No Wagering Casino Bonus in New Zealand

Lily Hunter
Lily HunterOctober 4, 2021
No Wagering Casino Bonus in New Zealand
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Every week, a lot of new online casinos are created, offering more competition in the gambling industry. These new online casinos would need to attract as many gamblers as possible with mouth-watering bonus offers since they are a newbie in the gambling market. Of all bonus offers that can be offered, the no-wagering casino bonus is seemingly the fairest because it gives you either free spins or some extra money when you pay some amount into your online casino account.

What is the No Wagering Casino Bonus?

No-wagering casino bonuses don’t come with wagering requirements, and this is the major benefit to players. Once you win money using a no wagering casino bonus, you can withdraw instantly or use it to play other games. This is unlike the wagering requirement bonus that will need you to wager the bonus a specific number of times before you can withdraw. So, why should you use this bonus? We will show you some reasons below.

Perks of No Wagering Casino Bonus

1. There are no wagering requirements

The majority of casino bonuses usually have wagering requirements. This is usually the number of times you will have to play before you can cash out your wins. Sometimes, it could be as little as 10x to as many as 70x, which can be very exhausting to fulfill. But that is not so in the case of no wagering casino bonuses. Once you're given the bonus, you can cash out your winnings as soon as you win; you are not bound by any limit or requirement to use this bonus.

2. You get back your deposit fast

When you play with a typical bonus in online casinos, you will need to make a deposit to get your bonus. However, before you can get this deposit or the bonus earnings, you will need to play through both a specific number of times depending on the wagering requirements. But with a no wagering casino bonus, this is not the case as you can immediately withdraw your bonus earnings and deposit since there is no wagering requirement attached.

3. Get better at your gaming

No wagering casino bonus will improve your gaming experience since you can explore more varieties of games for free with the no-wagering casino bonus. Hence, you'll discover new games that can fetch you some more cash.

4. Make Larger Bets with Your Winnings

When you make money using your casino bonus, you can instantly use your money to make larger bets on other games. If you win, it means you will win more cash using free money!

Drawbacks of No Wagering Casino Bonus

The majority of online casino players do not know the disadvantage of no-wagering casino bonuses, and this can eventually lead to disappointment. However, below are some of the disadvantages of a no-wagering casino bonus.

1. No wagering casino bonuses are usually hard to see:

Not many online casinos offer no wagering casino bonuses, therefore, getting one may require you to search through lots of pages.

2. Lesser Rewards:

Generally, no wagering casino bonuses are usually a small amount given as a bonus in your online gambling account. Hence, they tend to be less rewarding. Remember, the higher your stake, the higher your chance of winning big amounts.

Getting a No Wagering Casino Bonus

Getting a casino that offers no wagering bonus can quite be tasking as there are only a few casinos in New Zealand that offer this type of bonus. You may need to spend some time browsing through the internet to get one. However, we don't just want to tell you what a no wagering casino bonus is, we are also here to help you find no-wagering casino bonus offers in New Zealand. Therefore, we list some of our recommended lists based on the promotion they offer. They include:

  1. Vegadream Casino
  2. Haz Casino
  3. Viggo Slots
  4. Casino Jefe
  5. Wolfy Casino

Final Words

No deposit casino bonuses are amazing since they offer numerous benefits to players. It allows you to withdraw your bonus earnings instantly and try out new games and new online casinos. However, like any other bonus, it has some minor drawbacks. For instance, it is difficult to find one especially if you don’t know where to look, and the rewards that come with this bonus may be smaller than the typical bonuses you will find in online casinos. Nonetheless, the no wagering casino bonus is still the best bet for most players especially new ones.

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