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Few things can compare to the excitement in the iGaming world of playing an engaging RTG (Realtime Gaming) title at an online casino. So don’t worry, you’re in the right place to find the best RTG casinos right here, right now.

This iconic software provider has made their impact virtually everywhere that you can find online casino games, to the point that if you’ve played at an online casino before, chances are that you’ve come across (or played) one of the titles that have been developed by RNG.

RTG online casinos are everywhere, and it’s for a reason.

They’re one of the best, and you’ll find everything you need here about RTG casinos and where to play.

Real-Time Gaming Casinos

Real-Time Gaming has been a familiar face in the online gaming software provider scene, and the online casino world virtually since its inception.

The iGaming titan was established in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States in 1998. Back in the 90s, the two giants of the online casino market were RTG and Microgaming, who still to this day continue to have a dominant presence in the online gambling sphere.

In the mid-2000s, due to changes in laws, financial transactions and jurisdictions, it moved its operations to Heredia, Costa Rica, in 2007.

Hastings International, one of the top gambling jurisdictions in the world with a base in Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles, bought it that same year.

Back then, the two giants of the online casino market were RTG and Microgaming, who still to this day continue to have a dominant presence in the online gambling sphere.

With more than two decades of experience, RTG has without a shred of doubt cemented itself as one of the industry standards and benchmarks for all other game developers in the online casino industry.

RTG Slots Technology

RTG has made sure to develop its software and stay updated with the latest technology, by monitoring and setting trends and consistently testing gaming software.

One prominent example that comes to mind is the rapid emergence of mobile which has fast become the preferred device for a significant portion of the iGaming market.

Due to this, the majority of online gaming software developers, including Real Time Gaming, have made it a point to have user-friendly software.

Nearly all smartphones and tablets that run well-known operating systems including iOS, Android, Linux, Blackberry, and Windows are compatible with this company’s slots and table games.

They also put their game-developed titles under rigorous technical system testing to make sure new rtg casinos will possess essentially trouble-free software. Quality is of high importance for real-time gaming casinos, from video slots to baccarat.

Real-time gaming stands out from much of the crowd, due to providing top-notch games in HTML5 format that are designed to be playable on all conceivable devices.

RTG casino games also typically have patented elements that can be found exclusively in RTG casinos.

RTG Casino Games Types

Due to their long stint in the game, RTG has had time to firmly dip its toes and develop a bunch of games that people have come to know and love at online casinos.

RTG casino sites are quite common, and as a Kiwi punter, you can rest assured that the games here have been developed by a long-recognised and award-winning company with a world-class team of developers behind them.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular RTG games.

RTG Online Slots

RTG is well-known for its slot machines. Some of the most iconic slots you might have seen on the many online casinos out there are among the many various slots created by the software provider.

RTG Slot machines, with titles such as Cleopatra’s gold and cash bandits, are among the more recognisable releases.

They are renowned for offering a variety of wide-area progressive jackpot slots machines, some of which have jackpots that can change a player’s life!

Live Table Games

RTG is the company behind a ton of more conventional games, such as table games, in addition to fantastic video slot games.

Therefore, you will be able to test a variant of these games as well if you prefer more conventional ones like the roulette styles they play in Europe and the United States, Keno, or Blackjack.

These games have very generous paytables and very smooth, crystal-clear animations.

Other Casino Games

RTG offers a variety of specialty games in addition to the more common table games and slots, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the most popular game categories, it’s worth exploring your preferred casino site to see what other unique games this outstanding software provider has to offer.

You won’t be dissatisfied because a variety of RTG games are available on all of our top-rated websites.

Pros and Cons of RTG Casinos

It is unquestionable that RTG Casinos have made their footprint on the history of iGaming worldwide, and continue to do so today. So what are the pros and cons of playing RTG titles? Let's have a peek.


  • Wide Range of Games
  • Established Industry Developer
  • Great Progressive Slots
  • Many Casinos Have RTG


  • House Player Balance Subject to Change
  • Some Bad Casinos Have RTG Titles
  • Payment Options Change

Regular Releases of New Games

One of the ways real-time gaming has managed to maintain its status, innovate and stay relevant, is by constantly evolving with the times, adapting its gaming software to the newest updates for online casinos, and having a regular release schedule.

At the time of writing, RTG online casinos have over 300 different titles that can be played all over the world, in a tremendous variety of languages and currencies.

What makes this massive collection more impressive is that all of the titles are vetted, regulated and verified to make sure that the random number generator (RNG) is fair and passes checks.

Random number generators are important as they are one of the main factors that determine if a casino game is legit.

You can stay updated on our RTG casinos list (or the developer site) for any new titles that are on the way or newly released.

RTG Casinos Bonuses

A mark of real-time gaming software that has been developed in collaboration with online casinos that host real-time gaming titles, is the prominence and frequency of casino bonuses and incentives, such as free spins and the deposit bonus.

All the games at RTG casinos will often have a least one bonus to draw in potential and loyal players to their popular titles.

Everyone loves free spins on their progressive slots and real-time gaming offers, so here are some of the juicy bonuses you’ll find on popular games.

Free Spins

The best thing about free spins is that the guesswork is cut out for you as the benefit is sitting right there in the title: the ability to lay down some spins without putting any of your own cash on the line when playing the slot machines.

While it’s virtually impossible to lose money on these games, the opportunity is still there to earn yourself some cash, which is an attractive proposition for all, regardless of if you’re a seasoned casino goer or a fresh face on the block.

Some places will even offer up to 50 free spins!

Therefore, free spins are a common part of the modern casino landscape and are unlikely to go anywhere soon, which means endless opportunities for free spins at one of the many RTG slots available, and to have some fun.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is when you put down some real money to play casino games and you receive some extra credits or funds to be used towards the game, which are valid for you to win more money with.

Deposit bonuses at RTG online casinos are usually a good find, and while they aren’t available at all casinos as they are negotiated individually and part of promotions, there are RTG casinos listed on CasinoCrawlers where you’ll find an appealing deposit bonus.

RTG Casinos Frequently Asked Questions

Are Realtime Gaming titles safe?

Real-time gaming titles are safe, as they are checked and verified by recognised institutions such as the malta gaming authority on indicators such as return to player and safety that all other providers and games must go through.

What Are Some Famous RTG Casino Games?

While RTG casino games spread far and wide (300+ is a lot of games), Achilles, God of Wealth, Aztec's millions and other games are just a few that have made a large impact

What are the top RTG Casino games?

The best game is difficult to determine because there are so many games available in different genres and categories. The most popular games, though, are slots, table games, card games, and all RTG games that have a free-play feature.

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