How to Start An Online Casino, Legal and Fun!

How to Start An Online Casino Legal and Fun!
Published: 04/01/2023
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The idea of starting an online casino in this day and age is a highly appealing idea.

Hosting an online gambling platform where New Zealand players can enjoy playing high-quality online casino games and win some real money can be highly beneficial for building a community and legal, safe spaces for online gambling.

For an investor or an entrepreneur, being an online casino operator also brings benefits such as no physical operating costs that would come with operating a more traditional brick-and-mortar institution.

The projected growth for online casinos in the future is only expected to rise, so now is a viable time to get started.

There are many different types of online gambling sites, such as sports betting and online casinos that offer a variety of different games with online casino winnings.

To begin your journey to running one of the best online gambling sites out there, you'll need to take into consideration a few factors (legal, software, servers) that are fundamental to a site made for online gambling, legal and fun.

Without further ado, let's get stuck in.

What Do Legal Online Casinos Need?

So you're wanting to start an online casino. Fantastic!

Don't forget to do these things to ensure you're well on the way to hosting a brilliant online platform for playing online casino games.

Work With Excellent Software Developers/Providers

Securing a partnership with a reputable software supplier is a must because it is by far the most important stage in starting an online casino because it will set and decide its performance expectations.

It is in your best interest to consider everything, from game reviews and security features to cost and guarantee conditions.

Pay close attention to the gaming content, specific collaboration requirements, certifications, and technical support, all of which must be included in the overall package.

This is perhaps one of the more costly stages of setting up an online casino, as top-tier developers behind some of the best online gambling sites are known to charge over a million dollars in some cases for the full setup and development of an online gambling platform.

Therefore, while it can be expensive, it will ultimately be worth it, as well-designed internet casinos that allow New Zealand citizens to gamble online will always do better than those that are ridden with bugs from low-quality developers.

You really get what you pay for.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of business goals amongst all the craziness that comes with setting up a well-functioning online platform, especially in the lead-up to a brand's launch when you might still be finding your feet in regards to your online casino venture.

Decide What You'll Offer

Arguably one of the most important parts of creating online casinos where people can bet online is what exactly will be on offer.

Will it be focused on online pokies? Or perhaps a whole department dedicated to sports betting. You could even host online lottery sales for lotto NZ on your website.

Even with all of the above, you could offer everything a potential punter is looking for. (we've included some suggested games in a later section)

At the end of the day, whatever it is you decide, make sure that you do it well, and that it compliments the other pillars of your online casino, such as marketing and development.

Get On Top Of Your Marketing

After it's all said and done, marketing will be one of the last stages of the process when opening up an online casino.

After all, you'll want a top-tier product that is well-developed, runs harmoniously and most of all gives customers a fantastic playing experience that will keep them coming back.

When you are fully prepared to launch your own online casino, you will need to create an effective marketing plan and set up an efficient affiliate program that will unquestionably encourage website interaction and boost traffic.

Introduce loyalty programs, set up sign-up incentives such as deposit bonuses and free spins, and launch retention campaigns to entice players to return in order to attract new customers and keep current ones happy at all times.

Create a comprehensive competitor analysis plan, take note of local online gambling platforms (in this case online casinos that facilitate gambling in New Zealand) what they're doing wrong and what they're doing that is helping them to succeed, and make an effort to steer clear of them when operating your own platform.

Obtain A Gambling License

Because legal systems vary from nation to nation, the licensing process could be a time-consuming affair as a result. There are a few nations with predetermined gaming regulations that make up the regulated gambling market.

Most of the online gambling websites that are trusted and legitimate (like the ones listed on CasinoCrawlers) are licensed and regulated by internationally recognised organisations such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission.

As operating an online casino without being regulated and licensed is a highly risky endeavour with serious consequences, we highly recommend getting yourself licensed as part of your setup.

Arrange Payment Providers

Online gambling and online casinos are undoubtedly global activities, so it makes sense that sending and receiving money from around the world is part and parcel of the process.

One thing you'll need to remember is to confirm that your online casino allows for integration with the main e-payment systems; otherwise, players won't be able to make deposits or withdraw winnings.

It also makes your online casino seem a lot more trustworthy, legal and reputable if you have options for internationally recognised payments such as PayPal and Visa.

Neglecting conventional payment options, such as credit cards and vouchers, is a bad business decision that could damage your reputation, and send potential players to other real money online casinos.

Make it a high priority to sign many contracts with payment system providers dedicated to transaction security in order to secure confirmed payment options for your online casino.

man reading online casino terms and conditions

Legal New Zealand Online Casinos

Keep in mind that the gambling law in New Zealand is dictated largely by the Gambling Act 2003, which dictates that it is not permitted for an individual to run an online casino that is based within the shores of New Zealand.

However, it is perfectly legal for people in New Zealand to play online gambling games responsibly on internationally based casino websites that run their operations in multiple countries, but do not have their headquarters running out of New Zealand.

When you're opening your casino to operate in New Zealand, take note of the finer details of New Zealand's gambling act and make sure that your online gambling activities adhere to the practices of gambling in New Zealand to avoid getting into any hot water.

For a more detailed look into the Gambling Act 2003, here is the official government page.

Online Casino Games

The quality of online casinos can be largely tied down to the variety and the quality of the games on offer.

In New Zealand, punters have largely demonstrated preferences towards online pokies and chance-based games, however, live sports betting and live dealer-based games have also made waves in the New Zealand market.

Here are some of the games you'll commonly find in New Zealand online casinos listed here on CasinoCrawlers.

Online Pokies

The most popular online casino game for New Zealand players, online pokies is an advisable game to include in online casinos in New Zealand as they are accessible, legal and don't require any skill to play.

As a result, they are an established favourite for New Zealand punters and players around the globe.


As far as remote interactive gambling goes, BlackJack has cemented itself over time as one of the staples of any online gambling website worth its salt.

Both a favourite in person and online gambling, BlackJack offers punters the chance to use their skills in a game with very straightforward rules, providing a perfect balance between a chanced-based affair with a smattering of skill and tactics.


The bread and butter of many professional gamblers or even just a hobby for many, poker remain the most popular card game there is.

Online gambling in New Zealand (and land-based casinos) will always have poker on offer for people to try their hand at winning some money by using their skills (and a bit of luck) to beat their opponents at the table and win some serious cash.


Legal matters when it comes to casinos can be a tricky and difficult thing to navigate, especially if you're looking open one up yourself.

Here are a few of the commonly raised questions we get here at CasinoCrawlers.

Are Online Casinos legal in New Zealand?

Operating, owning and playing responsibly at online casinos in New Zealand is perfectly legal under the New Zealand gambling act 2003, provided that the casino in question does not have headquarters and is not operating out of New Zealand.

What's the Startup Cost for Online Casinos?

The startup cost can vary enormously depending on the structure of your platform and what your intentions are.

It is, however, generally not a cheap process. Here is a guide that outlines some of the costs you can expect to encounter when creating an online casino that is legal and of high quality.

How Do I Make Sure My Casino is Legal?

The best place to start is to make sure that your casino is licensed, regulated and verified as a legitimate online gambling institution, while also adhering to any laws that may occur in the jurisdictions you are running your casino from.

If you have any doubts, it's always best to consult a reputed local, international or online gambling body for further questions.

Is it worth opening a casino, online and legal?

While the startup and maintenance costs of running online casinos can be quite expensive, if you focus on providing a valuable service and taking care of your players, executing the operations correctly, your ROI can be recuperated quite rapidly.


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