Top 10 Casino Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know

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by Noah Adams
10 casino secrets they don't want you to know
Published: 16/05/2023
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Gamblers see casinos as fun places filled with their favourite real-money games. They enjoy visiting for a night of thrills and entertainment. However, for the people that work there, casinos are a strictly run business. There are certain rules casino employees must follow and certain tricks they use to keep the money coming in.

Have you ever wondered what secrets casinos are keeping behind closed doors? Well, our team has revealed 10 things the casinos don't want to tell you. Read on to find out what they are.

Our List of the Best-Kept Casino Secrets

We spoke to several real casino insiders to find out what secrets casinos don't want you to know. Let's take a look at what they are.

1️⃣ – There Are No Hot or Cold Slots

Casinos are known to advertise hot games and cold games. Hot games are the slots that are currently paying out the highest prizes. Cold games are supposedly not paying out as much at the current time.

As nice as it would be to play on hot slot machines, there's no such thing. All slot machines (local casinos and online) use RNG (random number generator). Ultimately, this ensures that the outcomes are always 100% random.

2️⃣ – You're Being Watched 24/7

Casino security always has all eyes on the gambling floor 24/7. There are surveillance cameras positioned to see every single area of the casino floor. The only time casino patrons aren't being monitored is when they're in the washroom or in private poker rooms.

3️⃣ – Winning Could Get You Banned

At the end of the day, casinos are a business. They do have the right to ban or limit a player's activity if they're winning too much. If you win big, then casino security will have their eyes on you (even if you've done nothing wrong). This is to monitor for any signs of cheating or suspicious activity.

As long as you have won the games fairly, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. However, if you continue to fairly win thousands of dollars, the casino may put a limit on how much you're allowed to wager.

4️⃣ – Security Can Spot Cheating (Any Game, Any Time)

The casino security team is trained to spot the signs of a cheater, no matter how skilled the cheat is. Naturally, cheaters can cost a casino large amounts of money. For this reason, security is trained extensively to spot signs of cheating and suspicious betting patterns at all games.

Furthermore, cheating at a casino could cost you entry at other casinos in the future. This is because casino operators have a network where they provide photos and information about known cheaters.

5️⃣ – You Won't Know The Time

Casinos want you to forget what time it is. A lot of gamblers give themselves a personal time limit for playing. So, the casino will do its best to make the patron forget what time it is. There are usually no windows in casinos, so you can't use the sun as a judge of time. There won't be clocks on the walls either. Most slot machines won't display the time either. If the casino can keep you there longer, it could make more money off of you.

6️⃣– Keno Has The Highest House Edge

Casino owners don't want you to know how little money Keno pays out. Although the game sounds fun on paper, it's the lowest-paying game in the gambling industry. Keno is similar to the lottery, where players choose a set amount of numbers to bet on, and then numbers are drawn.

7️⃣– Games With High Payouts Have The Highest Loss Rates

Popular progressive slots and other jackpot games advertise a huge payout prize. Most gamblers will play specifically aiming for the jackpot. But, all the games that advertise big wins generally payout less frequently. Another trick that's used is advertising a jackpot amount that's spread out between several casinos.

8️⃣ – There's A Strategy For Slot Placement

Slots are one of the biggest money-makers for casinos. For that reason, the slot machines are always placed strategically. If you take a look at the casino gaming floor, you'll likely notice premium slots placed in areas with high traffic.

9️⃣ – Dealers Want Gamblers To Bet Their Tips

Here is a secret casino dealers want you to know but aren't allowed to tell you. If you're planning on tipping them, they want you to bet their tip first. This is completely legal, as long as they don't ask you to do it. Why do dealers want you to gamble their tips? They prefer you bet the tip because it could double their money. For, if you want to tip your blackjack dealer $5, you could turn it into $10 if you're a strategic player.

🔟 – These Games Pay Out The Most

It's no secret that the casino has a house edge for the majority of the games. If a player wants to beat the house edge they need to choose a game where the outcomes are based on strategy over luck. For this reason, players should choose blackjack or video poker. Casinos payout more money to players through these games.

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