How Safe is POLi Payments To Use in New Zealand?

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How Safe is POLi Payments To Use in New Zealand
Published: 17/03/2022
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POLi Payments Pty Ltd (previously known as Centricom) is a Melbourne-based internet payments company. It is the creator and provider of POLi, an online payment system utilized by Australian and New Zealand retailers and customers.

Even though POLi Payments emphasizes that security is a top focus, there are still concerns about exposing the user's banking information to POLi and accountability for fraudulent transactions. This is a worrying concern for online casino players from New Zealand.

Common Security Measures when using Online Payments

Digital payments, which range from credit cards to mobile wallets and everything in between, are a simple (and increasingly popular) choice for many people. However, everyone must take extra care to protect themselves from data breaches and other security concerns associated with digital payments.

According to Forbes Technology Council, you should take the following basic security measures to keep yourself safe from financial fraud online:

  • Passwords should not be reused.
  • Check your financial statements regularly.
  • Two-factor authentication should be enabled.
  • Verify the recipient of your payment.
  • Have a specific payment mechanism for online purchases.
  • Use one-time passwords to your advantage.
  • When it comes to linked checking accounts, be cautious.
  • Passwords should not be reused.
  • Submit only the bare minimum of personal information.
  • Keep an eye out for SSL encryption.

Security Features Provided by POLi

  • POLi does not gather personal information like usernames and passwords. On servers, there is no request caching.
  • No one can see or access your internet banking login details during a POLi transaction. POLi uses HTTPS transport-level security for all communication, and no sensitive information is saved (not even cached).
  • All communication is encrypted and protected by 2048-bit SSL certificates.
  • Network infrastructure is indeed a Tier 3 data centre with ISO27001 and ASIO T4 certification.

Who Takes Care of Online Fraud in New Zealand?

CERT New Zealand is a cyber security specialist. CERT New Zealand assists enterprises, organizations, and individuals that have been (or may be) impacted by cyber security incidents.

A CERT is a company that does the following:

  • Receives news of cyber-attacks
  • Keeps track of cyber-attacks and occurrences, and
  • Customers are given guidance and alerts on how to respond to and avoid additional attacks.

CERT NZ is an important part of New Zealand's Cyber Security Strategy, helping to realize the vision of a safe and confident digital New Zealand.

Is POLi is the Best Online Payment Method?

You must first understand your target audience before you can respond. What city do they call home? What method of payment do they prefer? What are their reactions to new digital payments?

In North America, for example, consumers use PayPal, Apple Pay, Pay, and Neteller. In Asia, popular payment methods include WePay Chat, AliPay, Paytm, Apple Pay, Google Pay, GCash, PayPal, GrabPay, PayU Wallet, Mobikiwi, and Citrus Pay. POLi payments in online casinos are well-known in Australia and New Zealand.

As a result, this is a hazardous question. Because every country is different, it's not surprising that everyone prefers to use various online payment methods.

Why do Banks in New Zealand Advise Against Using POLi Payments?

Some of New Zealand's big banks are sceptical about the POLi system, which encourages customers to log in using their bank username and password.

Customers are even being advised to reset their passwords if they have already used them.

ANZ and Kiwibank have released many media statements advocating customers not to use POLi or other online payment systems that require them to provide their bank details. While ASB advises its clients that it does not promote the POLi system.

The banks warn that using POLi may violate their terms and conditions, creating a significant security and fraud risk.

Are there any Complaints about POLi in NZ?

Despite bank reservations, POLi insists that it is safe to use and claims that in the 11 years it has been in operation in the country, it has not experienced a single breach.

"Over the last few years, more than 1.3 million New Zealanders have trusted POLi to conduct online payments for them without any security difficulties," according to a spokeswoman.

The arguments presented are mainly theoretical, and they detract from the excellent work POLi does every day for New Zealand commerce and merchants.

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