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Looking for free online casino games where you have to chance to win real money?

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Understandably, it can be frustrating sometimes to find excellent free casino games online in New Zealand, especially online casinos that are engineered to be accommodating for a New Zealand audience.

While you’re browsing online searching for ideal online free casino games, it’s also hard to ascertain which casinos are completely legit and are dedicated to providing only the best user experience for their community.

That’s why CasinoCrawlers has put together the best free online casinos, so you can rest easy knowing that any of the casinos listed here will give you a fantastic experience with their free games.

With this list, you’ll be able to play free casino games in no time, play for free and win yourself some real money.

Free Slot Games

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Players can play free slots without downloading anything, registering or putting down real money, just like they would with other free casino games.

Moreover, punters can use the money they have won in the free spins to wager on more casino games.

You’ll generally find that most online casinos will offer free slot games with a bunch of free spins that you can use. They’ll even have promotions where you can play a bunch of bonus rounds depending on certain conditions.

It’s also quite common to see no deposit bonuses for the free slot games on offer. This is a handy option to have on hand when you’re a new player looking to participate in a new online casino and would like to play for free.

The reality is that you don’t always want to put your money down straight away and put in a deposit and make a financial commitment to online casino games that you haven’t had much experience with up until that point.

Players can play free slots without downloading anything or registering, just like they would with other casino games. To start the game, all one needs to do is just push the button and then the free spins will be in motion.

All age groups enjoy playing free slots, which are the perfect casino game option for those who lack the financial resources or lack the experience to fully commit to the online casino experience.

Free slots are also a great option for those who are unable to play in-person physical slot machines and would rather take part in a casino atmosphere from the comfort of their own home.

There are many verified online casino sites listed on CasinoCrawlers that offer great opportunities to play free casino games and some of them possess incredibly good bonuses.

The great news is that with the increased investment and development across the world in mobile-friendly free casino games, you now have the ability to play free slot machines online, even if you don’t have access to a computer. If you want, you can even play on the go or during your commute!

Take a list of our comprehensive list of top-tier websites that offer free online casino games where you can win real money and play free slots, join and become a member and get started on free casino games.

Free games and Real Money games

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You might be wondering what exactly is the benefits and downsides, and mainly the differences that exist between playing free casino games as opposed to real money casino games.

Free Online Casino Games

Put simply, playing free casino games essentially means that you’re enjoying playing casino games for free without having to put a financial commitment in, such as a real money deposit or other financial conditions that may come with online gambling.

It’s an ideal method for many potential casino players and a bonus that essentially all casinos will offer, as they want to allure potential customers with attractive offers and bonuses so people can see the advantages and benefits that playing a casino game with them will provide.

Try before you buy is a cornerstone of the online casino game industry, and that’s definitely not going to change anytime soon.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re playing online slots after having just signed up for one of the fantastic free online casinos listed here at CasinoCrawlers, is that many casinos will have terms and conditions and limitations attached to their free online casino games.

Before you hop right in and get started playing your first free pokie slot game, it’s always a good idea to take a look at exactly what the free casino games offer and if they suit what you’re looking for as a potential punter.

Real Money Online Casino Games

As the name suggests, real money games at the casino involve one making a deposit with real money, whether it be the local currency (in this case NZ dollars) or converting the local currency into a currency that the casino site accepts for its game to play for real money.

Some casino sites also use alternative currencies such as cryptocurrency or only accept popular international currencies such as the US Dollar and the Euro, however, all the casinos that we recommend here at CasinoCrawlers are sites that are designed for Kiwis, so rest assured that you’ll be able to deposit, withdraw and play real money games with NZ dollars.

After you’ve played some free online slots at one of our recommended sites, you may consider putting in some real money and playing more pokies to see if you can win some more real money for yourself.

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How Do We Find The Best Free Casino Games?

At CasinoCrawlers, we take finding the best free online casino games very seriously.

We make sure that only our lists we only list the highest quality casino sites that have been heavily tested and analysed by our team to ensure that the quality of the sites that we recommend will give you exactly what you’re looking for if you want to play the best free casino games online.

So what exactly do we look for? I’m glad you asked.

Finding the best NZ online casino can be challenging for Kiwi players.

Fortunately for you, our experienced team here at CasinoCrawlers have a tried and tested list of specific features when assessing what the top NZ free casino games. We will only recommend New Zealand free casino games if they meet the criteria below.

Casino Games

A selection of both free and real money games should be available at the top New Zealand online casinos.

If a casino site offers traditional table games like blackjack and roulette, video poker, online slots, and live dealer games, we will give it a higher ranking.

But we don’t just pick a casino based on how many games it has.

Everything is about quality over quantity, and we take into account the games that are available.

Bonuses for Online Casinos

All casinos in New Zealand provide large bonuses and promotions.

Since there is fierce competition for players, an excellent welcome bonus may be the difference between someone joining and going to another website.

We review casino bonus offers to make sure they’re honest and don’t have impossibly high wagering requirements.

Payment Options

To make sure that players may deposit and withdraw money using their preferred payment method, we examine the payment methods used by NZ casino sites.

All of the casinos we suggest allow payments using debit and credit cards, e-wallets, and pre-paid options.

Additionally, we search for casinos that support both bank transfers and cryptocurrency payments.


man learning about casino safety

Player safety is one of the most important things to take into account when playing at an online casino, regardless of if you play for free or with real money.

We make sure that New Zealand-based casino operators provide safe transactions, safeguard player information, provide respectable Return to Player (RTP) percentages, and regularly submit to external audits.

Additionally, for the sake of fairness, we guarantee that RNG (Random Number Generator) games like pokies provide entirely random results.

Genuine License

Every single one of the listed gambling operators is reviewed to ensure that they adhere to New Zealand gambling regulations and hold valid licenses from internationally renowned gambling regulatory bodies.

Nearly all of the casinos on our list have licenses from reputable organisations like the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) (MGA).

Customer Support

For players from New Zealand, exceptional customer service is crucial and demonstrates a casino’s dedication to offering top-notch services.

We look for these features when conducting reviews, and if New Zealand players have problems, they should be able to contact customer care by live chat, email, or phone.

We also include New Zealand casinos on our list because they have ties to the national gambling helpline and built-in site features to promote responsible gambling.

Mobile Friendly

The NZ casino sites we suggest must function on a variety of mobile devices and be mobile-friendly.

We make sure you can access these mobile casinos using the browser on your phone throughout our tests.

We also examine free games and mobile apps to make sure they are user-friendly and provide the same casino experience that a computer would.

UX Priority

We evaluate each gambling platform’s user interface to ensure players can easily navigate the casino. The layout of a website is an important factor because it directly has an effect on the user experience.

At CasinoCrawlers, we value innovation and New Zealand casinos with appealing designs and distinctive website features will rank higher on our lists.

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Can you play casino games for free?

Yes, many online casinos offer free casino games. New players often get a free bet or 50 free spins, so you can play the game without spending your own money. This allows players to try out the casino without any financial commitment.

What types of free casino games are there?

Heaps of casinos will offer games as a free trial or give incentives for new and prospective players to join the casino. These games can include pokies, craps, blackjack, and many more.

How do I claim my welcome bonus?

To claim the casino welcome bonus, you must be registered on the site. Then you will receive your welcome package. This usually consists of money or 50 free spins that can be used on the corresponding game.

How can I get help for my gambling addiction?

Most online casino sites in New Zealand offer assistance to players with gambling problems. Please contact your customer service representative or visit our online or in-person support group. Gambling sites also allow players to set playing and deposit limits to control their habits.

Do you have to pay tax on casino winnings in New Zealand?

Unless you are a professional gambler, you will not have to pay taxes on your gambling winnings in New Zealand. However, if you win a very large amount, you may be subject to taxation, so it is advisable to consult a lawyer in this case.

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