, as online casinos know that this is one of the most famous and popular deals that a punter will find, and therefore will have them draw more players to their casino.

Welcome bonus

Free spins, which can take many different forms, are frequently provided as a nice little bow on top of a casino welcome package.

On occasion, there is the opportunity for a gamer who doesn’t make a deposit to be rewarded free spins. To entice players to sign up, online casinos may also offer a welcome bonus in the form of free spins of a varied number in the hopes of keeping them.

Of course, there is also the other form of welcome bonuses that is tied to real money, which awards gamers who make their initial deposit with free spins. The number of spins provided in the second scenario is typically substantially higher.

The number of days the free spins are credited over may vary depending on the casino.

Deposit bonus spins

Free spins are frequently given to players who sign up and make a deposit, as we mentioned before. At the majority of casinos, returning customers frequently receive these bonuses as well.

Players are encouraged to make deposits of more cash and engage in more pokies with the free spins.

Some players will not accept a deposit bonus spin unless it is accompanied by a free spin offer with no wagering requirements since when you win money, usually it has a requirement of a minimum amount of wages imposed on your account.

Bonus Spins From Reloading

Reload bonus spins frequently include a time limit. Players frequently have a window during which they have the opportunity to lay down further deposits and collect additional free spins when part of a welcome package.

The extra deposits are referred to as “Reload” deposits. Players who ” reload” generally obtain free spins on their second, third, and fourth deposits. Although online casinos are free to provide an unlimited amount of reload bonuses, they often cap out at four.

Pros and Cons of No Wager No Deposit Free Spins

As it goes, a casino bonus of this stature is an awesome way to welcome new players to a casino and give them the opportunity to play the games on offer. However, before you dive into the offers available, take a look through this list of pros and cons to give you a hand.


  • Bonus Funds Upon Deposit
  • Play With Free Funds
  • Enjoy Gambling Without Risk
  • Try Out New Games for Free!


  • There Are Usually Strict Wagering Requirements
  • Bonuses May Have Cashout Limits
  • Bonus Funds Often Have a Time Limit
  • Not All Bonuses Can Be Used Universally

Bonus Spins by Reffering Mates

As online gambling consistently gains popularity, referral bonuses are also jumping on the train and growing in popularity as casinos continually offer free spins for people who get their mates on board.

When it comes to using referral bonus spins, a punter at the casino will receive free spins for each person they refer to the casino who registers and makes a deposit. Online casinos will often provide more bonuses for people that continue to bring more traffic into the casino.

It functions similarly to a referral or refer-a-friend program. The casino has the final say on how many free spins players receive for introducing friends.

Some casinos may provide someone with up to 200 free spins for referring one of their friends, while other casinos will provide much less.

There may also be conditions such as the person referred needing to spend a certain amount of money, so stay aware of the fine print as well.

High Roller/VIP/Loyal Customer

There is no restriction on free spins for deposits, referrals, or welcome offers. Free spins are frequently given to players who are considered eligible for a casino’s loyalty initiative.

Players who have made prior deposits are eligible for these highly appealing bonuses, which is often known as a “thank you” bonus.

Due to their significant casino spending, VIP players usually receive free spins no deposit bonuses, which will commonly give them a lot of resources and spins to play with. These players are also often referred to as high rollers.

They also commonly receive free spins to test out newly released slot machines.

Players that are considered to be of VIP or High Roller status typically will have access to more free spins than regular players when they are handed out.

Free Spins Daily

There’s nothing more important than keeping your people happy, as many a businessman has said.

For good reason too.

Daily free spins are a brilliant way to provide a healthy, attractive and downright entertaining gaming environment for an online casino community, so it’s definitely an offer that takes free spins to another level.

Bonus Codes

When a punter signs up at a casino initially, they’re most likely going to cross paths with either one of two codes (or sometimes both!)

These casino bonus codes are either going to be in the form of the free spins a new punter will receive at a casino once they get stuck into it or an enticing cash bonus.

Not too shabby indeed, as both options can definitely lead to more cash in the old casino account.

Wagering free spins and deposit free spins

No deposit no wagering is a risk-free bonus.

As the name suggests, you’ll be able to enjoy taking the online slots for a spin without having to worry about chucking in a deposit or satisfying the wagering requirements.

It usually happens that this incredibly enticing bonus is usually valid for a low number of spins, however, it’s still worth it.

Mega Super Extra Spins!

While spins of this nature are a bit on the rare side (think the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow rare), they’re still around.

As it goes, you’ll normally receive a bunch of free spins once you lay down a pre-determined amount (decided by the casino) at an online casino venue.

Similar to standard free spins but with a bigger monetary value are mega and super spins. These spins have a unique set of rules, and you typically have to use them within a set time frame or place a large minimum wager.

Spins For Specific Games

These spins are designed to draw players new and old into a specific game, meaning that the free spins will only be valid for that particular pokies title.

Quite commonly utilised as a way to get players hyped and interested for a new game title upon its release.

How To Use and Activate Free Spins No Deposit No Wager

Wondering how to best access a fantastic free spins without depositing or wagering? Here's all you know need to know.
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step 1 free spins
Research Free Spins Before looking at the comprehensive list of casinos with a no wager or deposit offer, take the time to carefully read our guide on free spins. The appropriate free spins casino can then be found on our list. Step 1
choose a bonus casinocrawlers
Choose One of The Bonuses Choose from the selection the free spins bonus that you prefer. Always pay attention to the "free spins value" meter, which shows how good the particular bonus is. Step 2
free spins casino
Claim Your Bonus It's time to sign up for an account at your casino of choice and get stuck into using your free spins! To choose the free spins bonus, click "play here" and proceed to the registration page. Step 3
free spins winnings
Enjoy Yourself! Utilise your free spins and get started on the fun and excitement of online slots! Always keep in mind that you can look through our guide and directory of casinos that provide free spins. Good fortune! Step 4

Necessary Free Spins Bonuses Terms & Conditions

It’s always a good rule of thumb to check the terms and conditions of every wagering bonus and deposit bonus that you come across when you’re playing at an online casino.

A quite common occurrence at online casino sites is their promotions (let’s say a wager-free deposit bonus) sometimes seem incredible on the surface, but however, they might have some conditions attached to them that may affect your free spin winnings.

Here are all the frequent terms and conditions you’ll come across when having a look at your next free spins bonus.

Wagering Requirements

Every casino is different, and as a result, the wagering requirements between each one will tend to differ as well.

Why is this important to note?

The wagering requirement is basically what refers to the number of times on slot games that you’ll have to spin and play through your free spins or bonus before you can get access to your free spins winnings.

Due to this, many players generally prefer wagering requirements on the lower side, as it allows them to access their money sooner and with fewer conditions.

Game Contribution Percentage

The percentage that each game contributes to bonuses varies. Most of the time, the slot machine makes a 100% contribution, although certain games only make 10% or even 0%.

The wagering amount is unaffected if the contribution from the game is, let’s say, zero per cent. When there is a 100% contribution, the wagering amount lowers the overall stake.

Wagering Accumulation Restriction

It’s frequently seen as somewhat of a unicorn when it comes to online casino games because so few games in casinos let consecutive wagers accumulate over time.

This means that you can continue placing consecutive bets for a chance at bigger payouts. If you can a casino that allows this, you might have a chance to win real money.

Bet Bonus Size

When a player receives a bonus, it will usually come with this limit attached to it.

Therefore, the bet bonus size is essentially a cap that is attached to the bonus to ensure that the player doesn’t bet higher than the limit.

The limit of this casino bonus money cap varies depending on where you’re spending your money, so it’s always best to check exactly what comes with your free spins.

Time Limit of Bonus

One of the biggest limits and conditions that are placed on deposit-free spins and wagering-free spins is an expiration date or a specified period of time in which the free spins have to be used.

Casino bonuses will usually specify how long the recipient has to use the bonus money, and after the expiration date, the promotion will either be limited or completely invalid.

Win Limit

Any wins derived from using bonus funds or free spins are frequently capped by the casino, especially if it’s a slot game at one of the free spins casinos out there.

The funds can still be used for play, but when it comes time to take out your winnings from a wagering free spins bonus, the win limit takes effect and usually, only part of your winnings can be taken out, especially with no wager free bonuses or no deposit free spins.

It’s quite normal at casino sites with a no-wagering casino bonus, so keep your eyes peeled.

Non-Sticky and Sticky Bonuses

The difference between a non-sticky and a sticky bonus at a free spins casino is simple.

The non-sticky free spins no deposit wager free bonuses (for online slots for example) are when you can use bonus funds without laying any money down, but you get to keep your winnings and withdraw them from the casino as real cash.

As you can imagine, the sticky bonuses cling to the casino, which means you can’t withdraw these funds without depositing and playing with your own real money.

Bonus abuse

It’s possible for a player to have their account suspended if they violate the bonus abuse restrictions of an online casino.

Different casinos have different bonus abuse policies, but the majority of online casinos forbid putting free spins on delay for a time or leaving sizable bets on the table to evade wagering requirements.

Bonus restrictions

A bonus restriction might be something like “Game Contribution Percentages.”

The proportion that games contribute to the wagering requirement for a bonus should be known by players. The wagering requirement is not at all affected by some games.

FAQ: Free Spins No Wager No Deposit

Do I Get to Keep My Winnings with Free Spins No Wager?

Depending on the promotion that the casino is offering, you might be able to keep your winnings. If the deal is a sticky deal then you'll have to make a real money deposit to get access to your winnings, however, if it's a non-sticky deal, then you'll be able to keep your winnings with no strings attached.

Do All Online Casinos Online Offer No Wagering Bonuses?

Most casinos will have a no-wagering free spins bonus as part of their welcome bonuses, but every casino is different and will have varying promotions, depending on the time of the year.

What do Free Spins and No Wagering mean?

Free spins with no wagering mean that you can essentially play slot games without any financial commitment, making it a highly appealing option across the board. I mean who doesn't like the chance to win some real money for free?

Are No Wagering Casino Bonuses Too Good To Be True?

Yes and no. While there are some incredible free spins no deposit wager casinos where you can play free spins and keep your free spins winnings, most of the time there are conditions attached. Some conditions can be in the form of capped winnings or withdrawal limits.

Is There a Limit to The Amount of Money You May Earn with No Wager Free Spins?

Generally, yes. Most casinos will have limits on the amount of money you can earn with no wager-free spins. This is because while they want to draw new players in and incentivise old and existing players to play slots, they are also a business and can't give out too many free spins without the players putting in some of their own cash.

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