Are New Casinos Going Mobile?

Are New Casinos Going Mobile
Published: 04/04/2022
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The world is changing every few years. And not only just one sector. When technology moves forward, it takes everything and everyone with it. And casinos are one of the fields that have moved along with new developments.

For years it was only land-based casinos. It was a whole experience. Then there came the internet boom, and everyone’s computers became smart. So, along with land-based casinos, online casinos were emerging. Everyone was enjoying the luxury of playing from the comfort of the place they were in. And now the trend is changing again. Now, the new online casinos are focusing on mobile gaming that includes online pokies (slots machines) or new casino games with improved graphics and UX design.

Mobiles have become indispensable in everyone’s life nowadays. And people want their mobiles to be able to do everything so that having a mobile phone will be enough for them to carry out all the tasks possible wherever they are. The online casinos have noted this, and everyone is going towards making the mobile versions of their casinos better.

Statistics Don’t Lie!

In New Zealand, computers lead the market by 12%. But, the worldwide numbers say that the mobiles exceed the share by 15% and 3% of these mobile devices are tablets. These numbers clearly show a shift in what the people want, and the casino industry is not far behind in giving the customers what they want. Even in New Zealand, the numbers will change. That is why new casinos have been focusing on their mobile versions first. There are some fantastic new online casinos in NZ compatible with mobile devices.

Which is Better, Mobile or Desktop?

Both methods of online gaming have their pros and cons. It depends on the player and where their comfort lies. With the desktop version, players can try out other games and the one they are playing. And when it comes to mobiles, it is all about accessing the games from wherever they are and playing whenever they want. Everyone can't take their computers with them, but a phone is relatively handier. That is why casinos are making sure that they make the games and sites suitable for both platforms.

What to Look for in New Casinos?

The craze for online casinos in New Zealand is far from dying. One can say that it is just the beginning, and it will blow up farther. And keeping that in mind, here are some of the things that you need to look for when searching for new casinos.

Mobile Compatibility

Most of the new casino sites are developed with mobile gaming in their mind. The games and other functions on the site are made compatible with different operating systems, devices, and so on. An excellent new casino will work quite smoothly on a mobile device, and all the features like depositing, withdrawing winnings, etc., work without glitches.


New casinos are going for better graphics, better audio, games that will work well on any platform. Old casinos tend to not focus a lot on innovation as they already have a loyal customer base, and they tend to stick with tried-and-tested.

A Variety of Payment Options

A lot of new casinos have various payment options. Players like to have the choice of using any payment platform they want. So, there are new casinos that accept payment in cryptocurrencies and other new payment methods as well.


Old established casinos already have players that trust them and play with them regularly. At the same time, the new casinos are still looking to gather players. That is why they are going to have more enticing incentives like substantial welcome bonuses and so on. So, the good new casinos will have amazing incentives.

Legal Licenses on New Casinos

The law of the land allows you to play only at online casinos that are licensed and regulated by reputed lottery commissions. Therefore, anyone above the age of 18 years and residing in New Zealand can legally experience sports betting and lotteries, play pokies and casino games at such offshore online casinos.

Choosing a new online casino can be challenging for new players and old players as well. But, you can select the most suitable one for you with these pointers.

A Word of Caution about Online Gambling

Gambling can become addictive. So, when gambling, one must remember to do it responsibly. There are a lot of casinos that have limits on spending so that you do not go over your budget and let it affect your life. You can learn more about problem gambling here.

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