Casino Bonus Terms And Conditions

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Casino Bonus Terms And Conditions
Published: 13/10/2021
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Are you excited to join a new online casino because of their fantastic bonus package? Do you know that some terms and conditions must be fulfilled before you can withdraw such free money? In this post, you will learn about the different forms of online casino bonuses with their respective terms and conditions.

What are Casino Bonuses?

Casino bonuses are incentives awarded to online casinos to get them to register and stay faithful to their platform. There is a myriad of online casinos that offer similar services. For this reason, each casino seeks to entice new players to sign up with them while retaining their existing players at the same time. Behind every bonus that you get from an online casino, terms and conditions guide how you can use them.

Below are the regular terms and conditions common you will come across in most New Zealand online casinos:

Wagering Requirements

These are the basic terms and conditions attached to most casino bonuses, and they vary slightly from one online casino to another. As the name implies, a player is required to wager the casino bonus several times before it can become available for withdrawal. For example, if you got an NZD100 bonus and the wagering requirement is 20, that means you will have to pay a minimum of NZD2000 worth of games with the bonus before the money can be made available for withdrawal.

Cash and Play Bonuses

Not all free bonuses can be eventually withdrawn. A cash bonus can be withdrawn as cash from an online casino after the player must have fulfilled the specific wagering requirements. On the other hand, a Play bonus is one that can only be used to play games on the online casino but can never be withdrawn as cash.

Size of Stakes

This is another term and condition that lots of online casinos have included in recent times. Where the size of stake applies, players cannot stake beyond a certain percentage of the bonus. For example, if the maximum size of the stake is 30% and a player has a total of NZD100 bonus, that means the maximum amount of money that the player can stake from the bonus per game is NZD 30.

Game Weightings and Restrictions

Like the size of the stake, Game weightings and restrictions are becoming popular among new online casinos, although they are not usually openly published like wagering requirements. In the case of game weighting, where it applies, specific games can only amount to a certain percentage from the overall wagering requirements. For example, Roulette may only account for 30% of the whole wagering requirements on the bonus.

On the other hand, game restrictions, where it applies, means the bonus cannot be used to play some restricted games. In a few cases, the players will be allowed to still play those games just for the fun of it, but it wouldn't amount to anything. In some other cases, players may end up losing part of their bonus when they attempt to play the restricted games.

Other less Popular Casino T&C on Bonuses

The already listed terms and conditions are the most common in online casinos. The reason for their popularity is because the casinos are very vocal about them. Apart from those, there are some lesser-known terms and conditions which exist on most online casinos, but they are mostly silent about them. Some of these silent conditions include

Time Limitation: The wagering requirements for bonuses usually have a time frame for fulfillment after which they expire, and the bonus will automatically be removed from your account. This term and condition may not be too important for you if you are a regular player, but if you only log in to play occasionally, you might just log in someday and find that all your bonuses have been removed since the timeframe for its validity has expired.

Maximum Winning: Online casinos usually place a cap on the maximum amount of money that players can win when they play using their bonus funds. The reason behind the unpopularity of this term is because the chances for player exceeding it is very low.

Exclusion of Low-Risk Games: Many Online casinos do exclude low-risk games as valid for wagering requirements. In other words, winnings from such games do not qualify as fulfilling wagering requirements.

Wrap up

These are the standard terms and conditions of online casinos. In case you need clarification about any of them at any point, be sure to reach the customer service support of your favorite online casino through their provided communication channel, and you will find help.

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