What Makes An Online Casino Trustworthy?

Lily Hunter
Lily HunterFebruary 17, 2022
What makes an online casino trustworthy?
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Online casinos have become proliferated in recent times with punters preferring it to brick and mortar casinos for obvious reasons. Although some punters still play in physical casinos to interact with dealers, and other players physically, most players prefer to play online. Advancements in technology and the recent Covid-19 pandemic have made online casinos even more popular and the favourite among players.

This is because almost everyone now has access to smartphones, tablets, or desktop devices and internet services with which they can easily connect online and play their favourite games in their favourite online casinos. When the lockdown was enforced in many countries last year and when the pandemic surged, physical casinos were closed and punters had to rely on online casinos to play games and they were not disappointed because they could make a deposit, play games, and withdraw without any physical interaction.

However, with advancement in technology comes new challenges. Maybe the challenge is not really new but it has surged over time as people continue to prefer online casinos over physical ones. Some people have devised means to dupe players by opening fraudulent online casinos which sells out personal information and engage in other illegitimate practice. Thus, players must know how to protect themselves by ensuring that they only signup with online casinos that are safe and secure like those listed on Casinocrawlers. This article guides you on the characteristics to look out for to know if a casino is trustworthy.

Key Features of a Trustworthy Casino

Below are features to consider before choosing an online casino:

  • Reputable Gaming License: This should be the first thing you should consider. The importance of licenses to casinos cannot be overemphasized. A license tells you a lot about a casino's trustworthiness. Licenses are meant to protect players from being cheated or having their money stolen. If you see an online casino without a license, do not even consider checking other things. Avoid signing up with them! There are so many online casinos with a valid license, so there is no need to even waste time on unlicensed casinos. Before casinos can become licensed, they must have certified some basic requirements set by the licensing authority. Certifying these requirements depicts that the casino is safe, secure, legal, and trustworthy to get the license. Two major licenses you should look out for are those issued by the Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission because both authorities put extra measures in ensuring player protection. Curacao license is another top license too.
  • Bonus Offers: Many people often wonder, how do I get a free online casino bonus? Well, this is very easy. All trustworthy casinos offer you a free bonus. In most cases, you are credited immediately after you register.
  • Good Internet Reputation: Just as reputation precedes a person, so it also applies to online casinos. People leave reviews on their sites, some blogs even write a well-detailed review of online casinos after trying out their offerings, customer service, payment methods among other things. Although online reports and reviews might not be 100% accurate, you should still pay attention to them. Generally, you can rely on these reviews to know the reputation of an online casino. You would not want to sign up with an online casino that has lots of bad reviews online so carefully look up the casino’s reputation on the internet as this tells you if they are trustworthy or not.

Other Important Factors

  • Payment and Withdrawal: A trustworthy casino should have a wide range of payment and withdrawal options to allow players to use their preferred payment and withdrawal method. In addition, such an online casino will also be a fast payout casino that does not deprive players of their wins but rather pays them out in due time.
  • High-Quality Customer Service: At one point or the other, you may need to make inquiries or lodge complaints on the online casino site. For example, if you have issues withdrawing or depositing funds, you will need to interact with customer service. Therefore, you must pay attention to an online casino's customer service to ensure that they are of top quality. You do not have to wait until you run into problems as you can easily test the quality of the customer service by using their live chat option. A trustworthy casino will have a functional live chat option that responds to customers' complaints and inquiries promptly.
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