How Popular is PayPal as a Payment Method at Online Casinos in NZ

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How Popular is PayPal as a Payment Method at Online Casinos in NZ
Published: 24/03/2022
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While playing at online casinos, one of the most prominent aspects is funds. Money is indispensable when it comes to casinos. And online payment methods become a necessity. When dealing with your hard-earned money, you need a platform that can be trusted completely. Your money needs to be safe during the transaction so that you can get a wonderful experience when playing in online casinos.

PayPal has become one of the most popular online payment methods in online casinos. It has become the go-to payment option for players gambling online. The majority of online casinos in NZ have PayPal as a payment option. And here’s why.

Why has PayPal Become Popular in Online Casinos?

Easy to use

When you are in online casinos, your main focus will be playing. Players will soon lose interest if the payment method is tough to learn. PayPal is one of the easiest payment methods to use. All you will have to do is add PayPal as your preferred payment method. Then input the money you need to deposit. This will be reflected in your account almost instantly. Moreover, your money or other winnings can be easily transferred to your account with PayPal.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can register here!


PayPal supports 26 currencies. It is supported in various countries as well. It has provided people with an interface that is not difficult to understand. Moreover, there is an added benefit for online casino players here. Players can rely on PayPal to play in mobile online casinos as it supports mobile gameplay. Moreover, only the casinos that have a license and are legitimate have PayPal as one of their payment options. So, if your casino offers PayPal as a method, you can rest assured that you are playing in a safe casino.

Keeps the Credit Card Safe

Many people are not comfortable with entering their credit card information online. And for a good reason. PayPal gives these cautious people are chance to play in online casinos without worrying about their credit cards. You can link your credit card to your PayPal account. And then, you can add the PayPal account as your payment option. This way, you can use your credit and still not disclose sensitive information.


PayPal did not become the most trusted payment method by fluke. Your funds, as well as your information, are safe with PayPal. It does not let a third party access your account. Moreover, if there is a dispute between you and an online casino, then PayPal will step in and resolve the issue in no time.

PayPal Bonuses

There are incentives in online casinos if you add PayPal as your preferred payment method. The online casinos offer bonuses to keep things exciting and encourage players to play in their casino. There are incentives like free spins, welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and so on that you receive for using PayPal.

Now, these were some of the bonuses. But, before choosing PayPal as your payment method, there are some things you need to know.

Fast withdrawals

Now you can withdraw your winnings from online casinos in no time with PayPal. All the transactions, be it depositing money or taking it out, it is reflected quickly in your account.

What’s the Catch with PayPal Payments at Online Casinos for Kiwis?

PayPal Deposits

Some of the casinos offer to withdraw your funds in your PayPal account. This means that you can use PayPal to withdraw. However, there are some casinos where it cannot be used to deposit money. Moreover, some casinos may apply payment restrictions to claim casino bonuses if paid through PayPal. So, choose your online casino accordingly.

Terms and Conditions

Every casino has its own conditions and set of rules. These can differ from casino to casino. There can be different conditions for withdrawing your money from online casinos. For example, in some cases, you need to claim the funds in your PayPal account to see them in your bank. There can be similar conditions like this.

PayPal Fees

Some transaction fees are applicable while using PayPal. Now, the cost may be negligible and won’t even affect your winnings as much, but you need to be aware of it just the same.

Nonetheless, PayPal has steadily become one of the top choices for payment for online casinos in NZ with its numerous benefits. You can check out the best PayPal casinos in NZ here.

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